Here’s How 13 Trump-Loving Celebrities Reacted To His 34 Felony Convictions


I recently published a piece on 24 famous people who support Donald Trump in 2024. I chose to find out how Trump’s strongest supporters were feeling about his conviction on 34 criminal counts.

1.  Roseanne

2. Randy Quaid

3. Rob Schneider

4. Elon Musk

5. Marjorie Taylor Greene

6. “God Bless the U.S.A.” singer, Lee Greenwood

7. Amber Rose

8. Lil Pump

9. Dean Cain

10. Robert Davi

11. Ryan Garcia

12. Antonio Sabato Jr.

“Embrace the darkness, for it is in those challenging times that the greatest triumphs are born,” he wrote on social media following the judgement. The best times in life frequently come after the hardest challenges, just like the sun rises after a storm. Never give up because you know that the best is still to come!

13. And lastly, Kevin Sorbo

Following the decision, he posted the following:
I’m still supporting Trump.

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Aria Skylark


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