Funny Product Designs by People Who Knew Exactly What They Were Doing


While most ordinary people adhere to conventional practices in product placement and design, this isn’t always the case. Some people are very unconventional when it comes to accomplishing tasks, as you are probably well aware if you have ever encountered something that left you scratching your head in confusion. See some of the greatest and worst design choices ever made by creative wizards who somehow managed to implement their ideas in the actual world by continuing to read.

A Questionable Shipping Mishap Gem

It’s possible that the “g” was purposefully hidden for laughs only by using tape or a sticker. However, it might have been a complete coincidence. Perhaps the shippers saw the changed label and thought it was as funny as you do, or perhaps they didn’t see it at all. Whatever the specifics, it’s good to inject some humor into the often somber realm of shipping.

This box was supposed to say “glass,” but we kind of love it because it indicates that there was a funny thing that happened during the shipping process.

A Barcode in the Right or Wrong Place

This magazine cover’s misaligned barcode unintentionally produced the optical illusion of a little mustache that just so happened to look like a certain person. This puts a humorous twist on politics and power, unless he’s just experimenting with a new appearance for his upcoming summit with world leaders. Russia’s current leader is unlikely to approve of this look, unless he is a fan of traditional Germany, as the image is very bizarre.

This photo recorded a famous instance of a magazine cover where Putin’s face was supposed to be the only thing on it, but the barcode produced an amusing optical illusion instead.

Kevin and Lasagna Have a Lot in Common

The name of the Italian soccer player Kevin Lasagna, who is well-known for his quick reflexes and explosive shoots, oddly sounds like the name of a really tasty lasagna meal. This little biography suggests that lasagna and Kevin are far more alike than meets the eye. He has many levels to his game, much like the well-known pasta dish, and his lightning-fast maneuvers on the field are nearly as delicious as the gooey cheese of lasagna.

Wasps That Truly Love a Good Joke

Either these wasps couldn’t find a more comfortable site to build their home, or they were trying to make a statement about how strong their stings were. There’s really no better way for a wasp to send a message than to establish a nest at a location that would cause any human to recoil with reasonable promptitude. There’s no denying that this monument and the nest quickly gained local attention.

When these wasps chose to construct their nest in a statue’s groin area, it appears that they had a sense of humor. Indeed, a work well done.

A Man Praised for His Customer Service Skills

People were a little taken aback at first since this thank-you part sounded like it could have been taken directly out of an R-rated movie. The editors had to apologize and provide some clarity as soon as they realized there was an error in the way things sounded in this instance. To be safe, they’ll definitely retain this newspaper section a little more uncomplicated and uncomplicated the next time.

It seems that the women who wrote in this newspaper’s section thanked the man too much for being able to suitably satisfy all 15 of them for a whole day.

This Branding Fail Turns Into a Naughty Joke

Whatever’s going on here is akin to a misplaced word scramble, where a straightforward work van takes on an inappropriate new identity the moment the door opens. Given how difficult it is to ignore the inadvertent message, it is not difficult to picture how people might respond if they saw this van with its sliding door wide open. It’s likely that the person who developed this should have verified the letter positioning twice before finishing the work.

Here, the garments and socks van proudly shows off its brand name on the door, but as soon as it closes, everyone in the vicinity is quickly privy to a less-than-subtle message.

Where The Twerk Knight Didn’t Rise

A bunch of soccer supporters are standing beneath a float that resembles Batman performing his finest dance move, complete with a cape and sharp ears. Fortunately, it’s just a gopher, but initially, it looks like Batman and his famous outfit are the main focus of this photo. The illusion is still worth a thousand chuckles, in our opinion, even though this was just a gigantic animal and not an animal-Batman hybrid.

Where The Twerk Knight Didn't Rise

This photo perfectly captures what can only be compared to a hybrid between a comic book and a wildlife photograph, with Batman and his twerking falling somewhere in between.

A Fish Naming Gone Very Wrong

The scientists that came up with the moniker Dongfish most certainly gave it a lot of thought, and after that, childish humor most likely won out. If you thought the name was odd, the features and description are much worse, but they still fit the name perfectly. Despite the fact that its shape and peculiar-looking “horngus” are actually quite suggestive, it’s clear how everything came together in the end.

There were some questions generated by this naming process among scientists as well as among us common folks. Its extremely peculiar and unsettling appearance could be the reason.

The 800B Doctor Room Dilemma

This door’s numbers are positioned in an odd way, and the two rounded shapes blend in unsettlingly with the idea that this is a women’s health doctor’s clinic. It’s possible that the building administrators are pulling a constant practical joke on passersby, or that they just choose this number in a humorous way. It goes without saying that room 800B may be the most sought-after room in the physician’s office.

