Odd Items Found in Men’s Bathrooms


A person’s restroom habits can reveal a lot about them, particularly in terms of hygiene. And while most women maintain their toilets neat and orderly, guys don’t always do the same. Not to mention the unusual things that have found their way into their toilets, these guys have questionable hygiene practices and bizarre decor choices. Yes, these are the most strange items that have been discovered in men’s restrooms, and they’re right there in plain sight.

Toilet Brush or Toilet Hairbrush?

Let’s face it, nobody likes to clean the toilet. However, there are instances when it’s necessary to roll up your sleeves and get to work when the toilet bowl is starting to show signs of wear. Normally, a toilet brush would be helpful for that kind of work, but it appears that this guy didn’t have one on hand. However, he did own a hairbrush, so that’s essentially the same thing, right?

 Men's Bathrooms

Though I think most women would strongly disagree with that question, it appears that this guy is perfectly happy using a hairbrush as a toilet brush. despite the fact that tape is barely keeping it together and it has broken in two.

This Is What She Found Where the Toilet Paper Should Be

The necessities for a bathroom should be placed in every bathroom. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toilet paper, and cleaning products are all on the table. But it seems like everyone has different ideas about what constitutes a bathroom essential, and it appears that this woman’s boyfriend felt that having food ready for those late-night cravings was crucial. We can definitely appreciate the allure of a cupboard like that.

Rather than getting out of bed and going all the way downstairs for a snack, this guy can just go to his bathroom next door and pick up a handful of Marshmallow Stars!

DIY Blinders for Bathroom Reading

We don’t blame you if you’re wondering what the heck is going on when you look at this picture. Men’s households are the scene of many peculiar happenings, which occasionally only become apparent to their partners once they are able to visit and experience the bizarre setting for themselves. And this woman was perplexed to see this scruffy sleeping mask on her new boyfriend’s bedside table on the first occasion she spent the night at his residence.

It seems that the boyfriend of this woman chose to cut off his facemask since he frequently gets sidetracked when reading. In order to limit his attention to the pages in front of him, he created blinders for himself.

This Was the Only Toilet Paper Roll in the Bathroom

You should use caution when you initially start dating someone new. It could be quite simple for you to get sick of this new person and start to detest everything about them, which could be really damaging to your relationship. Naturally, each person’s icks are unique and subjective. However, we think you can all agree that a new ick would be unlocked if you saw this toilet paper in a guy’s bathroom.

 Men's Bathrooms

This image just seems so awful that it gives us the chills! We find it absurd that this gentleman spent the time forcing the holder through the toilet paper in that manner, and we detest it.

The Toothbrush of Nightmares

And if you were on a date and you returned to his apartment only to find this ‘toothbrush’ in the bathroom, how would you respond? We would prefer to imagine that you would leave his place right away and avoid ever seeing him again. This is due to the fact that certain things are beyond repair, and we believe that someone who would leave a toothbrush in such a condition is not someone who is fixable.

We are unable to comprehend how the toothbrush got to be in this condition in the first place. Is this man incredibly strong? For a while, at least, his teeth were probably nice and clean.

The Most Surprising Thing Ever Found in a Bathroom

As anyone who has visited Australia will attest, there are plenty of surprises in the Land Down Under. In an instant, you can be enjoying some apparently delectable Vegemite and in the next, you might find yourself confronted by a massive snake that has chosen to make your house its home. Though some Australians might be accustomed to it, we’re sure this guy wasn’t prepared to find a kangaroo lounging around in his restroom!

I have no idea what this kangaroo has been up to, but one thing is for sure, he has caused a mess. Hopefully, before he went, he cleared the toilet paper that was on the floor.

Engineering at Its Finest

There are many amazing female inventors, so we don’t want to generalize, but it’s undeniable that men enjoy problem-solving, especially when it involves a little bit of light engineering. And they made the decision to pool their minds and figure out a way to solve their toilet paper dilemma in this male-only flat. Yes, they could have purchased a toilet paper holder instead. However, given the option to make one, why would they do that?

