Photoshop Pro Turns Real People’s Requests Into Funny Edits


Meet James Fridman, the Photoshop wizard who puts the online community on edge. This British graphic designer has a talent for transforming photo requests into humorous masterpieces, all while adding his own whimsical spin. He’s been doing it for years and has learned one simple lesson: watch what you ask for. Whether you need his assistance with photoshopping someone out of a photo or adjusting the background, he will undoubtedly surprise and exceed expectations. So be ready as we present the funniest photo edits.

From Logo Tee Lover to Tattooed Devotee

This photo was submitted by a woman who complained that her boyfriend always wore the same shirt in their shots. And really, who can blame him? We all have a favorite t-shirt that we wear all the time. Anyway, she asked for the Calvin Klein emblem to be removed off the shirt. The manipulated image depicts the lover without his favorite clothing but with a tattoo of the name of his favorite brand.

We love it. We particularly appreciated his response when he shared the finished photograph on Twitter. He wrote, “his love will never deklein,” which is absolutely wonderful.

This Kid Definitely Tied His Best

What’s more awkward than the man’s hand in the shot on the left? Yes, that is his hand in the photograph on the right. He basically begged that his left hand look less weird by holding something. It is clutching something in the photo on the right, but it does not appear any less weird. If anything, we can’t keep our eyes off of it right now. At least in the first photo, you had a chance of missing it.

That being said, we hope this person uses the second shot for anything he wants since it’s really hilarious. It would be suitable for almost any application.

Now That’s One Way to Improve a Picture

This is obviously quite clear, however the female in the photo requested that the guy’s two middle fingers be deleted. We understand why you would want something like that deleted from a photo. They were eventually replaced by the guy’s index toes, though. Still, they’re his index toes, not his middle toes, which is probably far superior to his previous stance.

It also appears goofy, which is not a bad thing. In fact, if you hadn’t seen the first photo, the second one might be more plausible in terms of some of these.

Chill Out And Enjoy The Scenery

They often say, “Be careful what you wish for.” This girl requested that her background be changed to something “cooler”. A lake looks very amazing to us, but we’re guessing she had something different in mind. She ended up getting photoshopped into one of the coolest places of all: a freezer. Is that considered poetic justice? Or is this irony? Regardless, the photo on the right is fantastic.

We just don’t know how useful it is anymore, since you can’t see her face or tell who she is. We think she’ll be stuck with the boring old lake photo.

Better Be More Specific Next Time

The individual in this photo submitted a request that the nuts in the photo on the left be deleted. We’re not sure why, but the entire photo appears wrong, and the two of them appear to have just awoken. But he got his desire, and the photo on the right shows him post-surgery. We can only assume what surgery he was supposed to be recovering from.

We believe it had something to do with the way he referred to the bowl of nuts, but that’s half the fun of some of these. The girlfriend was also completely erased from the right-hand photo.

At Least The Hair Is Gone?

This is a thoughtful request. The girlfriend in this photograph saw that her hair was all over her fiance’s face. So she just asked that a few strands be clipped so that you could see him properly. Instead, she had a strangely disproportionate neck. It accomplishes the same thing, we assume, although it appears to have taken a lot more effort than simply eliminating hair.

However, we could be mistaken because we couldn’t use Photoshop to save our lives. This could have been the simpler and faster method, even if it does appear a little wrong.

So That’s What The World Looks Like

We absolutely love this edit. The guy in the photo on the right asked, “On this pic I forgot to take off my glasses. Could you remove them?” And as you can see (or can’t see), in the photo on the right, the picture was just made to look like it was from the perspective of someone who wore really thick glasses. We’re not even sure why this kid wanted to have his glasses removed in the first place, though.

There’s no issue with using spectacles. It is our best estimate that approximately 50% of people use glasses. They actually give you a more sophisticated appearance that you would otherwise have.