Although the room number 800B appears unassuming at first, people walking down the corridor will undoubtedly give it a second thought as they get closer to the door.

Michael Jackson’s Ghostly Return

Following the alteration of Michael Jackson’s pronouns on Twitter to he/him, many are presently baffled. Some could argue that Jackson has unexpectedly returned from the dead to discuss his personal gender identification, while others might view this as an instance of time travel or a fault in the matrix. Time travel looks like the most plausible theory right now, but the reality may never be discovered.

The internet will never let this one go, even though the iconic musician passed away more than ten years ago. Michael Jackson’s pronouns were just modified on Twitter.

An Article That Missed the Memo

This is an example of an article title gone wrong; the author humorously failed to convey the meaning of the title, which was meant to be about a woman’s confidence in her independence. This essay defied the notion that a woman’s identity is determined by her husband, but the title essentially did just that. This could be a classic case of self-defeating prophecy, or it could indicate that the editor doesn’t have a very good sense of humor.

Although the title of this article has a tone reminiscent of the 1950s, any audience can laugh at the humorous irony between the title and the substance.

A Headline That’s Hard to Forget

A man was apprehended stealing Viagra from a drugstore, but his attorney had some remarks on the theft. He was, however, extremely prompt to leap to his client’s defense, as any competent attorney would. It was obvious that the thief wanted some additional assistance in the bedroom and was unwilling to pay for it. As the rest of the world keeps making puns, this lawyer’s statements will always be available online.

Let’s just say that this headline pretty much wrote itself, even though the man ought to have “risen” to the occasion and paid his bill like the rest of us.

Wooden Doorways to Gender Diversity

You can trust what you see since we are here to verify that your eyes are indeed functioning. It so happens that the bathroom door on the right has a pattern on it that resembles the intriguing form of a woman. The one on the left appears to be shaped like a man and is also rather beautiful. These two bathroom doors seem to lead to a realm of gender wizardry.

The gendered bathrooms behind these two doors appear to be promoting diversity by showing two quite different experiences; we’ll never know if these patterns were intentional or just a coincidence.

A Vodka Swap Gone Wrong

This girl ran out of vodka and begged her dad for a bottle after she was old enough to purchase alcohol. He handed her, unexpectedly, the identical one that, as a cunning teenager, she had switched with water. She’d thought as a teenager that her dad would never find out about the plot, and now she could definitively say he was completely unaware of it.

When you unscrew this cap, the familiar aroma of water will likely fill your nose. Since dad assumed it was vodka, we’re assuming he never took a whiff.

The Work of a Marketing Genius

When this underwear company’s advertising department decided where to put this advertisement, it seemed like someone was having a little fun. It is, as you can see, sandwiched between what at first glance appear to be more benign photos. Nothing unique about it except than the fact that every single woman in the photos is staring up at the underwear as if it’s the greatest thing she’s ever seen—a very audacious and grandiose move.

Since all of the women in this commercial are staring up at the same image, the corporation behind it is either trying to sell underwear or is interested in showing off women with neck problems.

Meme Mountain, Artist’s Edition

The artists who created these sculptures were not aware that the way they were positioned in the picture would look a little strange. They obviously put a lot of effort into creating each element, from the peaks to the curves, until they ultimately produced what they thought was ideal. We think they are far too interested about other things, even though they are delighted to display their particular works here.

These two painters were given the challenge of creating metal plates that mimic the famous Fuji mountain, but they didn’t give it any thought as to how it would actually look.

A Printed Proposal With a Point

Nothing is really more lovely than to be asked to marry, but when this man decided to have a gift prepared for the moment, things turned unpleasant very soon. He selected a gorgeous photo of the moment he dropped to one knee to pop the question. As he eagerly opened the printed copy, he became aware that his arm had not been cropped out by the photo lab. As of late, this has evolved into a vulgar and humorous work of art.

To this man’s horror, anyone who looks at the printed version will have a lot of explaining to do. This is a classic example of a well-intentioned gift gone horribly wrong.

The Apple Logo Is Now Complete

Although it’s uncommon, it’s not impossible to take the ideal picture with your camera app open, as it happened in this instance. There was nothing unusual about the woman’s placement—she was standing obligingly next to the Apple logo at what appeared to be a technological conference. Her body lined up so precisely with the apple’s cutout that it’s now nearly finished to the point of perfection, according to some.

Pictures, it seems, speak a thousand words, and in the quick-paced world of social media, a humorous photo like this one may become viral in a matter of hours.

