I’ve Read Hundreds Of Romance Novels, And These 35 Are My Absolute Favorites


This year has been very good in terms of reading. I don’t think I’ve read more than 100 books since 2019, so 2022 is already a win for me. And since I’ve read so many books this year, I want to share my favorite ones.

I first picked up romance books in high school. Since I’ve always had a soft spot for romance, every book I pick up will always have a happy conclusion for everyone, especially for those who find true love with someone who properly matches them. Yet, I like reading YA novels more than romance novels while I was in high school. Richard Mead’s Vampire Academy,

I read The Mortal Instruments trilogy by Cassandra Clare and The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa consecutively. I stopped reading YA novels as I got older and turned into an adult, looking for stories that still made me laugh, cry, and fall in love, but with characters who were older than I was. I can never get enough of a good time from romance novels. Nothing could replace them in my opinion!

1. Glow by Raven Kennedy

One of my favorite fantasy series of all time had to come first on this list. Despite having read Gild, the first novel in the series, last year, I really fell in love with The Plated Prisoner series this year. Kennedy’s fourth book, Glow, was published this year, and I have to say, I’m now a fan. I have no doubt that you will LOVE this series if you enjoy reading dark fantasy romance novels. The narrative centers on Auren, a child who has spent the majority of her life in a gilded cage. A king once intervened to save her.

Since then, Midas has shielded her from all harm. Or has he not? What if King Midas himself is the greatest threat to her? Auren will discover too many lies and some truths when she eventually leaves the castle and discovers that the outside world is far larger than she had imagined.

2. Marrying Winterborne by Lisa Kleypas

Sincerely speaking, I’m a disorganized reader, and most readers won’t appreciate that I occasionally read series out of sequence. However, I only do this when the books are meant to be read as standalones, with each book focusing on a different relationship. The second novel in the Ravenels series is titled Marrying Winterborne. Love a guarded beauty, a merciless tycoon, and a marriage that has the power to transform their lives.

3. From the Top by Jaqueline Snowe

I’ve fallen back in love with hockey romance novels this year. Jaqueline Snowe does a fantastic job writing them. While the Central State series is a hockey romance, From the Top is not a hockey romance in and of itself. We take a detour to meet Cami and Freddie in the second book. For a while, Cami was the “it girl” at her school. However, she loses her boyfriend, her elegant apartment, and her dance team captaincy due to a series of poor choices.

She is forced to relocate into the campus coed dorms as a result. Unfortunately for her, Frederick Brady the IV happens to be her next-door neighbor, and she has a strong suspicion that he despises her in private.

4. Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood

It’s no secret that romance novels written by Hazelwood have captured my heart. When her first book, The Love Hypothesis, was published, it became an international sensation. Her second book, Love on the Brain, was just as captivating and romantic as her first when it was published. I find Hazelwood’s stories of women in STEM falling in love to be quite charming, and she writes beautiful stories.

The plot of Love on the Brain centers on Dr. Bree, who unexpectedly secures her ideal position at NASA, collaborating with engineers to develop an astronaut helmet. However, good news can occasionally come with bad news, as she must work with Levi, her college rival, which is unfortunate for her.

5. Lovelight Farms by BK Borison

Sunshine, love, and lots of wonderful moments may be found in B.K. Borison’s novels. For many people, the Lovelight series can easily become a source of comfort; at least, it did for me. The first of four novels, Lovelight Farms, takes place in the small hamlet of Inglewild, where love shows up in the most unlikely places. In this instance, Stella Bloom and her dilapidated Christmas tree farm are introduced to us.

Stella enters a contest launched by social media personality Evelyn St. James in an attempt to save it. She can swiftly save her house and company if she is awarded the financial prize. However, she makes the false pretense that she and her boyfriend own the property in order to make it seem like a romantic getaway. She also doesn’t have a partner. Enter Luka Peters, your best friend!

6. Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

Although it was my first Lucy Score novel, Things We Never Got Over won’t be my last. The concept of a metropolitan girl traveling to a tiny community to save her twin sister and winding up caring for her niece instead piqued my interest. I experienced a range of emotions while reading this book, and guess what? I would go through it all again.

In this novel, Naomi flees her house. Fortunately, her twin sister unexpectedly calls to seek for assistance. Upon arriving at Knockemout, Virginia, Naomi discovers that her sister merely want her car and some money, abandoning numerous issues and an 11-year-old daughter in the wake. Naomi must now adjust to this new chapter in her life and work to maintain a cordial relationship with Knox, her neighbor next door.