Special Recipe

When this girl wanted to be given wings, we’re not quite sure what she was expecting, but we’re pretty sure she wasn’t anticipating a six-piece. Perhaps something a little cuter, more artistic, or perhaps a pair of hand-drawn wings was what she was hoping for. Rather than a pair of “actual” wings, she received a bucket of chicken, but to be honest, we’d definitely prefer that.

Though a touch out of place, it’s just more realistic. However, it’s possible that she was in route to a picnic or another similar event.

“How Close Can You Get Us? “

This unfortunate pair. While on vacation, they requested to have their picture taken, but for some reason, the random stranger asking to take their picture ordered them to stand farther apart. His logic? He was determined to capture the tree in the backdrop in the picture. Although the tree is lovely, we’re not exactly sure why he was so fixated on it. It makes sense that the girlfriend requested to have the awkward area in the picture between her and her boyfriend eliminated.

However, when she mentioned that she wanted to be “closer” to her lover, she most likely didn’t have this in mind. That second picture shows very major attachment problems.

Taking Out The Trash

This is one way to detract from an otherwise really beautiful picture. This girl requested to be photographed with a bag slung over her left shoulder, but she didn’t say what sort. That would be incorrect because she was seen in a photoshop holding a trash bag. In addition, garbage cans and signs were added to the beach to help it blend in better with the rest of the picture.

While we wouldn’t call the picture on the right an improvement, it is unquestionably more entertaining to look at than the one on the left. It simply has more activity going on.

He’s Killing The Vibe

There’s no arguing with this one—it’s the best Photoshop job on the list, hands down. The message stated, “Really fan of what you do, can you please erase the guy in the back, he kinda messes my pic.” We’re also really happy that the man in the rear was removed since without him, we never would have been able to get this amazing picture on the right.

That is, however, arguably one of the nicest dog pictures we have ever seen. The dog even appears to be trying to smile or to be afraid. We are unable to decide.

That Should Do It

This picture essentially captures the feelings of every American college graduate who has graduated within the last 30 years. This man requested that his vehicle be exchanged with one that was slightly more costly. Although the automobile he owns appears to be in perfect condition, we’re not sure why he was thinking about getting anything more expensive. It has a few paint chips, but nothing unusual about it.

In any case, his automobile was replaced with something far more costly: the debt he most likely incurred during his time in college. We’re saddened by this, and we feel bad for the man.

Always Close Your Eyes When Kissing

One of the few basic guidelines that almost everyone should abide by is to always close your eyes when sharing a kiss. It’s a little bit spooky, and nobody wants to appear like that weirdo that kisses with their eyes open. It’s also a little funny. We doubt that this is what the guy in the picture meant when he asked to have his girlfriend’s eyelids Photoshopped shut.

A stranger covering your girlfriend’s eyes with their extending arm while you’re kissing is the weirdest thing about someone kissing with their eyes open.

More Interesting You Say?

Although we found the first picture on the left to be really intriguing, the girl in it requested that her picture be somewhat enhanced. Therefore, the edit artist included a bull and a bullring in the picture. A bullfighter is interesting, but what’s more? Almost nothing. The fact that the clothing is already red doesn’t hurt either; in the second picture, you almost feel sorry for the girl.

Nevertheless, we believe that if there had been real people in the stands, the final image would have been slightly better. Why would there be nothing within a bullring?

Finding A Home For Hands

A few of the “weird” hand images on this list are noteworthy, and before now, we never really gave hands any care in photography. The girl in the picture on the left, on the other hand, claimed that she wasn’t satisfied with the appearance of her hand. Rather, her desire was to have something done with it, and she received exactly that. Her hand seems more at home in the second picture, taken while she was on a packed bus.

To be fair, we assume that it’s difficult to find a location for an awkwardly positioned hand, but she does now appear to be genuinely irritated and doesn’t want to be there.

Fixing A Crooked Bowtie

The hardest subjects for pictures are children. Nevertheless, it appears like the child in this picture is enjoying himself quite a bit. Even still, he appears to be grinning voluntarily. Nevertheless, the mother sought to have her son’s bowtie fixed after seeing that it was a touch off-center. Naturally, it was straightened up, but in a unique way—a twist, if you will. We apologize.

