Here’s What AI Thinks Disney Characters Would Look Like If They Starred On “Bridgerton”


I’ve been thinking only about Bridgerton Season 3 since the first episode aired. It’s one of those shows where, in my opinion, everyone lives happily ever after and feels like a real Disney princess.

Which made me wonder: what would happen if I created Bridgerton characters out of real Disney princesses and other people using AI? These are as follows:

1. Snow White

Disney Characters

2. Cinderella

3. Tiana and Naveen

4. Rapunzel

Disney Characters

5. Belle

6. Elsa and Anna

7. Ariel

Disney Characters

8. Hercules and Megara

9. Maleficent

10. Peter Pan and Wendy

11. Moana

Disney Characters

12. Mulan

13. Aladdin and Jasmine

14. Tarzan and Jane

Disney Characters

15. And finally, Scar

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Aria Skylark


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