Things Roommates Did That Prove They Were Meant for Each Other


Living with roommates has its share of difficulties. There are never any easy coexisting situations, no matter whether you are closest to or complete strangers. Though it’s not always appreciated by the other housemates, some housemates make the most of things by being humorous, while others choose to concentrate on the negative aspects of life. Fortunately, we may enjoy the pleasure of scrolling through these amusing pictures for a good chuckle stress-free because we don’t live with these individuals. If you live with others, you might even come up with some original ideas for the next time you want to make fun of your housemates.

From Violent Roommate to Funny Roommate

Nothing is worse than finding out all of a sudden that your flatmate is not who you thought they were and that they may be a little violent. When their flatmate punched a hole in the wall, this person learned this lesson the hard way. It makes sense that they found a new flatmate and fired the previous one. If you are judged only by the artwork they created in the hole in the wall, it appears that they have found the ideal individual.


Something that was a little frightening was transformed into something that everyone could enjoy and find humorous.

Peeping Snowman

A lot of fun is had scaring your pals. Naturally, in a cutesy and innocent manner. And this house made that exact decision. They ventured outside to construct a snowman. Rather than constructing a standard snowman, they chose to construct a somewhat unsettling one that appeared to be peering into their rommate chamber. The Peeping Tom Snowman is here.

It’s a fairly decent snowman that they made. He is, after all, remarkably lifelike and frightening both during the day and at night.

The Cat Took Advantage of Their Bad Communication

If you ever questioned a cat’s intelligence, you should reconsider. This cat, who was very content with his abundance of food and delicious tiny goodies, made the decision to exploit the fact that he was living in a house with four people. Over the course of a few months, he gained a lot of weight because he would approach everyone and ask them for food.

In order to stop overfeeding the cunning animal, the roommates had to make a spreadsheet to record who had fed the cat.

All the Eggs Are Watching You

Can you picture what you would find when you opened the egg carton? Numerous eggs are merely gazing at you. It’s difficult to determine whether this person’s flatmate did this purely for amusement or if the vegan is attempting to force their beliefs on their flatmate in an effort to persuade them to adopt a vegan lifestyle. If this is the first, it’s a really amusing little joke that’s also kind of nice.

When the flatmate first opened the egg carton and saw the eggs looking back at him, his face most likely looked precisely like that.

The Note From Martin Spooner King

Dishes are a major point of contention for roommates and sometimes even love partners. There would be fewer arguments if there was a world in which nobody had to clean the dishes. This flatmate posted the following message because he was getting tired of seeing so many ridiculously large dishes in the sink: “I have a dream that one day the dishes will be done not by those who need them, but by those that created them.”


The signature read “Martin Spooner King.” Just based on creativity alone, you have to give this individual a tonne of bonus points.

Is It a Mannequin or a Ghost?

Almost certainly no one on the planet could look at this mannequin in the room and not assume that it was a murderer or a burglar. That was just the strategy this individual had laid out, and he was eager to observe his roommates’ responses to the frightening figure in the kitchen corner when they returned home. He ought to have recorded each of their responses on camera.

In order to make the mannequin appear more human and less like a shadow, he even went so far as to outfit it. When the roommates attempted to communicate with it, it never responded, which must have terrified them greatly.

Tinder Dates Don’t Get Food

Though it may seem absurd, this girl evidently experienced this rather frequently and decided she would have no more of it after a Tinder date showed up to her house and tried to devour her roommate’s meals. She wrote a very combative sticky note and stuck it on the fridge for all of her roommates’ Tinder dates in an attempt to stop it.

You can only hope that they read the note because she was really concerned about this and made it very plain that they had no right to eat her food.

Giving Personality to the Humidifier

Giving inanimate objects a face and a personality is the best thing ever. It was only an ordinary old humidifier in the living room, after all, but with the aid of some coloured pens and paper, it was given a personality and perhaps even a name. And now, most people who witness this will chuckle and smile. The flatmate of this individual seems like a keeper.