7. The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy by Megan Bannen

You’ll notice a lot of cozy fantasy romance books here because that’s what 2022 has been all about for me. How do I put it? I quickly come to love one after reading it. That was the case with Hart and Mercy’s Undertaking. If you’re looking for an action-packed, yet enjoyable book, Bannen’s hilarious and poignant fantasy romance is ideal. Meet Mercy, an undertaker prepared to provide the deceased with a dignified funeral, and Hart, a marshal entrusted with defending his people. Despite their fierce altercation, Hart chooses to write an anonymous letter to “A Friend,” and for some reason, Mercy receives it. This intriguing and thrilling fantasy romance pairs Zombieland (2009) with You’ve Got Mail (1998).

8. Just Like Magic by Sarah Hogle

When You Deserve Each Other initially came out, I was really excited to read it. At the time, I couldn’t afford to buy it, so I checked out a copy from my local library. And let me tell you, I read Hogle’s book for five hours straight, stopping only for toilet breaks (because I was crying so much and needed tissues). I’ve reread You Deserve Each Other the most times, even to this day.

You can bet that I read Sarah Hogle’s upcoming holiday romance, which features a cranky protagonist, magic, and a festive mood. The protagonist of this book is impoverished influencer Bettie Hughes, who must spend the holidays at home but doesn’t want her family to know she’s lost hope. She therefore recognizes her opportunity to fulfill all of her Christmas fantasies when she inadvertently calls forth the spirit of the season.

9. Heartless by Elsie Silver

You should be aware of the fact that I don’t typically read books with nanny/boss tropes. Sometimes I don’t find this cliché to be intriguing. But what would you expect me to do if one of my favorite writers decided to write a small-town romance about a cranky single dad and the summertime nanny he hired? I’ll start reading it right away. It’s that easy: I buy Elsie Silver’s book when she writes one.

Cade Eaton, a single parent searching for a nanny to watch his child throughout the summer, is introduced in Heartless. The beginning of Cade and Willa’s love tale occurs when his brother’s fiancé asks her best friend to help. She’s sunshine and he’s grumpy. She is everything he desires but is unable to have. He loves that they have the nicest relationship, and his child adores her. Your world will undoubtedly be turned upside down by this forbidden romance.

10. Restore Me by JL Seegars

Chef’s kiss makes sense in slow-burning, taboo, angsty romances for some reason. JL Seegars is skilled at it. You’ll encounter two people in Restore Me who have a long history of animosity toward one another. However, why? You’ll quickly learn that Dominic has no genuine animosity toward Sloane. She fell in love with his best friend, even though he has been in love with her.

Eventually, Sloane weds him, and Dominic pines for her. However, matters between the two get even more complicated as Sloane’s husband passes away.

You should read the story of Sloane and Dominic if you’re searching for a love that will endure everything and keep you feeling full every single day.

11. Gouda Friends by Cathy Yardley

The Ponto Beach Reunion book series is one that I’ve been enjoying. I can assure you that if you choose to read any of the three—I’ve read them all—you will not regret it. Tam, a character in Gouda Friends, is jobless and recently started seeing someone else. Has she reached her lowest point? Who knows?

However, she abruptly contacts her old best buddy Josh in the middle of the night, sharing their emergency code word, and the next thing she knows, she’s flying home. She had not spoken to him in years. For Josh and Tam, it seems like no time has gone even though they haven’t seen each other in years. They’ve always had a spark, but is it powerful enough to jeopardize their friendship?

12. Everything for You by Chloe Liese

Anything written by Chloe Liese, I’d read. I would read Chloe’s dictionary if she decided to write one. This time, she’s gifted us with a book that will appeal to Ted Lasso fans just as much as the Apple TV series. The fifth book by the Bergman Brothers, Everything for You, centers on Oliver Bergman, the sun personified. He had to fall for the grumpiest person you’ll ever meet, of course.

Gavin and Oliver, who are romantically involved, share the role of co-captain on their soccer team. The coach threatens to take away their captaincy if they don’t get along! Oliver quickly discovers that beneath Gavin’s grumpy appearance lies a warm, gummy person waiting for love to come knocking.

13. Meet Me Halfway by Lilian T. James

I get most of the books I read from suggestions on Twitter. I hang around with the best kind of people, and they read novels that I quickly fell in love with. Thus, I wasn’t shocked that I really like Meet Me Halfway when I read it. The story revolves around a single mother who has moved with her child and finds herself infatuated with her neighbor next door. It’s the kind of book that you will not put down until you turn the last page.

14. Two Wrongs Make a Right by Chloe Liese

Naturally, another novel by Chloe Liese! Chloe Liese is one of the authors whose works I always read as soon as they are published. A wonderful, hilarious fake-dating romance between two people who don’t think they’re a good fit is found in the book Two Wrongs Make a Right. However, their pals don’t agree. Bea and Jaime intend to exact revenge when they decide to set the two up. Perhaps they will act as though they are dating, only to have an extremely horrible breakup that leaves their friends convinced that they were never meant to be. However, it isn’t the case.