 Men's Bathrooms

These guys have created a quite amazing toilet paper holder out of pencils, duct tape, and what appear to be some cable ties and pegs. Still, it’s hardly the most visually appealing item.

There Has to Be an Explanation for This

Though skeletons in closets are a common occurrence, have you ever witnessed skeletons in bathrooms? The woman taking the picture was clearly a little confused when she saw what her date had in his toilet. Above all, she was most likely a little afraid. We’ve all seen at least one scary movie, after all! But let’s pretend for the benefit of this guy that this was just a harmless bone.

Maybe it was a canine bone, or maybe it was an artificial bone from Halloween! But it didn’t help that the hammer was just next to the bone.

The Ideal Practice Spot

If you’ve ever played an instrument, you understand how important it is to choose the ideal location for practice. It’s important to locate an area where you feel comfortable, have enough room to move about, and have excellent acoustics. Everyone’s experience at this venue is unique, but it’s a little unexpected to learn that the restroom is this drummer’s ideal location! He even appears to be playing the drums from the bathtub.

It seems reasonable to assume he would feel at ease there, since bathrooms have the best acoustics around. Accordingly, we would rate this as strange at five out of ten.

A…. Shelf?

Guys truly will stop at nothing to save money, and we have to give them credit for their inventiveness in thinking of ways to cut costs. However, we can’t help but question whether saving money is truly worthwhile, particularly if your landlord is stingy and would take any and all measures to keep your security deposit from being returned. But that didn’t stop one guy from building his own bathroom shelf.

 Men's Bathrooms

Rather than purchasing a shelf from the store, he made the decision to drill a hole in his wall. Furthermore, even though it functions, we wouldn’t advise using this as a practical solution!

We Pity the Fool

Every bathroom needs a bathtub, a sink, a toilet, and a toothbrush holder, among many other things, don’t they? Nothing is worse than having to leave your toothbrush on the sink’s edge, as this exposes the entire area to various toothpaste stains. However, it appears that the owner of this restroom was not interested in purchasing a particular toothbrush holder. He had a far superior thought.

Sergeant Bosco ‘B.A’ Baracus: is there anything he can’t do? We feel sorry for the idiot who can’t defeat wicked monsters and simultaneously keep your toothbrush dry and clean.

Shh, Don’t Wake Moaning Myrtle

Okay, Gryffindor should give this guy ten points. As much as we love Harry Potter, we can also appreciate the artistry and thought that went into this pretty odd and unique bathroom design because we are huge Harry Potter fans. However, we can’t help but question the reasoning behind such a decision. Is this a joke? Or is he infatuated with the wailing ghost of Hogwarts?

In any event, we can only picture the look of horror a woman would have had upon first seeing this. Ultimately, no lady desires to engage in a U-bend competition with a ghost.

The Pope Is Holding the Window Open

What would you do if you happened into a framed picture of the Pope in a guy’s bathroom? To begin with, you could praise him on his remarkable act of trust. However, what would you do if you happened into a man’s bathroom and noticed a framed picture of the Pope supporting an open window? To be honest, you would probably respect his engineering way of thinking.

This guy decided to make lemonade in his bathroom, since that’s what you do when life brings you lemons. And who wouldn’t want an openly religious engineer? A catch for some, that’s for sure.

Time to Freshen Your Teeth

Nothing is more wonderful than having a spotless bathroom, is there? It demonstrates that someone is mindful of their surroundings and strives to maintain maximum hygienic conditions. Therefore, we’re sure this woman was ecstatic to see how neat and organized the guy’s restroom was when she entered. She did notice one thing, though, and that was the fact that he had inserted his toothbrush into an orange!

 Men's Bathrooms

Was this his personal toothbrush holder and air freshener? If that’s the case, we’re not sure if this is brilliant or just plain strange. If he didn’t change the orange at least every few days, it would be strange.

