40 Of The Most Embarrassing Things Found Whilst Helping Friends Or Family Move 


Until we have to move, we usually assume that the items in our home will always be hidden to some extent. “What embarrassing or disturbing thing have you found while helping a friend move?” was posed by someone. Many others talked about the most hilarious things they had come across.

To find out more, we contacted “Two Men and a Truck,” a reputable moving business. As you peruse, settle in, give your favorites a thumbs up, and don’t forget to leave a comment below with your own ideas and experiences.


My cousin and I assisted my uncle in cleaning out the house after the death of my grandmother. I discovered a roll of cash when I picked up a nightstand. roughly $3,000. It was expected, given the affluence of my grandparents. When we showed my uncle, he exclaimed, “What money? I see nothing at all. We received that cash for being the only ones to arrive and offer assistance.


Embarrassing Things

A frugal mom friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. Since it was discovered in stage two, she had a reasonable chance of defeating it. (Warning of spoiler alert: she would win!) When I returned from helping her get her kids ready for school, she requested me to retrieve a box from her closet. It included several lovely items that her spouse had given her but she never wore since she was “saving them for a special occasion.” Having owned them for years but never worn them, she felt “foolish”. Everything from high-end gowns to exquisite undergarments such as underwear, stockings, and bras. She had rather played the character of the down-to-earth mother and been economical for her family and children.

She made the decision to wear the slinky clothes on her good days while I helped her get ready for days of cancer treatments.

After her recovery, she began dressing nicely every day.

She later informed me that she experienced a sense of rebirth on the day we were admiring the beautiful things.


While assisting a friend with his move, he asks me to carry this particular box to the truck. I made some assumptions about the contents as I knew my friend had not told his parents about his sexual orientation and said nothing more about it other than “I accept this responsibility.” I take it up. heavier than I had anticipated. One rubber d**k drops out when the bottom tape gives way. directly before his father. My poor friend seemed really appalled.

And his father gives him a question, “That thing clean?” Friend essentially says “yes.” Dad retrieves it, places it back in the box, and carries on carrying items to the vehicle. I receive an update in the next days regarding the follow-up. His father has known since high school that he is gay.

The people of “Two Men and a Truck,” a US-based moving firm, were contacted by Bored Panda, and they graciously agreed to share some of their experiences with us. First, we were interested in learning about the most unusual objects they had to move during their career.

Over the years, moving professionals from Two Men and a Truck have relocated a variety of objects, including pianos, couches, tables, chairs, beds, and more. However, those are the typical items that movers from Two Men and a Truck see on a daily basis. Football benches, zebra statues, and dragon figures are uncommon.


Embarrassing Things

Not relocating, but my friend recently purchased a home from a kind elderly woman. An ancient leather satchel dropped to the floor when we tore down a section of the ceiling in the basement so he could rebuild it. After glancing at the satchel and each other, we both concluded that we had just discovered a bag full of cash. We took it open, unsure of how we would use our unexpected wealth. There was not a single penny. What was present were images. Lots of images. of the kind elderly woman. as well as her spouse. and their companions. And not a single one of them had on any clothes. Apparently, they were swingers as well. And they have some strange interests. We just took action that we thought was suitable. We sealed it back up when we installed the new ceiling so that future homeowners would not come across it.


This guy down my street had a pickup truck and got hired for odd jobs when I was a teenager. On the weekends, he would come get me, and together we would do things like paint rooms, help folks move furniture, and clean leaves.

When I was about 14, he takes me up one day and tells me that the management of the apartment building has his number and wants us to relocate the possessions of a woman who has been evicted. I have no idea what I’m in for because this is way before any TV show about hoarders or anything similar.

It was a nightmare, for sure. As tall as a person were mounds of pornographic publications and newspapers. All the dishes in the house were dirty. There were rotten food containers everywhere, in all sizes and forms. Her house was filled with literal mounds of s**t. I discovered a box full of used, filthy vibrators and dildos. Her floor was filthy to every square inch.

In fact, I had to scrape the dirt from her carpet with a metal shovel with a flat edge. There was a layer of black putrescent ooze underneath it all. All around. It’s what we did all f*****g day. Just a 14-year-old wanting pocket money, no face mask.


My grandfather gave his daughters, who detested him, orders to pack up his house, donate, or throw away everything as he was dying. including his vehicle. My dad took out a shotgun from under the car’s seat, broke it in two, and scratched off the serial number. It had all of my dad’s finger prints on it, so he freaked out and phoned the police to explain. It seems that the police became really excited and revealed how long they had been pursuing him, linking him to a homicide, and that this was the perfect murder weapon. He probably shot his companion in his sleep due to a disagreement about money or gaming.