15. Silver Lining by Chassilyn

This is the summer read, to be exact. I was craving a vacation with my closest buddy and an attractive older professor who didn’t mind taking charge after reading Silver Lining. Look, I won’t say no to a guy who wants to spend money on me. I was prepared to fall in love when I met Sylvester at Chassilyn’s workplace.

This book centers on Cam, who is prepared to move on from her terrible ex-fiance. She and her best buddy go on a singles cruise, but she doesn’t feel very into it. Not until she runs with Sylvester, a lecturer from her old college who has only become better with age.

16. Water Under the Bridge by Kels and Denise Stone

A romance book about enemies becoming lovers that had me smiling from page to page! Without a doubt, one of my favorite books of the year is Water Under the Bridge. Definitely. To be honest, by the time I crossed the finish line, I didn’t want the book by Kels and Denise Stone to stop. It had me completely engrossed from beginning to end.

17. Fake Empire by CW Farnsworth

Try Fake Empire if you’re seeking for a convenient union of New York’s elite. I was enthralled with the idea of this book when I first saw it on TikTok, where I get a lot of recommendations for books to read. A queen of ice falls in love with the husband she never dreamed of loving? Enroll me, please. It’s no secret that romance novels frequently feature millionaires; yet, I find it fascinating that Fake Empire’s heroine also happens to be one. She only needs someone to support her when her family hasn’t been able to. She doesn’t need to be saved. I adored the story of Scarlett and Crew because it showed how trusting someone is akin to plunging off a cliff and hoping to be rescued.

18. Half a Soul by Olivia Atwater

I fell in love with this cozy fantasy book as soon as I turned the first page. Characters in Half a Soul are charming, magical, and sure to make you grin. Fortunately, Atwater has written two more volumes in the series, so her world-building is still captivating and deep.

Dora, a woman who has been living without half of her soul, is introduced in this book. An malevolent fae stole her soul when she was a young child, and her life has never been the same since. Years later, when her aunt chooses to bring her and her cousin to London for the season, Dora seizes the chance to see the court magician, Lord Sorcier, and begs for his assistance in finding her soul.

19. Funny Feelings by Tarah DeWitt

I am grateful that Tarah DeWitt was introduced to me in 2022. With her books gone, where would I be? My days would not have been the same as they were while I was reading The Co-op or Funny Feelings. I got my fix of serotonin from DeWitt’s books just when I needed it, and I’m sure you will too.

The protagonist of Funny Feelings is Farley Jones, who recently secured her ideal job. However, she must appear to be in a relationship with her manager, Meyer Harrigan, who is a former comedian, in order to generate positive press for the comedy stand-up event that is coming up.

20. Built to Last by Erin Hahn

It’s no secret that I adore romance novels about long-lost best friends getting back together and falling head over heels. It’s the anxiety! It’s the yearning! The longing! When they see one other again, all those unresolved feelings become relevant. You cannot claim that this doesn’t inspire you to pick up a book.

Shelby Springfield, a former child star, is urged to return to television when her ex-boyfriend offers her a job as the host of a home repair show in Hahn’s debut adult romance novel. However, she isn’t working alone… Her childhood sweetheart, Cameron Riggs, is returning home to serve as her co-host.

21. Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake by Mazey Eddings

Characters written by Mazey Eddings are incredibly relatable. You get to know Lizzie Blake, who has committed numerous errors, in Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake. She recently lost her job as a bakery baker to uncontrollably high levels of ADHD, and as a result, she defies her dating maxim that she should only have one-night encounters. One night at a bar, she meets a charming Australian guy with whom she had a two-night affair. She learns she is expecting his child a few weeks later. This incredibly poignant and genuine romantic comedy will brighten your gloomy days.

22. Don’t Go Baking My Heart by NG Peltier

Don’t Go Baking My Heart is about opposites attracting. Every year that I get to read one of NG Peltier’s novels, it turns into an amazing year. Her novels make me laugh and feel funny. They are just too good for me. This book features the most sunny character you’ve ever imagined matched with the grumpiest one.

I mean it! The tale of Reba and Devon is entertaining and full of happy moments; just picture learning how to bake from someone who sends you cat memes all the time. However, it is what transpires when Devon receives criticism at work for not taking part in enough team-building exercises. Will Reba succeed in her attempt to entice Devon to fall for her charms? To discover out, you’ll need to read!