This Bakery Offers Hand-On (Cake) Ball Service

The sign that hangs in front of the cake balls inside the glass case at this bakery is sure to draw your attention if you ever come in. You might even be surprised at first, then wonder what kind of bakery you happened across. Fortunately, the sign refers to their mouthwatering cake balls, and the staff is happy to get them for you so you don’t have to.

The fact that this bakery genuinely offers to handle their clients’ dessert balls so they don’t have to worry about getting their hands too dirty is truly wonderful.

When Attachment Issues Take a Technical Turn

Given that they unintentionally took their instructor’s email personally and were essentially ready to never see that teacher again, it’s probable that this student had a difficult week at school. The student believed that their instructor was doubting their dedication to the course or to life in general. Thankfully, the same teacher responded, making it clear that he was only referring to a technical issue with the file attachment.

When the professor claimed that the student had “attachment issues” without specifying what kind of attachment the student had, the email exchange between the professor and the student took an alarming turn.

Some Hidden Star Wars Humor

It is likely that at some point in the past, a group of musicians got together to practice this well-known Star Wars song, after which they proceeded to make some musically inclined jokes about it. Nevertheless, we can’t hold them responsible because it’s difficult to overlook the odd directions on the sheet paper. That this was a coincidence is hard to accept given how suspiciously similar they are to the real movie.

The Star Wars theme song’s sheet music would never see the light of day for any non-musicians, but fans of the movie could not help but chuckle at the similarities.

Where One Letter Literally Says It All

Though it may have taken you a moment to get the reference, you could undoubtedly appreciate the sign’s simplicity. This sign just draws your attention for some reason, and then you understand that the two letters were probably intended to serve a very important function. If you don’t notice it, try adjusting your viewpoint a little to highlight the irony. They were advertising something they really knew about, and they did it flawlessly.

The letter “d” in this sign is undoubtedly serving its intended purpose, but it also strangely resembles something else that also begins with the same letter.

Reporters Couldn’t Resist the Rick Roll

Whether intentional or not, we’ll never know, but it’s difficult not to smile at this extra humorous element in the weather report. The name of the hurricane is humorous enough on its own, but this screenshot of the headline from the broadcast has quickly become a spoof of the well-known meme on the internet. While this is undoubtedly a serious weather update, it has the potential to rapidly become a timeless comedy performance with a little creativity.

While most people were in complete shock at the storm’s devastation, others couldn’t help but think of the iconic Rick Roll meme as Hurricane Rick undoubtedly made its way across Mexico.

An Exhaust Pipe, Standing Tall and Strong

An exhaust pipe has been obviously put strategically in front of the man in the advertisement, who is standing tall and proud. The likeness is uncanny. Fortunately, the amazing appendage is just a result of the gas line and is unrelated to the magical blue pill being touted here. However, we assume that a good number of drivers have passed this bus and honked in appreciation of the pleasant scenery.

When a local driver sees this advertisement on the back of the truck, they are definitely going to be surprised—or possibly motivated.

A Dangling Holiday Spectacular

Nobody in the community was unaware that what was meant to be spectacular illuminations and a little Christmas cheer had inadvertently turned into a tribute to the male genitalia. Though the lights are really bright here, it’s safe to say that the laughter will remain much louder for a while. The Christmas spirit in this town has become a dubious wonderland, and Christmas candles may never look the same again.

The locals undoubtedly enjoy strolling down these streets and taking in the stunning twinkling lights over the holidays, but this year, unintentionally, things got a little phallic.

Sirenis’ Unintended Rated-R Makeover

This family was either obligingly unaware of the magnificent city sign or had purposefully positioned themselves in front of it while on vacation in Sirenis. They are taken aback as the last image shows a hilarious change that is officially difficult to ignore for reasons that are self-explanatory. This picture may be the newest thing in town, but one thing is certain—it has gone viral on the internet.

Either this was a hilarious mistake that will be remembered in the future, or this family really enjoys making ordinary vacation pictures into incredibly memorable mementos.

A Choice Between Tickets or Buns

This sign’s misplaced pole has made everyone giggle and even the most serious drivers double-take, according to the internet. Despite its accidental placement, the pole has undoubtedly achieved its rightful position in history, and we can imagine that people have come from far and wide to see it. Ordinary signage is just plain boring, but this one went above and above, making it worth every glance it has ever received.

Because of the misplaced pole, commuters are not met with a bold statement that says something entirely different than what they were originally intended to read—a routine transit system transformed into a hilarious treasure trove.

Science Student’s True Geological Wonder

Although the trophy in this photo was supposed to depict two hands removing layers of the earth’s crust, it appears that someone did not properly resize the image before giving it the all-clear. This prize seems to take on a more personal appearance and resembles something that involves a different field of study far too much. This was clearly intended to be a masterwork with a geological subject, but it didn’t turn out that way.