The most hilarious thing would be if they went about the home and gave various inanimate items faces and eyes. It would be humorous as well as eerie.

The Prank of Pranks

Some people enjoy tinkering with everything in the room when their flatmate is away, but one person went above and above with their tricks and evilness. They made the decision to swap out the batteries in every gadget they owned for tootsie rolls. It was probably not long before some of them realised, but it was probably a little longer for others. But in any case, there would be a lot of frustration.

This is a cute and easy joke that makes a good joke. It makes for some amusing moments but does no harm.

Just Your Everyday Roommate Troll Featuring ’50 Shades of Grey’

If two people don’t occasionally try to troll each other, are they really even roommates? This flatmate found that he had fallen asleep at the table while he and his friend were in the library. At that point, he proceeded to obtain a copy of “Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian” so that it would appear as though he had been reading it prior to dozing off.

He had to take a picture of the moment, of course. He may now send it to his roommate’s group chat or show it to his other roommates, and they can all laugh about it.

The Perfect Hiding Spot for Alcohol

Finding out that your roommates are utilising your belongings can be rather upsetting. You want your belongings to stay your belongings, whether that means using your cosmetics or eating your food. This person found out that their housemates were consuming their alcoholic beverages. They discovered a way to stop that by putting the alcohol in the dishwasher, which was never used and would therefore be secure.


For a while, it appeared to be safe, but then all of the alcohol was found when someone opened the dishwasher—possibly to use it for the first time.

Do Not Leave Skid Marks on the Toilet

Living in a dorm can be hard. It’s not all wild evenings and enjoyable parties all the time. There are many things that irritate you, such the loud noise, the bothersome individuals, and most importantly, the restrooms. At any point in life, using public restrooms is not ideal, and the person in question appeared to be quite irritated with the mess that some of the other users had left behind. He wrote this whiteboard statement in a passive-aggressive manner for that reason.

He seemed to convey his point, but you also have to appreciate the humour that was present. He doesn’t appear to be content.

This Person’s Roommate Is Also an Entrepreneur

For the vast majority of people on the planet, having a practical and comfortable manner to carry a phone is one of the most crucial things. This is particularly true in the event that the space is TV-free. This is the reason this person felt the need to put up a quick, low-cost DIY so he could use his phone without having to hold it.

Although it’s not the most elegant setup, it works well enough. In order to see the screen, he also doesn’t need to bend his neck too much. Win-win.

Isaac’s Post-Coital Survey, Sponsored by His Roommate

Here we have the troll to end all trolls. The roommates were aware that a buddy of theirs was returning home with a large number of girls to his room. They so made the decision to erect this survey, which they ordered be put outside his room. They dubbed it “Isaac’s Post-Coital Survey,” and although it’s amusing to imagine that they conducted it, it would be far more amusing to see the outcomes.

The questionnaire established somewhat lax expectations for both their friend Isaac and the girls he was taking home. Any girl who happened to see this most likely bolted.

When One of You Celebrates Christmas and the Other Celebrates Hanukkah

Here is your chance to witness beautiful cohabitation, if you’ve ever wondered what it looked like. These two roommates are the epitome of caring and kindness presented in a charming and adorable way. The roommates chose to adorn their flat with a Christmas tree shaped like a menorah for Hanukkah so that they could both celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas, respectively.

In fact, they succeeded in creating a Christmas Tree-Hanukkah Menorah that is quite eye-catching. They both appear to be there at the same moment. These ought to be available in stores for interfaith couples.

The Car Is Barricaded in by a Snow Wall

Someone appears to have been a touch envious of their flatmate, who was able to take a lengthy tropical cruise just before a severe winter arrived at home. The person’s roommates decided to put up a small snow barrier to make their lives a little more challenging when they returned and attempted to go for a drive as a hilarious practical joke and a small form of retaliation.

All of these should be used as snowballs that the roommate can toss at their pals whenever they arrive home. As long as they don’t have an immediate need for their car, it will always be a surprise.

