34 Funny Movie Memes That Hit Harder Than Some Of Those Films


The Film Memes Instagram feed is probably entertaining you if you think of yourself as a movie buff. It’s a humorous image collection, as one could anticipate, with some timeless classics and some all-time favorites. A whole page has been devoted to those who consider themselves to be movie buffs.

Additionally, Bored Panda contacted moviemattk, the page owner and movie reviewer. We inquired about his passion for movies, which inspired him to create the page, and what, in his opinion, qualifies someone as a movie enthusiast.


Every fan has at least one film that profoundly impacted their life and heightened their appreciation for the medium. However, Matt found it in two movies.

“Sam Rami Spiderman from 2002 was probably the first movie I truly remember enjoying.” I’m really nostalgic about that movie’s soundtrack,” Matt wrote on Instagram to Bored Panda.

Regarding the film that perhaps first made me appreciate all kinds of movies, I believe Bong Joon-ho’s The Host from 2006. It was one of the most exciting monster movies I had ever watched and maybe the first foreign film I had ever seen, which my dad had gotten from Blockbuster.


 Funny Movie Memes



 Funny Movie Memes

Any movie enthusiast can easily claim to be a connoisseur. Online user Zalindras therefore shared their definition-setting standards with the r/flicks community.

They watch and talk about movies frequently enough for it to be regarded as one of their primary pastimes. List your top directors, performers, and genres. Possess an extensive Blu-Ray and/or DVD library. possess the ability to enjoy movies in any language, from any era, and on any budget.




 Funny Movie Memes

Matt thinks that if someone finds a genre or tale that appeals to them, anyone can become a movie enthusiast. However, he thinks that a person who demonstrates a deeper level of interest in the filmmaker is what distinguishes a true cinephile from the regular moviegoer.

When you initially start watching movies, you probably just look for ones that seem intriguing based on the performers and the trailers, or perhaps because they’re based on something you already know. However, you get to recognize directors’ names more if you see enough movies.



As of right now, the Film Memes Instagram feed has just over 71,000 followers. For Matt, it’s a side activity that lets him talk to other movie enthusiasts about his passion for movies.

“Movies have always attracted me. Whatever form of storytelling—film, theater, novels, etc.—I just adore a good story. In my opinion, seeing a good movie is the most accessible and engaging method to enjoy a compelling narrative. I create the memes because I love to share my passion for movies with people.”


 Funny Movie Memes






 Funny Movie Memes


Some movies elicit fear, laughter, and tears. Some can even cause viewers to cringe when a character throws something on screen, for example. We have the impression of being a part of the action.

However, what is it about films that evoke such deep emotional responses? Professor of psychology Jeffrey Zacks refers to it as the “mirror rule.”

In an interview with Today, Zacks stated, “[It] says that it’s a good idea to mimic the visual input that you’re seeing.” It is therefore appropriate to grin back at someone who smiles at you when you approach them.

“The majority of the audience will smile a little bit if they see someone in a theater with a happy face filling the screen.”






Filmmakers use that mirror rule and other tools at their disposal, according to Zacks, to arouse emotions.

“Film and emotion are greatly influenced by music.” In an attempt to make you cry, sluggish, minor-key music is frequently played during depressing scenes in movies.

“We get depressed when we see people weep, hear sad music in real life, or witness horrible things happen to other people. But those things can be turned up to eleven in a movie. You may make sure there’s nowhere else to look by placing a large, sobbing face across your entire range of vision.




 Funny Movie Memes



When someone hurls something at the screen, why do we recoil? Zacks ascribes it to the “success rule,” which has connections to evolution and genetics.

It asserts that when faced with stimuli, people typically act in ways that have worked well for them in the past when dealing with comparable stimuli.

“In the past, it was wise to duck when we saw an object approaching since it indicated that something was about to strike our heads. It’s ingrained in evolution. Try what has previously worked for you.






Some professionals, such as scholar and journalist Noam Schimmel, believe that movies are a useful educational tool. He employed the 2013 movie Girl Rising to foster empathy among his students, as he detailed in his Times Higher Education piece.

A group of girls from Ethiopia, Cambodia, Peru, Haiti, Afghanistan, Egypt, Sierra Leone, India, and Nepal are followed in Girl Rising. It addresses touchy subjects like domestic abuse, human rights violations, and child marriage.

According to Schimmel, “students can examine the similarities and differences in the individual narratives and draw connections between the advancement of human rights and the individual experiences.”




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