Science Student's True Geological Wonder

The winner of the scientific award and her trophy will undoubtedly become the talk of the academic community, as well as practically every dark meme on the internet.

A Funny Postman’s Innocent Request

This mailman is not only proficient at delivering parcels, but he also excels in wordplay. He probably makes everyone in town chuckle when he’s not out delivering mail. The note was too hilarious to ignore, even though he was clearly simply trying to sell us on having a more organized mailbox. The homeowner undoubtedly went outside to prune those hedges in preparation for the next time the mailman comes after receiving this note.

The hilarious masterpiece of this mailman? a kind letter requesting someone to trim their bush so the delivery man wouldn’t have to strain to get to their (mail) box.

A Town’s True Aerial Amusement

The layout of this village is strikingly similar to something that is all too familiar when viewed from above. It’s quite startling how similar they are, and all the credit for it belongs to those perfectly formed cul-de-sacs. It’s unlikely that anyone who live there presently know this is how their street looks unless they happen to stumble upon it online. Alternatively, the inhabitants accept and even come to adore this unusual arrangement.

A Town's True Aerial Amusement

It’s reasonable to say, in our opinion, that this small town has gained some internet notoriety for having an amazing street plan that is only visible from above.

The Newest Breakfast Sensation

The world of morning cereal has officially changed due to an inadvertent swear word, as a store employee accidentally covered up the letter “I” on each and every box with a coupon sticker. Naturally, not just one box on the shelf but every box was treated in this way. Although we would undoubtedly view this as a crunchy disaster, there is a good likelihood that someone did this on purpose. In fact, it is difficult to resist.

This supermarket’s Pick Me Up cereal boxes are officially making mornings more exciting now that someone has made the decision to insert these tiny coupon stickers in a very specific spot.

Affordable yet Naughty-Looking Veggies

There are many ways to see cucumbers and their intriguing shapes, but this sign appears to make them appear even more unique—so much so that it’s difficult to resist them. The best thing about it, of course, is the price—69 cents, to be exact. This vegetable merchant isn’t hesitant to highlight how lively their cucumbers are and why every customer should buy them.

Who would have thought that being affordable could be both amusing and so delicious? Depending on the business, retail encounters can definitely get rowdy, but a supermarket is definitely an unexpected location.

Privacy and Laughter Made for Moms

When it comes to nursing, moms prefer their privacy in public, and this door’s hanging code allows almost anybody to access it. Furthermore, the carefully selected numbers’ shape makes it impossible for the password to be genuinely unique. The pun-based digits that need to be punched in were obviously designed by a mastermind, but any mother who understands the joke is sure to laugh a few times before feeding their child.

Privacy and Laughter Made for Moms

The person who selected this extremely original code is either a devoted mother or, when they’re not occupied with creating placards for public breast feeding stations, they just really like a good joke.

Santa’s Good Little Helpers

Here, if you chose to look at it that way, Christmas has suddenly become a lot more odd, giving “Ho, ho, ho” a whole new meaning. While some of us think they are adorable Christmas decorations, others are fairly certain that these signs were placed purposefully beneath each and every one of these family photos. The catchphrase of the offender? keeping things a little naughty during the holidays to make the nice ones even more memorable.

Santa's Good Little Helpers

In this family’s home, Christmas has taken a somber turn; it appears that the decorations beneath each girl’s portrait are more offensive than joyful.

Grandma’s Muffin Is the Best in Town

This proud grandmother claims that because of their baked-good sweetness, her muffins swiftly win over men’s taste buds and even make them weak in the knees. Nothing really compares to having your taste buds overwhelmed by a mouthwatering muffin prepared from a traditional family recipe. This sign is truly famous, and as long as it remains prominently displayed at a bus stop, people will always remember the wise words of this grandmother.

Grandma's Muffin Is the Best in Town

The grandmother is really proud of her magical muffins; men are drawn to the aroma of these mouthwatering treats and will drive great distances to try them.

This Kind Gesture Took a Wrong Turn

This optical illusion, where a straightforward offer of free glasses washing evolved into something quite different, may be the funniest in this town. Of course, it’s the thought that matters, but there’s no doubt that some customers have strolled in here asking a different kind of cleaning based on what they read outside. It’s possible that this location needs to reposition the sign to improve legibility.

This Kind Gesture Took a Wrong Turn

Thankfully, after reading this peculiar yet highly particular sign, the friendly personnel inside would much rather clean your spectacles than consider anything else.

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