34 Relationship Memes That Might Make You Believe In True Love


Honesty, truth, and respect are the cornerstones of a successful partnership. However, sometimes it’s about appreciating the whimsical side of love and life, as these pictures will illustrate for you.

The “Relationship Memes” Facebook group is where these images are from. It has amusing and clever posts on being with a significant other, and it has over a million followers. Since many of them are quite relatable, this page probably has a large following.

Look over this list and mark the ones that speak to you the most.


Professor of psychology Máire Ford previously discussed the positive effects of romantic relationships with Bored Panda. She discussed the value of having a closer relationship with a significant other than with a friend or acquaintance.

For instance, we can anticipate a certain amount of responsiveness to our needs when we are with a significant partner. It is usually simpler for us to rely on our closest relationships, such our significant others, for assistance when we are going through a difficult period than it is on more casual acquaintances.


 Relationship Memes



 Relationship Memes

The human brain during a romantic relationship has been studied by neuroscientists such as Dr. Lucy Brown. Her research indicates that the same area of the brain that is stimulated during romantic love is also involved in meeting fundamental necessities like access to food and water.

“It’s the part of the brain that regulates basic reflexes and things like swallowing,” Dr. Brown stated to the American Psychological Association. The activation we detect in this really basic portion of the brain tells us that romantic love is basically a desire to achieve a basic need, despite the fact that we often think of romantic love as this euphoric, nebulous thing and as a complicated emotion.




The early stages of a relationship, sometimes referred to as the honeymoon phase, are marked by significantly stronger romantic sentiments. Many people’s feelings of those things diminish over time.

Nonetheless, research indicates that people are compelled by their biological makeup to remain with their spouses during good times or bad. The brain’s basal ganglia region, which governs motor function, is the source of all of this, as Dr. Brown explains.

According to this explanation, “this is an area of the brain heavily involved in promoting attachment, giving humans and other mammals the ability to persevere through difficult times.”



 Relationship Memes


Long-term relationships also seem to engage the mirror neuron system, one of the brain’s primary cognitive regions. It’s the area that makes it easier for someone to predict what their loved ones will do.

According to neurologist Dr. Stephanie Cacioppo, “People in love have this symbiotic, synergistic connection thanks to the mirror neuron system, and that’s why we often say some couples are better together than the sum of their parts.” “Love sharpens and stimulates our creativity.”



Three chemicals—oxytocin, dopamine, and phenethylamine—are linked to romantic love. These substances work similarly to amphetamine, according to Dr. Rachel Needle, a licenced psychologist and sex therapist.

Dr. Needle stated in an article published by South University in Savannah, Georgia, “Falling in love is associated with increased energy, narrowing of mental focus, sometimes sweaty palms, light-headedness, racing heart, and a lot of positive feelings.”



There comes a time when passionate love transforms into a more committed relationship. Elizabeth Kane, a psychology professor, described this procedure in a different South University interview.

When a person experiences attachment, dependency, and the satisfaction of their psychological needs, romantic love develops. According to some experts, oxytocin has a role in the development of romantic love since it is released in the brain during an orgasm and strengthens a couple’s bond.




Because of the ideas and pictures Hollywood conjures up, a lot of people think that fate and love go hand in hand. Some people hold the belief that when the “spark” goes out of a relationship, it’s a failure. However, Dr. Needle claims that everything is a myth.

Dispel the misconception that these things should just happen on their own and that there is a problem in the relationship because you aren’t as enamoured of one other as you were at the beginning. The truth is that maintaining a relationship and a passion requires work, dedication, and conscious effort.


 Relationship Memes





Maintaining a healthy relationship takes time and work. Professor Kane emphasizes this to everyone, especially the fact that remaining in love is a decision.

Being romantic means deciding to ask yourself, first thing in the morning, what you can do to show your partner how much you value them. Enjoy your romantic relationship and keep in mind that you will receive more love in return for the more work you put into it. Lead a passionate and romantic life and be the companion you desire.





But, there is a negative aspect of being in love that is rarely talked about. According to a University of Indiana experiment, those who claimed to be experiencing “intensely in love” displayed brain activity similar to that of cocaine addicts.

Researchers Helen Fisher, who oversaw the experiment, hypothesized that “activation of areas involved in cocaine addiction may help explain the obsessive behaviors associated with rejection in love.”









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