Halloween’s Over? Who Cares

Without some spookiness, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween, would it? The guys who lived in this flat wanted to frighten their housemates and guests by hiding a picture of Big Foot on the inside of the lid. Everyone has their own method of making their rooms feel more unsettling. And when they hosted a Halloween dinner party, we bet they heard a ton of screams emanating from their restroom!

However, this girlfriend felt compelled to snap a photo of Big Foot when she visited her boyfriend’s house and noticed that he remained there long after Halloween. Ultimately, you have to respect their commitment.

The Perfect Fit

Guys have their own habits and methods for taking care of things when they live together. This is particularly valid for shattered objects. The gentlemen who lived in this house chose to attempt and mend their figurine rather than tossing it in the trash because, for whatever reason, men just can’t acknowledge failure or throw things away.

Nor did they let the fact that the figurine was headless to distract them from their scheme. After much searching, they finally came upon a doll’s head that (nearly) worked perfectly!

A Jeff Goldblum Shrine in the Bathroom

Join the group if you adore Jeff Goldblum. His acting career will endure for generations, making him one of the greatest men on the globe. Additionally, it appears that this man also adores Jeff Goldblum. He loved the actor so much that he chose to create a shrine in his bathroom! You appear to catch one last glimpse of him as you exit the restroom in addition to seeing him from the comfort of your own toilet.

Although it may be rather strange to urinate on the toilet with those beady eyes staring down at you, perhaps some individuals enjoy doing their business in front of others.

Almost Caught Him Out

Nothing is more distressing than suspecting someone of cheating on you. It can shatter your spirit and crush your heart, leaving you feeling unworthy. But occasionally, it’s difficult to disregard the warnings. Perhaps they have another toilet brush in their bathroom that isn’t yours, or perhaps they make covert phone calls in the middle of the night. And this is precisely what took place.

Fortunately for her, though, the second toothbrush wasn’t being used for the purpose she had assumed! All he did was use it as a toilet roll holder, her engineer partner included.

If the Shoe Fits

Eliminate any clutter from your bathroom if you want it to be neat and orderly. However, how many of you are guilty of keeping items in the vicinity of the vanity area? We all do that, so don’t worry. But when he chose to leave a shoe inside the sink, this guy decided to take things to a whole new level. When they attempted to brush their teeth, his significant other wasn’t too pleased to observe it.

 Men's Bathrooms

Is this a scene out of Cinderella? Has he placed the shoe in the sink in case the one who fits this shoe to a tee returns? It seems that we will never find out if he has a happy ever after.

That’ll Hold It

All you have to do is adore a man’s cerebral anatomy. These folks are undoubtedly quite intelligent, but they are intelligent in a very special way. This indicates that they approach problem-solving according to their own set of guidelines and beliefs. Indeed, the resident of this residence could have properly fastened the shower pole into the wall, but surely duct tape would do the same job?

This guy should seriously warn any dates about this amateurish DIY project because all it takes is one good tug to bring the pole tumbling down. And any hopes of a second date will most likely be dashed by it.

Bathroom of Dreams

Numerous restrooms on this list have been somewhat peculiar. What’s strange about this, though? Given their status as cultural icons, it seems sense to desire a highly artistic painting of the Jonas Brothers watching you when you go to the second level. Alright, we’re not serious. If we were on a date with this guy and we needed to use the restroom, we would be out of here faster than you could say “Waffle House.”

We have to give this individual extra credit for always having a spare roll of toilet paper and some cleaning supplies on hand, even though we’re not sure why they have the Jonas Brothers hanging on their bathroom walls.

An Impressive Collection

It’s crucial to stock your bathroom with items that you use frequently. Empty your shelves of unnecessary items, even though you can find room for a marine sponge or fancy soap that you’ve promised yourself you’ll never use. It is evident that this man accomplished that, but we do have to wonder how he defined “essential.” Are six Dove body soap bottles necessary?

 Men's Bathrooms

We can only imagine that this man is the cleanest individual on the globe and that using all of those things in a daily shower must take him two hours.

