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You’ve heard the saying before: don’t judge a book by its cover. What if you were to judge a CD or vinyl record by its cover, though? Though it’s not really how the world operates, we’d love to claim that you should judge an album only on its musical selections. The majority of musicians and record companies worldwide are aware that for an album cover art to be successful, it must captivate and thrill listeners. These album covers are unquestionably the worst and funniest things we have ever seen, even though it appears like these individuals missed the memo.

Just Keep Pounding

You undoubtedly believed that an album cover with a space theme could not go wrong, and up until this point, we would have agreed. After all, space motifs have appeared in the album artwork of some of the industry’s top acts. From crooners like Elvis Presley to rock bands like Iron Maiden, they’ve all made good use of space. That being said, there is something a little off about this CD cover.

Amusing CD Covers

Indeed, the entire situation is quite amusing. But when they decided on this name, do you believe the musicians and decision-makers behind this album cover recognized what they were doing? Surely, they had to have!

Time to Be Used

Have you ever shaken your head at an album cover because you felt sorry for the folks on it? Indeed, we also do. Even though we’re sure that these gorgeous women and their loyal tones have delighted countless people worldwide, we can’t help but believe that some bad choices were made that day. The first is, of course, that these women were never allowed near an open flame.

Second, there is something a little awkward about the album’s name. We are even more prompted to scrutinize it because it is enclosed in quotation marks. Are they genuinely willing to be used by Him? Is that a ruse for anything else, though?

An Absolute Bargain

Let’s pause to recognize what a great deal this musical masterpiece is before delving into this strange album cover. Ultimately, not little is available in the grocery store for under $1.89 these days! However, the inexpensive pricing does make a bit more sense when you look more closely at the artist’s name, the album’s name, and the odd-looking Poodle on the album cover.

An Absolute Bargain

We can’t help but believe that this is satire. This is too funny to be true, from the name, which seems like a spoonerism, to the lyrics, which are rife with innuendo.

The Dulcet Sounds

These women really did a fantastic job on virtually the entire record cover. They chose to incorporate some natural elements into their ensemble by going on a walk in their neighborhood. They discovered adorable pink ensembles that fit each other well, and they even changed up their stances to further enhance the overall aesthetic. These folks most likely wouldn’t be on our list if they had stopped there!

Amusing CD Covers

However, when they chose the title “Sounds of his coming” for their record, they placed their own matched feet into it. Even while we are aware that they didn’t intend for this to be a huge insinuation, that is precisely what transpired.

How’s the Owl Lady?

Actually, Reverend Al put this album cover on our list himself, so we hope he doesn’t hate us for include his record. He had a plethora of options when it came to what to include on the front of his record cover, but he still chose a picture that did neither of these two justice. Yes, he looks fantastic. But the female beside him? Okay, so…

Amusing CD Covers

It is assumed that the woman with the tongues is the one in the picture. Naturally, we cannot be certain of that. However, we believe this estimate to be accurate.

Spock and the Potatoe

Leonard Nimoy is well-known to all, right? This actor is primarily recognized for his role as Spock in the Star Trek series, and he will always be remembered as one of Hollywood’s most iconic figures. But let’s say for the moment that you were unaware that Spock was a vocalist. When Leonard Nimoy first released his own album back in the day, we can safely state that we have some questions.

First of all, why? Secondly, we need to ask some serious questions about the song titles on this CD. Particularly in the way he spells common root veggies like potatoes.

An Icon Tries Rock

You’re missing out if you haven’t heard of Wing. This famous New Zealand singer, who was born in Hong Kong, is well-known all over the world. She has even been in television programs like South Park! She’s more well-known for her covers than for her original music, though, having put out a ton of versions of songs you wouldn’t think would fit in her repertoire. Like an entire rock record, you know.

We can safely say that this album cover art has us fascinated. We adore Wing, on the one hand. However, this does not appear to be a highly rock and roll cover.