The son is practically floating in the air, as if he’s about to be shot like a rocket, even though his bowtie is straight. That or someone is possessing him.

At Least The Glass Is Gone?

This girl requested that the glass be taken out of the picture entirely, even though we’re not sure why it would make her appear awkward to have it just resting on the table in front of her. She seems no less awkward in the second picture, even though the glass has been taken off. It appears as though she may have dropped her drink. The picture on the right shows her arm completely drenched.

We do like that the lime slice was left on the table, though. It effectively directs your gaze to the spilt drink in the center of the picture.

This One Got A Little Dark

This poor boy has to understand the distinction between backdrop and foreground. Since he is also in the backdrop, he could potentially be referring to himself when he asks for the “guy in the background” to be removed. And that’s what he received. All that remained once he was taken out were his hands and arms. It’s a little unsettling to see his bones protruding.

Still, it blends in some way with the overall festive vibe. For some strange reason, this picture makes us think of the movie Zombieland; perhaps it’s the mutilated arms and the carefree smile.

Our Gardens At Home

This picture contains a message that, with some concentration, you might be able to decipher. The girl in the picture asked the guy who was watering the plants in the background to go. Still, you’re going to end up with the picture on the right when you crop off the guy watering the plants. Since everything is dead, it actually reminds us a little bit of our backyard gardens.

Reminding people to water their plants or to take care of the world, depending on how serious you want to take the message, is likely what it means.

An Awkward Photo Of An Ex

Everybody has at some point owned an uncomfortable picture of their ex. If you really enjoy the picture, it’s more worse because your ex is in it, which ruins the whole thing. It wouldn’t be very easy to photoshop her ex out of the shot, but this girl asked if it was possible. She needs someone or something to support her hands and arms for her entire posture to be in place.

The artist has cleverly added a man-shaped bush with photoshop to the image. Her ex is no longer there, and although the reason she’s embracing a tree is a little hazy, her stance makes sense.

Creating The Perfect Homecoming Photo

Some of the most significant pictures you’ll take during your high school career are of homecoming and prom. But it appears that the photographer who was meant to merge the two pictures on the left withdrew, leaving these two with isolated portraits of themselves. The girl requested that the two pictures be merged. She said, “Can you put these two together?” exactly. However, she didn’t exactly say which two she preferred to be together.

It’s the most inventive homecoming picture we’ve ever seen. What she received was a picture of herself and her date standing behind a green sheet.

Breaking All The Rules

This guy knew what he was doing whenever he asked to be photoshopped into a “bad boy.” That fanny pack and unicorn tattoo just say it all. So, a sign was added that banned pretty much everything he was wearing. He also got a warning that the police were on the way when he received the altered photo. We’d believe it, too. This guy was wilfully breaking every rule in that place.

And fanny packs are only worn by shady types, as everyone knows. After this picture was shot, hopefully, he managed to escape without being discovered. We are unable to calculate how much time that would have been.

Pool Anyone?

Although sometimes candid shots turn out really well, most of the time people are merely doing things that appear a little odd in a still image. This picture of the woman’s sister-in-law turned out to be a little odd because the subject was actually moving her arm at the time it was taken. She requested that her sister-in-law’s arm be given extra TLC to make it appear more realistic. However, as you can see, adding a table and pool stick was the only way to make that appear more realistic.

However, as with the majority of the images on this list, the final product does accomplish the desired result. She presents a photograph in a much more natural way.

That’s Definitely Not The Same Octopus

In comparison to several other pictures on this list, this one is rather an improvement. This girl requested to have her appearance photo-shopped to appear less awkward and more natural. And unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan, there’s not really anything wrong with the picture on the left. It appears that she was simply photo-shopped wearing a scuba diving costume and hanging out with an entirely different kind of octopus.

Regardless of your dietary preferences—vegan or vegetarian—it would be somewhat disappointing if it turned out to be the same octopus. In the picture on the right, the octopus simply appears to be having a great time.

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