Feeling a Bit Cagey

We probably don’t need to remind you that one of the most well-known individuals in the world is Nicolas Cage. He just has this charming, enigmatic quality about him, and the fact that he has acted in some of our favorite films doesn’t hurt either. And it appears that we’re not the only ones who adore him because this girl found this Nic Cage shower curtain when she bravely entered her date’s bathroom!

We would like to know if his photo is on the exterior of the shower, the inside of the shower, or both sides. If the latter, you’re in for a tremendous treat if you take a shower.

Just Chillin’ and Grillin’

Have you ever taken a bath and discovered midway through that you were quite hungry? You want to satisfy your rumbling stomach, but you also don’t want to squander the hot water by getting out of the bath. Instead of going to the kitchen to get food after finishing, most people would just wait till they were done, but this guy went against the grain and installed a grill in his bathroom.

In this bathroom, the steam from the bath and the smoke from the grill probably make it impossible to see anything. We therefore fervently hope that this man is an extractor fan.

Number Ones Only

Many homeowners, particularly those with two bathrooms, have severe regulations about their bathrooms. They frequently designate the upstairs bathroom as the number two bathroom and the downstairs bathroom as the tinkle toilet. That restriction was probably put in place by this guy as well, but he went above and beyond to make sure that people only used this specific toilet for number ones.

Surely, a big watermelon would do the trick? Though we shudder to see the consequences if someone tried to utilize this for a number two in the middle of the night.

Showing off the Family

It’s likely that your curiosity will get the better of you when you visit someone’s home for the first time. You can’t help but snoop about the other person’s house, no matter how casually you attempt to dress it up. You peek at the items in their vanity cabinet, you examine the photo frames all over the house, and you read the mail they left on the kitchen counter in secret.

However, have you ever noticed a framed photo of Science Guy Bill Nye in the restroom? No, neither have we. Perhaps, nevertheless, it serves as a lesson to never stop challenging the cosmos.

Some Creative Toothbrush Holders

Without a few small accent pieces or decorations that truly showcase your unique style, no bathroom would be complete. They could be more subdued and elegant to highlight your introverted side, or they could be vivid and striking to highlight your extroverted side. But we can’t help but wonder about this guy’s character. Ultimately, we suspect that the majority of men do not keep their toothbrushes in tiny cowboy boots.

Does this mean that this woman is seeing a cowboy? We wonder if he lassos his towel every time he wants to use it, but if that’s the case, that’s quite cool.

Just Clean the Shower Please

Anybody who has ever seen a horror movie knows that the restroom is frequently the scene of intense drama. Tiles and white appliances are generally extremely easy to clean, after all. Thus, that explains why this picture gives us the creeps. We’re not sure what’s wrong with this guy’s restroom, even though it might be completely benign. We’re actually quite dubious.

The fact that the individual residing in this flat is purportedly from a very wealthy family just serves to exacerbate the situation. And we really don’t want to delve into that other horror movie cliche.

A DIY Lobster Farm in the Sink

There are a plethora of options for making money these days. You could work from 9 to 5 in an office, freelance, or, if you really wanted to, sell images of your feet on the internet! But she discovered he wasn’t doing any of those things when she saw him enter the bathroom with her date. Rather, he was attempting to eke out a living by building his own lobster farm.

Indeed, those in the sink are actual, living lobsters! We’re not sure what would be the most bizarre thing you’ve ever seen in a guy’s restroom if that.

An Unwelcome Visitor

The last thing you want to see when you visit a guy’s apartment for the first time is obvious glimpses of another girl. And although the woman taking the picture was initially pleased with how her new boyfriend’s apartment was set up, it all changed when she had to use the restroom. She was hailed by another woman even before she had lowered her pants!

 Men's Bathrooms

Alright, so she wasn’t a woman. However, she appeared as a disheveled owl with sharp eyes, which was sufficient to have her flee as soon as she had completed her tasks.

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