When the Party Is so Good

Have you ever had a party so intense that you ended up cutting your own party short? No, neither have we, however it appears that this band was aiming for that particular feel when creating the artwork for their album cover. This guy also doesn’t seem to have expected to be torn apart like a party popper. He appears surprised, perplexed, and as like he wishes the music would go away forever.

The cover art for this album is even more weird when you consider that Party Cannon is also a death metal band, something you might not be aware of. Is it intentionally bad?

What an Eyesore

Even if you’re selling gospel music, album artwork is essential if you want to market your music, even if we understand that some artists aren’t into the self-promotion game. We have a lot of questions about this album, even though we’d like to applaud these guys for venturing outside of their comfort zone to pose for it. Above all, why is a quartet composed of five people?

Amusing CD Covers

To exacerbate the situation, Cliff appears to have been possessed on the day of the photo session. That is, assuming Cliff is his true name at all. In this case, the quote marks are not helpful.

Eat Your Veg

Rock bands have long been known for their unique and strange record covers. These males seem to have decided to follow suit, since they are usually flaunting their enormous hair, leather jackets, and exuberant personality. But given that they chose to strap some to their legs, we can only surmise that they also wanted to encourage people to eat more fruits and vegetables! Why? Well, we’re not really positive.

Amusing CD Covers

We’re not sure if we like this album cover overall, but we can’t take our eyes off of it because it’s such a visual feast.

Blink if You’re in Danger

We adore it when up-and-coming musicians perform beloved covers of well-known tunes. Additionally, the Boys Town Gang made excellent album selections from a musical standpoint. However, we can’t help but feel that they ought to have chosen a different piece of art based just on appearance. The males look amazing, no doubt, but it also appears like they are coercing this woman against her will so they can get a good picture.

Hopefully the photographer sensed our discomfort also and asked the woman to blink if she was in danger. Not that she wants to hold their hands at all!

Poor Julie

our album cover is just poor in an awkward sense, compared to some of the other bizarrely bad album covers on our list. The whole storyline behind this album cover also goes a bit too far, even though we all know that every album needs some artwork. We all understand the significance of a woman’s sixteenth birthday, after all, especially when the song isn’t even about what you think.

In actuality, this John Bult song is about a father telling his daughter how sorry he is for not celebrating his sixteenth birthday. However, the poorly designed album cover gives the impression that it is considerably darker.

All About the Strategy

We are aware that naming an album is a necessary task for any band or musician. Ultimately, an album cannot be released without a title! However, we would want to launch a petition asking these musicians to dedicate a bit more time to their names. We want people to consider all possible interpretations of the name, as perhaps that might discourage them from using names such as this one.

As though the album’s name wasn’t enough, they’ve added a spooky image of Buckner looking straight into our souls to go along with it. Furthermore, everything about it is very strange.

The Legend of Hercules

A considerable amount of money has been used by some of the artists on this list’s labels to produce their albums. Others have a somewhat smaller budget because they are releasing music independently. We must thus commend this guy for creating his own artwork and distributing his own CD. It can’t be simple like that! However, we do believe that he ought to have studied Photoshop before beginning.

Amusing CD Covers

This album cover is humorous because, despite the fact that it appears to be a 1990s parody, the album was really released in 2022. Still, I applaud him for taking a chance!

A Coffin Table

Unusual record covers might occasionally be considered among the greatest pieces of art in history. Furthermore, there’s no denying the power of album artwork to make you reflect on your life decisions. Of course, people are divided by this artwork as well. Consider this record, for instance! Although some individuals may find the coffin table a touch unsettling, others may find it to be really iconic.

A Coffin Table

We absolutely believe that the latter group applies, as we find this record artwork to be very awesome. Although we wouldn’t want one for ourselves, we think it’s a neat idea.

Got the Moves… And the Bad Haircuts

We’re not sure what these guys are trying to say, but they think they’ve got the moves, but they also have bad haircuts. There’s nothing wrong with standing out on your album cover; in fact, standing out can help you attract even more fans and listeners! But there comes a time when you need to step back and consider what you’re trying to tell the world through your album cover.