Paying the Rent in the Strangest Ways

Here’s another instance of a roommate making fun of their friend and fellow roommate. When they pay the rent each month, they try to pay them in the most unusual and awkward manner possible. They made the decision to visit the bank this month and request all $1 bills. Afterwards, they left a humorous note that read, “I had to do some things I’m not proud of to make rent this month.”

They signed their name and left the phrase “Don’t ask” at the bottom. Though it’s obviously a joke, the flatmate will find those to be extremely aggravating.

A Little Bit of Roommate Shaming Never Hurt Anybody

It’s common knowledge that images of “dog shaming” occur when someone posts a placard next to a dog detailing whatever misbehaviour the animal committed. With the exception of their flatmate, this person has done the same. Beside their unconscious roommate, they posted a notice that said, “I get drunk and leave pizza in the oven all night.” They took care to get the picture with the crisp-fried pizza next to him.

The flatmate was probably a little surprised to see a fried pizza next to him when he woke up—though he was probably still rather inebriated. However, he most likely understood and found it humorous after seeing the picture and the sign.

Just Change the Toilet Paper

Running out of toilet paper is one of the most annoying and potentially disastrous things that may occur in the bathroom. Although some people might not give this much thought, many people find it unpleasant to consider taking the chance. Because of this, they make every effort to get the folks they live with to replace the toilet paper whenever it runs out. This individual even went so far as to post a reminder sign.

It was evident from the roommate’s rude behaviour that they wouldn’t be replacing the toilet paper very soon. Perhaps if they simply make sure there is no toilet paper in the lavatory when they need to use the lavatory, they will ultimately come to their senses.

The Most Irritating Prank

Certain housemates seem to like pulling more elaborate practical jokes. This person decided to go over and beyond rather than simply purchasing a fly ice cube or a fake spider to place throughout the house. To ensure they would be completely surprised when they returned home, they made the decision to tin foil the entire room of their flatmate. It’s a somewhat peculiar practical joke, though, as it achieves very little.

In fact, they contributed to keeping the space tidy while the individual was away. There’s some cleanup to do, but the person who did it probably has more trouble.

That’s When You Know Your Housemates Really Do Love You

After doing more research, you find that this is not at all what you had thought—despite your initial impression that it’s a very charming way to welcome a new tenant to the flat. The writing on the cake has a tinge of sarcasm, even with the yellow flowers and dessert. It’s funny to see this as a greeting for the roommate’s boyfriend, who was moving in with them, even though it’s obviously a prank.

They most likely wouldn’t have made the effort to bake or purchase a cake and add some adorable flowers if they truly didn’t like the person.

Controversial Taste in Artwork

Deciding how to furnish and style common areas and primary rooms is one of the challenges of cohabitation. While everyone is free to create their own room, various people have diverse tastes in art and other related items. This guy was always accused of having bad taste in art, and perhaps this image of Zapp Brannigan has finally proven it.

The fact that they were unable to centre the photo and frame above the fireplace may be the worst aspect of this. It’s acceptable to overlook a poor artwork, but not one that is misguided.

When Your Roommate Vacuum Seals Everything in the House

There are restrictions on how and when to utilise food savers, even though they may be a fantastic asset to any home. To be clear, a food saver is a device that is used to vacuum pack food in order to prolong its shelf life. This person got a little crazy with its use, vacuum-sealing everything they came into contact with, even a pair of scissors, after deciding to get one for the home.

The worst thing about this is that he didn’t have scissors, so it’s likely that they weren’t able to open any of the parcels. What action was expected of him? Perhaps it was a ruse to keep him from eating everything.

That Person Who Throws Away All the Dishes to Avoid Washing Them

Not every person who shares a room with another person is willing to give up everything they own. Even though most people consent to share kitchenware with their roommates, this is typically only allowed if the items are cleaned after each usage. After using their roommate’s dishes, this person would be too indolent to clean them. They would just throw them out, not even cleaning them or putting them in the sink.