A dragon figurine was moved around an elementary school in 2023 by Two Men and a Truck Twin Cities, Minnesota, after the Dublin, Ireland team assisted with the relocation of a zebra statue a few years prior. In 2022, the Michigan State University Spartan football bench was transferred from Spartan Stadium to the University of Illinois by two men and a truck in Lansing, Michigan.


My friend requested that I give him a pair of pliers that were in the bedroom toolbox.

When I reached back and opened the toolbox behind me, I discovered—NOT tools.

He and his spouse stored their toys in a toolbox beneath the bed, which we disassembled for their relocation.

It took my brain three seconds to register that this was not the package I was looking for, and when it did, I was met with a wide range of dildos, lube, condoms, and other objects I couldn’t recognize.

He went completely red, slammed the box shut, and vanished along with it.

He couldn’t mention the term “Tool” around me for years afterward without me having to suppress my laughter and him flushing. LOL.


Things he took from me. That was rather unsettling.


Embarrassing Things

Not found, but something that, during our assistance with a relocation, a friend added to another acquaintance. He purchased a number of inexpensive, tiny noise producers that would chirp at random. He would slide items into boxes, furniture, and other spaces as we moved them. drove pals crazy for at least a week at the new place, it seems. They promised retribution, but that hasn’t yet occurred.

We also wanted to know about any misunderstandings people had about this field. “A widespread misperception about professional movers is that renting a truck and doing it yourself will always cost less than hiring a moving company with experience. If someone chooses to move themselves, then all of the planning, packing, and physical effort falls on them. When they employ professional movers, they are paying them to perform all of the heavy lifting and maybe even the packing element as well.


I was assisting a colleague in moving, and although his entire apartment was filthy, I was in his closet attempting to move a dresser when I knocked a box off the wall shelf. Upon picking up the wallets, I discovered they still contained IDS that belonged to someone else. He yelled at me to leave them there and pretended the dresser was falling on him. After we moved the furniture, he ordered me to leave and told me not to return to his apartment. A year later, he was arrested for robbing a couple who were traveling to a performance in downtown Oklahoma City.


I was assisting them with their apartment move-out. There was a black equestrian horse riding hat and riding crop in the bedroom. “Hey, I didn’t know you rode horses,” I commented as I picked up a crate, to which he said, “We don’t.”


After an older uncle passed away, one of my friends was appointed executor of his will and had to clean out his residence. When he unfolded the three or four rolled-up carpets he found within, powerful guns were concealed. After the Port Arthur Massacre in the 1990s, it became illegal for my friend to own firearms of this kind in Australia, where she resides.

After a protracted discussion during which they want to know EVERYTHING about my friend’s deceased relative, he promptly called the police, explained the situation, and they confiscated all of the guns. My buddy speculated that their deceased relative may have been on police radars before to his passing because of the degree of attention the police showed in the case.

“Anyone who might want to leave the heavy lifting to professionals should make sure to give their local Two Men and a Truck franchise a call. Two Men and a Truck does provide a free quote to all customers,” they continued.


After my grandma passed away, I was packing up her home and discovered money stashed among many of her beloved books. For years, Grandpa had been stashing $20, $50, or $100 bills in his paycheck, believing they would come in handy on a rainy day! When he spoke it on his deathbed, we all assumed that he was suffering from dementia—until Grandma passed away two months later!


Embarrassing Things


Years ago, I helped a female friend move. I nearly passed out when I saw how heavily soiled the mattress was with menstrual blood after she moved it without using any covers. Hauling it across the parking lot embarrassed me. Additionally, we were unable to fit it into the small storage unit she was moving it into, so another buddy paid her $50 to buy her off. That truly amazed me.


I assisted my cousin with his relocation. A year or so ago, he spent a few months as a pot belly pig. He had a bunch of pig s**t behind his couch. Very unpleasant.


My cousin and I were cleaning out my dad’s house after he passed away. It wasn’t a big deal when she picked up a baggie of tiny white pellets because he used to be an addict. However, once she hurled them across the room, they scattered under every piece of furniture. teeth. They were dental work.


My life-sized plastic human skull unexpectedly tumbled out of a box and shocked the movers as it rolled in front of them. And I have some quick explaining to do.

I realize that having a head like this seems strange, but I draw from reality, and understanding bone structure—especially the skull—is crucial. Additionally, I think skull art is very cool and it appeals to my goth side.


assisted a friend in moving his aging father. I saw a lot of bandages, medical equipment, and other items, along with furniture that had blood stains from years before. When you ask him, he responds, “Oh yeah, my dad has Hepatitis C.” How, exactly, do you not inform me of that? I’ve spent the entire day handling everything here.


The home of a family friend. Everything she kept in the basement that wasn’t sealed in a bag or box had to be thrown because the entire space was coated with dog crap and urine.


