Before You Start Packing For Your Next Trip, Here Are 23 Comfortable Choices You’ll Want To Wear


1. A bodysuit that can rank among your best base layers when packed in your suitcase. Reviews rave about how soft it is and how expensive-looking it appears, making it a must-have.

“I’m in love with this piece! Its elastic and comfortable material makes it appropriate for any setting. I bought it for a theme park trip since I wanted something cuddly but still stylish.” —Mendez Alejandra

2. A breezy striped lounge set that doubles as a cute dress for sightseeing or as a coverup on the beach. It comes in two pieces, so you may mix and combine them to create a plethora of costume combinations.

Positive review: “This is a gorgeous summer set that I bought for vacation and I adore it! The top is big, just how I wanted it to be, and the shorts fit perfectly. I didn’t button the top and paired it with a white crop top.” – Jessica

3. A knee-length halter dress comes in a range of hues and patterns, so you’re likely to find one (or two) that go well with the theme of your trip. Regardless of your choice, you’ll have an excellent alternative that will maintain your sense of style, comfort, and coolness throughout.

Review: “I ordered this dress after seeing it on a friend of mine, who looked amazing in it.” This dress is amazing, and I’m very happy I ordered it. It features a detachable matching belt and is lined. It appears brand new after I washed and dried mine separately. This dress travels well and doesn’t wrinkle too much. Three more prints have been ordered, and I am eager to receive them. Strongly suggested.” —Sherrie

4. Travel-friendly slouchy overalls with big pockets and a lightweight fabric are a must. Additionally, these are a versatile piece that you’ll wear numerous times during the trip because you can wear them with so many different shirts underneath (think tank tops, T-shirts, long sleeves, and turtlenecks).

Positive review: “It’s really convenient to have the front pocket. I seem to be wearing nothing at all. The overalls are airy and voluminous. Though it’s cheap, the fabric quality could be better and it might not last as long. When I wear these, I receive so many compliments. They were ideal for everything—I wore them on the plane, at the beach in Maui, and in Mexico. Would I buy anything similar again? Sure as hell. They are a tad bit huge, so maybe size down.” — Pauluk Jamie

5. This easy-to-wear yet incredibly enjoyable long-sleeve boho dress is going to become your new bestie. It’s ideal for an elegant evening out or perhaps a full day of sightseeing. Bonus: It doesn’t wrinkle, so you won’t need to worry about ironing when traveling.

Positive evaluation: “I adore this dress. Since this was going on vacation, I was apprehensive to purchase it. I wasn’t sure how well it would travel because it’s made of rayon. I had no reason to worry. I have to admit that I iron a lot of our things, but this dress came out of the bag looking extremely great. After hanging it in the closet, a few of the wrinkles disappeared. Because it’s so versatile, I wore this dress more than any other during our vacation. Even after being soaked, it dried fast and attractively. It succeeds! I’ll be placing other orders shortly.” —Teri Sheri

6. A pair of buttery soft leggings so great that more than 33,500 people gave them a five-star rating. If you’re an adventure seeker on vacation, these leggings will take you anywhere you want to go and back again.

Positive review: “Considering the price, these leggings are well worth it! Extremely squat-proof and buttery soft. These held up really nicely when I wore them rock climbing. They remain up when I lift them in them. I’m going to get extra pairs in more hues.” —The Actual Shani, Slim

7. A ruched top and flare pants set that screams “F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.” It comes in a variety of different colors, patterns, and also pant and short options because once you own one of the sets, you’ll be racing back to the listing to grab more. Reviewers have worn the set on vacations, as a swimsuit coverup, and even worn the top and bottom seperately.

Positive reviews: “I recently purchased this for my upcoming trip to Barbados. In one evening, I got more praises than I could keep track of! I just got home, and everything turned out perfectly after I washed on cold and delicate. Adorable! Strongly advised.” —Eileen Levy

8. An abstract-print bodycon midi for a show-stopping look that will require you to post at least one picture in it with an epic background of your travels. I can already see all the likes and comments rolling in asking where you got this beauty of a dress.

Positive review: “For the price, this product is of good quality and thickness.” I purchased it after seeing someone wear it on TikTok; they had the exact same style. With the appropriate layering pieces, you could even wear this in the fall.” —Amazing Client

9. A crochet sweater perfect to bring to the beach to throw on after you’ve been in the sun for a while and need a little cover but don’t want to overheat. 

10. A button-down A-line skirt for a cute style that will still keep you covered enough that you don’t have to add a scarf over your outfit when you go into a European church with a dress code. 

Positive review: “There are so many uses for this skirt. Because of my broader hips, I always have trouble finding skirts. Longer skirts make me an odd look. That is not this skirt. I can wear it to work and feel really cozy doing so. The fabric is perfect for traveling because it is strong and has a little wrinkled appearance. Anyone wishing to add some flare to their wardrobe without going over budget should definitely check out this skirt, in my opinion. I purchased this skirt in red and intend to get it in a couple other hues as well. It was accurate to size as well.” — Christina

11. A two-piece midi dress outfit you’ll be ~dying~ to wear as soon as you get to your destination — as a beach coverup or just a great dinner outfit. You’re bound to have a great time when you wear this amazing outfit. 

Positive review: “I adore this dress so much! It’s adorable, seductive, and easy to wear. I purchased this ensemble as a “travel ensemble” to wear to the beach! I ought to have purchased two at the same time, but I chose not to! Without a doubt, I’ll order additional colors the next time.”—Moni

12. A flowing maxi dress with one great feature – it has pockets! You’ll be able to keep your essentials on you (lip balm, gum, etc…) without having to drag a huge purse with you everywhere you go. And it looks great with a jean jacket for those cooler nights!