Got the Moves... And the Bad Haircuts

And that’s before we talk about the weird glasses and the guy gang’s horse. Although we’re not really impressed, we are undoubtedly curious.

Gritty Gangster Rap

There are countless varieties of music available. Every musical genre, from pop and rap to classic rock, has its own devoted following and collection of legendary performers. And while there’s no denying that K-Boss has a devoted following of fans of gangster rap, we have to wonder if the WordArt and corny acting on this album cover truly embody the gangster rap genre he’s promoting.

Gritty Gangster Rap

We must, however, also recognize the finer points of this record cover artwork. They even applied artificial blood to the railings to further enhance the realism of the entire image! Either way, we hope it’s a hoax.

Colors of the Wind

Establishing yourself as a unique artist or band is crucial in a world when many musicians are vying for fame and fortune. This can be accomplished through your image, through the song itself, or even through the artwork on your CD. All we can surmise is that these individuals chose to take a chance and attempt all three, and the outcome is this artwork.

Amusing CD Covers

Even though we adore dyed hair just as much as the next person, this piece of art is giving us major mental pain. We’re not sure if they utilized subpar photo-editing software or if they genuinely colored their hair.

This Is Very Deefeecult

Senor Wences was one of the numerous musicians in our world who enjoyed showing off and providing something special. This man actually became well-known by chatting and singing to his own fist puppet; in fact, he produced an album just for his admirers. There’s no denying that he was a very creative and humorous man, but this CD is definitely a touch weird.

Ultimately, in this picture, he’s making a conscious effort to entice his own fist. Even with the wig and the eyes hiding his fist, we find that too strange.

Strange Eyebrow Game

Let’s simply give a hearty round of applause to Jack Hansen and The Transylvanians, Bob McFadden. You have to give them credit for deciding to combine Dracula with polka dancing, two very distinct worlds, to create one wonderful record! We also have to admit that we adore this strange and exceptional Transylvania Polka album’s cover art.

It’s definitely very strange, and the ears and eyebrows are making us tremble, but it’s also entirely original. And occasionally, you have to acknowledge the world’s uniqueness.

An Unfortunate Name

Most likely, you already know that some words have diverse meanings in different parts of the world. In the United States, for instance, pants are the garments worn over underwear. However, your pants are your underwear in the UK. This is why, before you sign off on anything, it’s always a good idea to double-check what you want to call your album. Ultimately, its meaning could alter in a different nation.

Amusing CD Covers

In this case, by using their name, these guys essentially insulted the whole British populace. We’ll warn you that this word is bad even though we won’t explain what it means.

Leaf It Alone

Independent artists are not as fortunate as those with record deals, as labels are not always ready to pay for their album artwork. They must pay for it out of their own funds, which can be challenging if you have a particularly particular idea. Furthermore, this band had to utilize very noticeable red tape to adhere the leaves, despite their desire to use the leaves as a canvas for their creative musical expression.

We’re going to presume that the guy in the middle came up with the idea for this record artwork. The guys that flank him appear to be ready to head home.

The Rapping Dummy

There is a vast variety of music in the world. One thing that all of these performers have in common, regardless of whether their music is charting mainstream or independent and niche with a very narrow fan base, is that they must create and release their own albums. However, what would a guy do if he had a rapping dummy? Of course, you get all dolled up in tuxedos and pose for pictures.

The amusing thing about this record cover is that the dummy appears to be more realistic than the man. This merely serves to illustrate how overuse of the airbrush tool is possible.

Beware the Pizza Cat

Some musicians convey profound and powerful tales and messages through the artwork on their albums. However, it’s refreshing to occasionally come across musicians or bands that simply do whatever they want with the artwork for their albums. Consider this band, for instance. Since they adore pizza and cats, these two things have appeared on nearly every record cover they have ever published. Actually, we don’t see any issues with that.

This record cover is among our faves on this list since we also adore pizza and cats. Some folks might purchase this record just for the cover art, we venture.