This is outrageous because, come to think of it, those are not even their dishes to discard, and how indolent could someone be to not at least wash them after each use? How wasteful!

A Funny and Cute Christmas Card

These roommates felt it would be hilarious to send a comical Christmas card featuring the two of them, even though most people save mailing cards to friends and family for well, a couple or family photo. They were well aware that the card would be interpreted by most recipients as indicating he was now dating his flatmate, but it was all part of the prank.

When they sent out this combined Christmas card, they took care to strike a stance that suggested they were more than simply pals.

Selfie With the Roommate’s Cat

Getting a housemate with a pet is one of the nicest things to do if you love animals. While owning a pet is obviously preferable, some people are unable to take on the responsibilities of pet ownership, which is why they become attached to the animals of their roommates. This man made the classic selfie choice by dressing in similar sweatshirts to match the cat.

At that point, it’s difficult to even identify who the cat belongs to. Even if they don’t live together, it appears that they will have to share custody for the remainder of their lives.

Setting up Life Goals

It appears that this person is having difficulty even maintaining the modest life goals they established for themselves, despite your initial assumption after reading this sign. Three things are the main objectives: “be human, breathe, and don’t lose socks.” The final one is the only true objective, yet the first two he cannot cease performing if he is still alive. It appears that he is loosing socks almost daily as well.

This person may be losing at least one sock per day because his dog is a socksock hoarder. Somewhere in there is a huge hoard of socks that the dog has.

The Cornflakes Were Nothing Like Frosted Flakes

One of the housemates went grocery shopping and bought a box of cereal. The roommate chose to purchase cornflakes even though it’s logical to presume that they preferred Frosted Flakes. When he went to the cereal box next, the roommate turned around and made a witty, yet passive-aggressive, message for his roommate to see. With a cat illustration, he wrote, “They’re Adequate.”

He was determined to dispel the notion that Corn Flakes would ever be “Greeeaaat,” as Tony the Frosted Flakes tiger might put it.

The Dog With No Personal Space

Some individuals adore cuddly animals, but others require their own space. If you fall into the latter category, you most likely wouldn’t want to live in this home because the roommate’s dog doesn’t understand the meaning of personal space. She isn’t a small dog, but she is constantly jumping on top of people and objects and roaming wherever she pleases. She is in charge here!

It appears that this flatmate isn’t overly happy about it. All you can do is hope that she will grow to adore the adorable behaviour and become a dog lover.

Never Stop Dreaming Shower Curtain

There are many people who enjoy decorating their homes with small, amusing placards. Among the most popular are “Live, Love, Laugh” and “Home Sweet Home”. Nobody ever would have guessed that this would be the preferred shower curtain until this flatmate was informed that she may choose the one. Where, after all, did she even find this special piece?

It appears as though she placed an online order for a custom-made item. Then again, why would a lot of people purchase a shower curtain with a giraffe on a whale and a sword, along with the words “never stop dreaming?”

An Interesting Drunk Message

This flatmate caused a lot of damage to the property and appeared to have had a few too many beers. Even though he was inebriated, he at least tried to warn his roommates, so apparently some damage had been done. The note said that he knocked over the dart board and might have broken it, and that at least two shot glasses were broken. He made an effort, but it wasn’t very successful, to clean the glass.c

He even demonstrated to his roommates that there were glass fragments buried everywhere by including a little schematic and focus area that displayed his blood.

When You’re Concerned About Your Roommate’s Well-Being

Although having a roommate may not include a lot of responsibility, it does involve some, particularly because most individuals are friends with their roommates. This guy wanted to make sure that everyone knew that their flatmate was still alive and well, as they hadn’t seen him in at least five days. For this reason, he put a small letter on a post-it note and stuck it to his door.

The brief message read, “Still Alive,” and was signed by Ben. It is sufficient to know that, on the whole, he is doing okay.