Reviews are promising: “I’m happy I bought this for my vacation. Several times, I wore it. It may be dressed in several ways with belts, knots, and other accessories. It’s quite adorable and comfy. Wear it for a cover-up at the beach or for casual attire. Nothing faded or shrank when it washed up. — Fall

13. A fitted sports and yoga tank with a padded bra perfect to wear with high-waisted leggings (or jeans) and any sweater or sweatshirt over it. Then once you get to your destination, and it’s too warm for the second layer, you can just wear the tank on its own. 

Positive review: “It’s quite cozy for both traveling and working out! It looks fantastic on. I got a medium top, even though I usually wear a small, and it fits me just great. It’s just about right—not extremely fitting, but incredibly comfy.” — Kevin Shah

14. A tiered maxi dress that comes in numerous solid colors that will always be a ~solid~ choice. Pair it with sneakers to explore or with heels and an evening bag for dinner. We love a dress that can basically do it all.

Positive review: “It’s cute enough to dress up for wine tastings, quite comfy and cool (perfect for hot weather), and has pockets big enough to accommodate your phone, keys, and munchies (shrimp? You are who you are). I even received praise for it from an unknown person, so 10/10 overall.” —Mira

15. A two-piece tank top and shorts set that’s super darling and pretty much guaranteed to get you a TON of compliments. And the best part is that you don’t even have to put thought into putting an outfit together — just throw on the top and bottom, and you’re G2G.

Positive review: “I wore this ensemble on vacation in Hawaii and received so many praises! The crop shirt is perfectly cropped and quite comfy. Although the shorts were somewhat transparent, they were really cozy considering the cost.” —Smith Courtney

16. A wrap top about to ~wrap~ up any fears you have about not having anything to wear while traveling. This machine-washable, quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant shirt can be worn in so many different ways — from a wrap around style, to a tie front, and even just left long, to name a few. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a different shirt every time you put it on. 

Positive review: “This shirt’s versatility is what makes it so great. In addition, it is incredibly windy during this scorching heat that we are having. It’s excellent for traveling as well because it doesn’t wrinkle.” —MI

17. A pair of Levi’s Ribcage jeans here to make you feel so on trend without compromising on your comfort. And the best part about these jeans? They’ll instantly elevate any top you already have packed in your suitcase.

Positive review: “I was searching for the ideal ‘French girl’ denim to pair with a white button-up and trench coat for my vacation to Paris. and I’m surprised these fit. These are the ideal length for my 5’0″ frame, which has a long torso and short legs. They just barely touch my shoes. really cozy with just the right amount of structure and flexibility. When I return from France, I could get another pair.” —With Melanie Abrams

18. Or a pair of pull-on Levi’s jeans reviewers love because they look like jeans but feel like sweatpants. And the best part — they maintain their shape for several wears, which is essential when you have limited packing space. 

Positive review: “Do these jeans look amazing on my butt? Why, they certainly do. These are incredible. They are comfortable without becoming floppy or too stretchy, making them ideal for travel. Between washings, they keep their shape for multiple wears. They look good dressed up or down. My new favorite pair of jeans. My typical size was ordered, and it fit like a glove. Since my inseam is short, these fit me just below the ankle. —Kettlebell Swinger

19. An extremely versatile option that will look amazing in all the photos you take is a patterned V-neck skater dress that you can definitely use with shoes or sandals.

Positive review: “This dress fit perfectly for entering the Vatican and Roman churches, and it traveled beautifully. It may be dressed down with sandals or sneakers and a jean jacket, or dressed up with a scarf and sweater. I have these dresses in plain colors and floral motifs; they’re wonderful for any occasion. Fantastic purchase!” —JJ

20. A pair of drawstring lounge pants one reviewer confirms are the “perfect travel pants.” They’re lightweight, comfortable, and can be worn for everything from hiking to a nice dinner.

Positive evaluation: “Excellent travel pants! These pants are the ideal length, really comfy, and lightweight. These will become a staple of my trip capsule wardrobe, which I’ll use for trekking and yoga sessions. With the right shoe and top, they can easily transition from day to night. To get a more professional appearance, the drawstring can be tucked inside the waistband. Extremely joyful!” — Randy

21. A bright and beautiful tassel-detail dress because nobody and nothing is going to ~rain on your parade~ when you wear this on the trip (even if it does actually rain). And with 30+ color and print options, you’ll for sure find a style that fits your vibe.

Positive review: “I really love this dress! The Cutest of All! I purchased it in both the vibrant turquoise and white/tan colors. I adore them both! These seem like wonderful gowns for a variety of seasons. In the summer, you may wear them with sandals, and in the fall, with boots and a nice jacket or vest. Fits flawlessly!” —GEM

22. A stretchy drawstring jumpsuit so comfortable yet stylish, you won’t mind staying in it for the rest of the day after the flight lands. Plus, it can totally double as a swimsuit cover-up when you head to the pool!

Positive review: “I’m in love with this romper.” The stretch is really great! After reading reviews, I opted to get a medium instead of a large because the large was too huge. I then decided to order a small again because the small fit exactly the first time! This romper is incredibly comfortable and ideal for traveling, running errands, or simply relaxing in.” —Yvonne

23. A short-sleeve shirt made from 100% linen, so it will breathe, even in the warmest of climates. It’ll help you stay calm, cool, and collected, even if it feels like the sun is beating down on you as you reach the look-out point that was a “MUST SEE” on your to-do list.

Positive review: “It’s a must-have shirt, especially in hot weather! I was able to stay cool when I wore it to Mexico City lately. It may be worn up or down and goes well with skirts, jeans, shorts, and other items.” — Samantha

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