Before Dog Was a Bounty Hunter

This is a person you’ve probably heard of if you’re a WWF fan. However, if you’re not a fan of the WWF, you’re undoubtedly asking yourself, “WTF?” This guy is actually Michael Hayes, but he looks like Dog from before he was a Bounty Hunter. This artwork demonstrates how seriously this former wrestler took his efforts to establish himself in the music industry.

Amusing CD Covers

You’ve probably never heard of this wrestler before because, other from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, none of the other wrestlers have really achieved vocal success.

An Itchy Scalp Commercial?

Adele is arguably one of the most well-known singers in the world, so you definitely don’t need any explanation. Her songs are destined for greatness, and she probably doesn’t even need to worry about creating an album cover. Even though her followers will purchase anything she releases, she still goes all out with the cover art. It must be said, though, that her ’21’ record baffled some people.

Amusing CD Covers

This appears to be less of an album cover and more of an itchy scalp commercial. Who are we to judge, though? Adele needs to take care of her scalp irritation if that is the case.

Oh, We’re Trying Not to

Have you ever found yourself doing something because someone advised you not to, even if you knew better? Granted, people might be obstinate, but it appears like Chris Miskelly and Betty Baker overlooked that small piece of knowledge. They ought to have recognized that’s precisely what they were going to do if they were going to advise everyone not to feel sorry for them! Particularly with those coordinated hairdos.

Oh, We're Trying Not to

Though their record is full of feminist anthems and we’re confident their music isn’t worth pitying, we do believe they need to have given their album a different name this time.

Are You Bad?

Since there are, let’s face it, a ton of The Cramps fans out there, many of whom will be incensed that this album cover appears on this list. Still, the public has spoken, and it appears that this is regarded as one of the worst album covers ever. Perhaps this is because there are so many good people in the world who are unable to relate to the horrible people in it.

There’s something about this artwork that makes us feel a little off, whether it’s the brilliant yellow color or the dazzling whiteness of this guy’s teeth.

Parental Advisory

The ‘Parental Advisory’ warning on this Tyler the Creator CD is undoubtedly more related to the profanity used in the songs than it is to the weird ’90s photographs he picked for the release. Although we are aware that Tyler may be a touch strange and eccentric, this is making us nostalgic for our old high school prom pictures.

It seems more likely that Tyler is making fun of these pictures than anything else, but most people probably wouldn’t want this record on display in their bedroom.

That Gene Simmons Makeup, Though

It’s critical for musicians to display their uniqueness as artists and to separate out from the crowd. However, there’s no denying that these musicians have all been influenced by someone. In fact, we’ll venture to suggest that these individuals have been influenced by Gene Simmons and Nicolas Cage. Their makeup is flawless, and they appear like they’ve combined their two loves into one band.

Naturally, Knorkeater has an incredibly ominous appearance, and we’re not even sure what this record is called. If, however, they are a Gene Simmons tribute band, then they have done a fantastic job.

The Heaviest Accordion in the World

Upon initially seeing this album cover, we couldn’t help but worry about Nacha’s well-being. Ultimately, it appears that she is having a great deal of difficulty playing this huge accordion! But I suppose that’s why she chose to refer to her record as the “Heavy Tango.” Maybe she was going to dance to the accordion, but she just thought it was too heavy for her.

In any event, we hope she received the support she was due. Despite the fact that we are unfamiliar with the artist, we sincerely hope that this album proves to be very successful for her.

A Real Album Cover

This list features some very intriguing record covers, but have you ever seen one as hilarious as this one? The photos on this album cover don’t seem to require much interpretation, even though we are unable to translate what is written on it. Seeing a guy playing a guitar and his non-clothing-wearing female acquaintance is, after all, really evident. Why? We’re not precisely sure why, though.

We checked, and it’s not the simplest thing in the world to try to play the guitar when a naked woman is hugging you. Therefore, we believe this guy deserves some credit.

The Most Wanted Man

While most of us like taking baths just as much as the next guy, we don’t decide to take pictures of ourselves in the tub to advertise our music. However, perhaps we ought to? This person appears to be rather certain of his choice—so much so that he has chosen to go by the moniker “The Most Wanted Man.” Although we don’t know exactly why he’s sought, we can only presume that it’s related to offenses against music.

