People Are Sharing The Movies They Turn To When They’re Feeling Low, And I’m Adding Some Of These To My List


Putting on a movie that always lifts our spirits is one of the many things we do to lift our spirits when we’re down.

Here are a some of the top answers to our recent question on BuzzFeed Community’s favorite comfort movies:

1. Burlesque


“It’s a sing-a-long, its a fun movie, and now it also makes me nostalgic too.”

2. Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

It’s a black and white parody of a detective movie that combines footage from 1982 with old detective movie snippets. One of my favorite movies, it has Steve Martin and always makes me chuckle. “Remember that love kills detectives, not guns.”

3. Red, White and Royal Blue

“I recently found out that it just makes me feel so soft and nice.”

4. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

It is the comfort movie I have always loved. It always makes me grin, has fantastic music, and is amusing.”

5. Mamma Mia!

“You can’t be mad or upset when you’re watching major stars dancing around a Greek island singing ABBA songs.”

6. Clue

“This VHS was rented by my mother years ago when I was sick and couldn’t attend to school. Never before have I grown to love a movie as much and so rapidly. It was a brilliantly done comedy (there are some ’80s-related clichés, of course), and ever since I watched it, I’ve become a murder mystery fanatic. Furthermore, Tim Curry.”

7. Nacho Libre


“You just can’t stay bummed out watching Jack Black as a Luchador priest.”

8. Moulin Rouge!

“It just makes me happy, especially the “Like a Virgin” part.” Every time I laugh at it, I cry.”

9. A Cinderella Story

Since I was two years old, this movie has been my all-time favorite. It features a fantastic soundtrack and humor. I adore how they interpret the beloved Disney classic!”

10. Grease

“It always lifts my spirits when I watch it. I know every song word for word.” 

11. Hot Fuzz

It’s quite humorous and contains some truly brilliant moments. I use it before operations and other medical procedures because I want to reduce my anxiety.”

12. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy


“When I put them on, it feels like I’m in the room with an old buddy. Sometimes my brain will jolt me into waking up for specific portions, and I’ll find myself muttering along with the phrases, even if I’m half asleep from being sick or from staying up all night working.”

13. Anne of the Thousand Days

“As Anne Boleyn, Genevieve Bujold is outstanding. I watch it when I need some motivation.”

14. The Lost Boys (1987)

“It’s among the best vampire-themed horror movies. I also like Jim Henson’s Labyrinth as a comfort movie.”

15. The Royal Tennenbaums

“It always makes me laugh and cheers me up!”

16. Labyrinth

“There’s prejudice there; I’m a big fan of Bowie. But his voice, the nostalgic feel of the ’80s, and the film’s dreamlike quality always make me feel better.”

17. Mr. Right


It always brings a smile to my face. The color and the music combine to create sheer joy.”

18. Goon

Since it’s a hockey movie, there is a lot of fighting, but it’s not overly graphic or violent. The film has a nice plot that is nicely counterbalanced with some offensive humor. I watch it when I need to let go of my worries and take a small giggle break from my Practical Magic, Under the Tuscan Sun zone.”

19. A Town Like Alice

“At the very end, when she thinks he has passed away and sets out to locate him halfway around the globe, only to discover he has gone the other way to find her. I can’t hold back my tears when he enters the airport in Alice Springs. Still, it makes me happy.”

20. Miss Congeniality and Legally Blonde

“They always lift my spirits! Having something adorable and humorous playing in the background helps to keep me distracted.”

21. The Love Punch

“It’s so monumentally stupid that I generally forget why I was in a terrible mood.”

22. Good Will Hunting

“It’s heartwarming, funny, and Robin Williams’ character feels like a hug.”

23. A Knight’s Tale

“We turn to it if we are unable to locate something. I’m not sure what it is about it, but it brings me joy.

24. Harry Potter

“From film one until whatever film it takes to feel cheery again.”

25. The Pursuit of Happyness

“I was named after Jaden Smith, so that family has always been special to me, plus it’s just a very inspiring film, and reminds me that even though things may look hopeless in the moment, doesn’t mean they always will be.”

26. Crazy, Stupid, Love

“Every time Cal takes over Robbie’s words, it makes me cry uncontrollably. Emma Stone plays such a sweet character, and I love anything involving Ryan Gosling.”

27. Into Great Silence

Approximately two hours and forty-five minutes from the cloistered monks’ existence at the Grand Chartreuse abbey in France. Hold on, let me explain. No voice-over, no narration, and no artificial lighting. It’s captivating, reflective, and visually stunning. When it’s over, my gloomy thoughts balance out, my brain slows down, and I feel calm. It’s a documentary about Xanax.

28. The Land Before Time

“Listen to me: it’s a tale about perseverance and putting aside differences to collaborate for the common good. Like the clouds parting in the movie to expose the valley, Littlefoot and his friends’ successful journey to the Great Valley and subsequent reunion with their family makes me feel as like a weight has been taken off my shoulders and my sorrow has faded.

Then, “If We Hold On Together” by Diana Ross begins to play, and it’s the ideal lullaby to a timeless, beloved movie. Viewers learn about friendship, bravery, losing someone you love, getting back up on your feet, and having faith in both yourself and other people. I will always enjoy viewing it. Even its several sequels are enjoyable to me.”

29. The Holiday

“I always smile when I see Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black. During law school, I would occasionally watch it again and feel better about life.”

30. Dave

“This is the tale of Dave, a doppelganger for the president of the United States, who must assume the role of the real president after the real president gets sick. Because Dave, despite frequent attempts at sabotage, is so sincere and wants to do a good job for the country, the movie has always been a nice pick-me-up.

It gives me a particularly hopeful and patriotic feeling, which is especially comforting in these uncertain times. Additionally, I adore the cameos made by numerous real politicians from the 1990s (Paul Simon, Tip O’Neill, and others), many of whom have since passed away. Finally, I had extremely positive and pleasant memories of Bill Clinton’s presidency, which ended just a few months before the film’s premiere.”

31. A League of Their Own

“Great performances, funny, heartfelt but not sappy (for me, as with everything, your mileage may vary).”

32. Clockwatchers

It centers on a group of temporary employees working in a miserable corporate setting. Their boredom at work pushes them to a point of revolt, and it strikes just the perfect note. Along with Toni Collette and Parker Posey, it boasts an amazing cast. incredibly consoling.”

33. The Princess Bride

Like the boy in the film, I’ve been watching it again—sick, well, depressed, and joyful—ever since I first saw it as a child. It’s undoubtedly a comfort film for me.”

34. Pride & Prejudice (2005)

“I have seen more of this movie than any other, and it is also my favorite. It’s masterfully written, offers the ideal love tale, and allows you to spend a few hours immersed in their universe.”

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