40 Of The Most Embarrassing Things Found Whilst Helping Friends Or Family Move

I was assisting my mother-in-law’s family with packing after her father-in-law passed away. As I was searching through a bookcase, I came across a sizable collection of obscenely explicit pictures of herself. They belonged to my MIL.


I was dating this guy whose mother used to be a dg addict. Years had passed since she had cleaned herself up. We were all ecstatic when she was able to purchase a home at last! She had to caution us while we were packing up her small apartment that, in her active addiction days, she would conceal d*s and other paraphernalia all over her home. She was also very certain that she had disposed of everything over the years, so don’t panic if we discover something. As expected, we discovered a few needles and pipes in the most unlikely locations—behind the refrigerator, on top of cabinets she can’t even reach, etc.


I spent an afternoon moving an elderly woman. The bottom of a box fell out when my friend picked it up. A gigantic dildo that defied rationality was among the strewn items. It resembled a silicone leg for a table. It was also a vivid purple.


I came across a number of poems that my friend attempted to write to a female to get her to forgive him for cheating on her. It was humorous since he was a meathead and would be the first to make fun of someone else for doing the same thing.

He swore me to secrecy and appeared to want to murder me when I discovered them. Despite not telling our buddies, we couldn’t stop laughing at how awful they were.


I was fourteen years old when my grandpa died. Then my dad told me that my grandpa had served 14 years in prison before being released the year before I was born. My dad never wanted me to know, for whatever reason, even though the rest of the family did. However, my grandparents were quite impoverished, and he succumbed to a life of petty crime to make ends meet despite being an Ivy League graduate and Mensa member. As he persisted, the crimes became more serious, and he even broke into our neighborhood museum. He got away with the museum job, though, because that wasn’t the reason he went to prison. His death was preceded by the death of my grandmother. Consequently, he sold the family house and lived in a cabin for the remainder of his life (his choice). In any case, we had to tidy the cabin after his death. We found a box with the words, *”Please leave this alone if you find it and I’m still alive.” Kindly refrain from opening and burning this if you find it after I’ve passed away. My aunts and cousins opposed my suggestion to open it, preferring to honor his wishes. I’ll never know what was within the box.


a large crate of deer feet.


My spouse discovered her mother’s bdsm items. Nobody discusses it.


A pile of socks adhered to the mattress’s underside.


It’s not overly unsettling or anything; I’m just afraid of dolls.

However, I made an embarrassing discovery when I opened an incorrectly labeled box in the living room while assisting a buddy with a relocation. It was filled to overflowing with porcelain dolls. Every doll had a face that was unnervingly realistic, and some of them were set up in positions that gave the impression that they were staring directly at me. My friend entered, saw the open package and my frozen pose, and we both started laughing. She clarified that she surprisingly got these dolls because her grandma had a fondness for collecting them. The unsettling feeling had already begun to take hold when we swiftly closed the box. Undoubtedly, it was among the most peculiar and unsettling discoveries made during a transfer!


a buddy with items related to diaper fetish. Like pacifiers, baby food, and adult diapers with a baby form on them. The whole nine yards was hers. She pretended that finding it was entirely natural, even though it was absurd.


As my great-grandmother-in-law died away, I was assisting with housecleaning.

Found a Dildo Jesus.

Imagine Jesus praying with his elbows out to the side. The “head” would be that.


Many years ago, I assisted a buddy with a move. After falling apart in college over a mutual friend’s suicide—who had also grown apart from me at the time—we had reconnected. I never found out how they passed away.

One year later, I was shifting things around in their location when I came across a box with our friend’s name who had passed away. I assumed it would be a compilation of his old items or pictures. I took the box open. Though I also learned how they passed away, there were still pictures of that friend inside.

A now-rusty knife with obvious bloodstains was wrapped in their beloved blouse, which was also now soiled. After that, we didn’t speak anymore. I never received a clear explanation for why they kept it.


A dead pet ferret in a capri sun box in the freezer and a dead bat in a Tupperware container that dropped out as I picked up the box. Although I knew the ferret was somewhere in there, I did not anticipate the bat.


A moving truck was being used to raise an office chair, and it turned out that the bottom of the chair was full of bugs. I looked at the owner, and he looked at me.

And for a while we laughed heartily. Even after fifteen years, we continue to chuckle about it.


A pair of my ex-girlfriend’s underwear was discovered under his bed when my college roommate and I were packing up our shared apartment at the end of our senior year. I don’t know if they shared a bed or if he stole them from her, but since I don’t talk to them anymore, I doubt I’ll ever find out.


A pile of hardbound copies of David Duke’s autobiography/rant, My Awakening.

Each one had an autograph.



It turns out that one of our friends folds all of her panties by hand and classes them according to color.

I doubt I will ever be able to trust her again.


Discovered a stash of adult diapers and a note that said, “For emergencies only.”.


Furry body pillow.

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