Donuts as a Thank You

Not every flatmate becomes a terrifying anecdote that you later relate to your friends and kids. Roommates can be quite a blessing at times. When this person’s housemate found out that she had been extremely noisy the previous evening—possibly due to a little party or an especially unruly guest—she wanted to make amends with her buddy and devoted partner. She wrote a brief apology and purchased a box of donuts.

For someone who barely made a sound, that is a lot of donuts. It appears that she is the kind of person you would want to live with!

The Most Enormous Refrigerator Magnet

Looking at this photo, it is difficult to determine which aspect is more concerning. Is it because this person’s refrigerator is adorned with a large magnet shaped like a shark fin? Or is it just the fact that Domino’s Pizza owns it? Alternatively, it could be the fact that a magnet that big was discovered in the first place. Regardless of its identity, it’s amazing that someone found this magnet shark fin.

They appear to have been successful in their quest to locate the biggest magnets to display on the fridge!

Find the Hidden John Cena Action Figure

Nothing compares to thinking of a harmless, enjoyable game that you and your flatmate can play on a daily basis. This flatmate pair devised a nice game where they would conceal a tiny action figure of John Cena throughout the house. They would then time the other person by seeing how long it would take them to locate the action figure. The game then resumed.

Unsurprisingly, it took a while for this one to be found. If the opposing player never locates the action figure, is that how someone wins the game?

There’s nothing like coming up with a harmless, fun game that you and your flatmate can play every day. This couple who shared a flat came up with a cute game where they would hide a little action figure of John Cena throughout the flat. Once they found the action figure, they would time the other person by timing how long it took them to find it. And so the game continued.

The Most Wild Practical Joke

One can only hope that the recipient of this Christmas gift enjoyed black humour. After all, this gift carried a great deal of risk. To put things in perspective, the recipient of the Christmas amputation was born without of an ear. He seemed to want to cry or laugh uncontrollably at this. All you can do is hope his housemates saw him for the person that he was.

There’s nothing like coming up with a harmless, fun game that you and your flatmate can play every day. This couple who shared a flat came up with a cute game where they would hide a little action figure of John Cena throughout the flat. Once they found the action figure, they would time the other person by timing how long it took them to find it. And so the game continued.

It’s difficult to believe that someone would be so callous as to give someone a present like this unless they were positive he would find it amusing.

Love at First Snoop Dog Sight

This person was overjoyed to see that his roommate had set up his half of the room in this way when he arrived at his dorm, even if this may not be everyone’s idea of the ideal roommate. When he saw this, he knew right once that they would get along, despite his initial doubts. For some, all it takes to tell is a large poster of Snoop Dog.

Other people would undoubtedly see this and realise right away that they couldn’t get along. Thus, their similarity was a blessing.

An Attempt to Save the Pizza for Later

The things you do and the choices you make when intoxicated are never fully explicable. This customer wanted to make sure they could put their pizza down for later because they were so inebriated. For this reason, they folded it to fit inside the water bottle holder on their bicycle. It would be a failed operation because they didn’t realise until the following morning when it was too late to eat.

Knowing that a piece of pizza can be kept in this manner in an emergency is a good thing. It fits and seems to hold fairly well, despite not being perfect.

They Are Angry Only via Notes

When it comes to a living area, nothing is worse than passive aggression. In some ways, it is preferable when someone is overtly hostile since you can at least determine your position. But at least one of these roommates felt safe being angry with the other exclusively over notes, and they were never able to discuss these problems in person. It was starting to get out of control, so she tried to stop it.

It definitely shouldn’t be necessary for people to resort to penning dejected letters and hanging them on the wall. If there are problems, there are far better ways to communicate.

Googly Eyes on an X-Ray

Nothing makes a situation seem less serious than having a companion who can turn it from dark and sombre to lighthearted and humorous. This person’s flatmate accomplished precisely that by overlaying googly eyes on the x-ray picture of their fractured (perhaps wrist) arm. If nothing else, perhaps they could look at it and chuckle a little.

The outcome is very humorous, you have to admit. Just notice how much it resembles a face underneath, complete with an open mouth and a smile.

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