Replace Your Pantry Door With One of These Chic Styles2


Replace Your Pantry Door With One of These Chic Styles For good reason, pantries of various sizes are a common sight in practically any contemporary kitchen; where else are we to stash gadgets and keep all of our favorite snacks? Furthermore, even though the majority of pantries are only practical, you don’t have to force yourself to omit any design elements in the process. It might still be a good idea to divide the pantry and the main kitchen, though. A room with lots of storage should always have the option for privacy, even with brightly colored shelves or adorable canisters that go well with the rest of the kitchen. Additionally, changing up your pantry doors—whether completely or just cabinet enclosures—can give the adjacent rooms a stylish touch. These 12 outside pantry modifications have been approved by designers and will, uh, open up new design possibilities for your kitchen.

1 Place Items in Display

It’s okay to want to show off your pantry if you think it might compete with the neighborhood home goods store (like this gorgeous one from Hayburn & Co.)! With tempered glass doors, you can take advantage of the natural light that your pantry may provide and let it spill into the rest of your kitchen, all while providing a fashionable glance inside.

Replace Your Pantry Door With One of These Chic Styles

2 Display Some Art Replace Your Pantry Door With One of These Chic Styles

This is an amazing concept if you’re looking for a little bit of smart trickery. The finest aspect? The implementation is quite simple. To hide a useful spice cupboard and give your kitchen a touch of museum-quality magic, just flush mount a piece of art to a cabinet door.

Replace Your Pantry Door With One of These Chic Styles

3 Move it Out of View

A walk-in pantry can often be accommodated in a kitchen, but it’s not always possible for the door to swing either way. The ideal answer is a sliding pocket door. Maximum flow—and least visible disruption—between the two areas is achieved with a seamless “disappearing” design, which avoids taking up valuable square footage within or outside the pantry for a full-sized door.

Replace Your Pantry Door With One of These Chic Styles

4 Add A Touch of Rustic Charm

Replace your pantry door with a sliding barn door to give your kitchen a touch of rustic appeal. The arrangement will not only make access simple, but the exposed wood elements will give the functional zone coziness and a worn-in appearance.

5 Use Color Boldly

Apply a striking (and shiny!) color to your pantry cabinetry to make it stand out rather than trying to blend in. Here, Jan Showers, the designer, used a deep oceanic blue to provide life to the cabinet’s exterior and internal design. Try Blue is the Coolest Color by Backdrop for an identical style.

6 Open the Doors for Business

Every square inch of space in a limited area needs to be utilized effectively. If your pantry is small, the inside of the doors should be utilized for useful shelves, such as compartmentalizing your preferred cooking oils or storing spices.

7 Cloak the Entire Space

What a neat trick is this? This Matthew Quinn-designed kitchen’s “ordinary” cabinet doors actually open to reveal a hidden butler’s pantry that houses an additional refrigerator, a ton of open shelving, and additional prep space.

8 Insert a few pebble glasses.

Try a door with pebble glass instead of standard panes for a light and airy look (that still hides your clutter), like designer Birgitte Pearce did here. Your favorite spices, condiments, and cookbooks can be discreetly stored behind the textured glass, so you don’t have to worry about what guests see.

9 Add Intricate Molding

Add some molding to your pantry to turn it from a functional space into a design focal point. It’s a small tweak that will add maximum impact to your room, whether it’s a geometric design as seen in designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s kitchen or the classic picture frame layout.

10 Provide Narrow Specifics

By using custom architectural ideas in your pantry doors, such as this iron and ribbed glass wall and door combo by Kin by Mowlem, you may capture the atmosphere of your preferred café or restaurant. A bold piece like this not only gives your room flair, but it also conceals any practical necessities that are stored in your pantry in an attractive and useful way.

11 Give a Cabinet Front a Go

Pantry doors come in a variety of sizes and forms, just like pantries! Rather than having a conventional door opening, this pull-out cabinet makes use of a narrow area in the kitchen to accommodate glassware, frequently used seasonings, and countertop equipment.

12 Turn it into a Moment

We’re here to persuade you to give your pantry some design attention rather than giving up and hiding it in an underutilized corner and hoping no one would notice. The striking pantry door by Davonport Kitchens transforms the useful area into something quite exceptional, replete with period elements like a detailed carving above the door.

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