The Most Wanted Man

Naturally, what are we aware of? Perhaps the greatest musician the world has ever seen is this guy. It’s unfortunate that the majority of people won’t be able to look past this album art of a bathtub.
A Perfect Massage Soundtrack

A Perfect Massage Soundtrack

Have you ever been giving your significant other a massage and noticed that the accompanying music didn’t seem to fit the mood? Don’t worry, this album is out there! If the album’s name wasn’t enough, the cover image is absolutely scary. However, we don’t hold these two responsible for it. It is the label’s fault that these performers were able to use such a picture for their cover.

A Perfect Massage Soundtrack

We get a little uneasy even if this is merely a compilation of love songs because of the eerie picture. Additionally, we must scrutinize the term “massage.” It doesn’t seem like a massage is in order with those eyes.

This Hasn’t Aged Well

We should probably address the odd title of this record before discussing the fact that it is a Rolf Harris album cover. Though we don’t expect every performer to list every song on the album cover (Leonard Nimoy, for example), this cover is a little ambiguous. Ultimately, we are uncertain about the exact meaning of the term “unusual songs.”

This Hasn't Aged Well

If you’re not familiar with Rolf Harris, a short Google search will reveal that this album cover art is extremely incorrect and possibly shouldn’t even exist.

Shades of Joy? Or Shades of Terror?

Popular films frequently have their own record labels. The music heard throughout the film are included on these albums, and this one is no exception. For those who have watched the film, it’s a popular purchase because it has music from El Topo. It’s a fairly peculiar movie, though, as anyone who has watched it would attest, which is probably why this album cover is equally bizarre.

Shades of Joy? Or Shades of Terror?

We are quite curious about this album cover because of the insane expression in this man’s eyes and the white powder that appears to be all over his face and hair. To be honest, though, we have a lot of questions concerning every album cover on this list.

Who Dunnit?

Just like the next person, we are huge fans of murder mysteries. The truth is that murder mystery films and books are beloved by people everywhere. But you don’t frequently find an entire album devoted to a murder mystery. However, it appears that Ta Smallz did just that when he was coming up with concepts for his upcoming record. He made the decision to dedicate the entire endeavor to identifying his mother’s killer.

Who Dunnit?

It would be somewhat hilarious if one of the other rappers on this record was the one who did it, even though we still don’t know who did it. That would be quite the turn.

An Outfit of Dreams

What would you wear if you were a musician and had to take pictures for the cover of an album? Independent artists who aren’t as well-known as big artists can’t afford the luxury of using celebrity stylists and premium clothing to help them choose their looks and appear their best. This is most likely the reason why the individual on the record cover ended up looking like this.

An Outfit of Dreams

Although we respect the self-assurance to appear this manner on an album cover, the entire situation is a little strange. However, that may be related to their frightful eyes.

Thug Dot Com

Your album’s overall quality can be determined by its cover image. Furthermore, although Trick Daddy’s “Thug” album is actually pretty good—as anyone who has listened to it will attest—the music itself isn’t what most people remember about it. Rather, they still recall the album cover! We’d like to know if he is the true owner of that domain because it appears to be a screenshot from an outdated computer.

Thug Dot Com

The fact that this record cover is so awfully good is what we adore most about it, though. You’re doing something good if you can get people talking about you, even if it’s simply because of your terrible album cover.

Serving Serious Face

Numerous bands have left their influence on the world of cosmetics over the years. Yes, some of the finest looks in history will always be associated with David Bowie and his lightning bolt, as well as KISS with their white faces. Therefore, it is not our fault if emerging talent tries to duplicate this kind of accomplishment. Consider this man, for instance. It’s clear that he intended to include prison tattoos, KISS, and David Bowie in his record artwork.

Serving Serious Face

We can only presume that he has also seen better makeup, since you have undoubtedly seen better makeup in the past. That’s most likely the reason he doesn’t appear overly pleased with the final product on the cover.

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