23. Wicked Beauty by Katee Robert

The most recent Dark Olympus book by Katee Roberts shows how they truly discovered love in an unlikely place. Robert built a family that is vicious, violent, and capable of backstabbing when you least expect it in a universe influenced by Greek mythology. I swear, I had a great time reading this book and the series. Wicked Beauty is a captivating game that is packed with unexpected twists and turns. It tells the story of what happened after one of the major gods, Ares, passed away. As a result, the public can now apply to be Ares’ successor.

A Hunger Games-style competition where participants must defeat one another to claim the coveted Ares position is what’s in store. Helen resolves to declare herself a champion because she can no longer stand by and watch others move like pawns in this divine game. It is not a good idea to fall in love with opposing champions, but the heart does what it wants, and she cannot resist the attraction that exists between Patroclus, Achilles, and her.

24. A Lady for a Duke by Alexis Hall

This year, I haven’t read many historical romances, but I did get to read A Lady for a Duke. To be honest, my review is mostly me crying and yelling, which is a wonderful fit for the book. However, I was also swooning deeply and grinning. I’m glad I had the opportunity to read Alexis Hall’s Viola and Gracewood story at the time I did since it really enthralled me.

Glorious and expansive, this lesbian historical romance picks off after the believed death of Viola at Waterloo. She seizes the chance to live the life she has always desired. However, such freedom has a cost, and as a result, she lost her best friend in addition to her wealth and title. Since Gracewood has been broken without her ever since, Viola works hard to mend Gracewood’s broken heart upon learning about her close friend. However, she never anticipated falling in love.

25. Would You Rather by Allison Ashley

You can tell you’re going to read the greatest novel ever when you start swooning on page one. The story of two best friends who choose to be married for convenience in order to support one another absolutely enthralled me in Would You Rather. In addition to writing a romance about a marriage of convenience, Allison Ashley also included the cliché of best friends! Marry your best buddy if you want to convince everyone that they are your genuine spouse. since they are the ones that know you the best.

26. Fake It Till You Bake It by Jamie Wesley

I’ve noticed that two characters in the majority of the stories on this list pretend to date, get married, and live together in the same space. We had a lot of wonderful fictitious dating stories in 2022, and I will always be grateful for it.

Fake It Till You Bake It by Jamie Wesley is something else that this year has introduced to me. A new series about football players who run a cupcake store together begins with this book. This is the book you should pick up for your next trip if you’re seeking for something to read. You won’t be sorry!

27. Happy Place by Emily Henry

I’m not allowed to discuss romance novels. Not to add that I got to read an advance copy of Henry’s next book, which comes out in the spring, I thoroughly enjoyed this year. (I beg you not to come after me!) Happy Place transformed me entirely. People should read the narrative of Harriet and Wyn, which is about reunions and second chances. It’s a tale about discovering your ideal fit. It tells the story of a group of friends who have bonded over many years and become like family. It also revolves around Harriet and Wyn, two individuals who are so in love with one another that they will stop at nothing to ensure their future together.

28. All Downhill With You by Julie Olivia

For the admirers of Disneyland, this is! An amusement park inside a romantic novel? Rephrase that: I’m reading it. I’m here to tell you that this book turned into a homey, comforting read very quickly. Lorelei is the marketing manager at Honeywood, a theme park. You learn that she was involved in an accident on one of the park’s roller coasters prior to the beginning of the book. She has chosen to sue the coaster’s manufacturers as a result, only to meet the man who designed the ride in person.

29. Consider Me by Becka Mack

Heroes with a grudge, get over it. Carter Beckett entered just now! I adore stoic protagonists, but I also adore Golden Retriever personalities. They exude sweetness, endearment, and affection. All they want is for their loved ones to notice and appreciate them. In Mack’s amazing hockey romance, the hero is unquestionably one of the pack. He’s a bit of a playboy and the bad boy of hockey, but that all changes when he meets Olivia. In an attempt to convince her that his love is genuine, he starts to dedicate himself to her.

30. Smash Into You by AshleyNicole

On Christmas, childhood rivals had a one-night fling only to discover they’re hopelessly glued to each other’s company. Isn’t it an amazing sound? I was taken by the hand and given one of the greatest rides of my life by Smash Into You. One of the most enjoyable books I’ve ever read, it undoubtedly brightened my entire year.

The narrative of Zenaida and Rook comes to an end in Smash Into You. The novella On Sight is a great place to start because it shows how hard they struggle not to give in to the pressure of spending Christmas together. After reading that, move on to this one right now!

31. In a Jam by Kate Canterbary

Another romance marriage, this one is for convenience. averts eyes But, really, Kate Canterbary could write anything, and I’d read it. Who would have thought? There’s a reason each author on this list is there, even though it seems like I say this about every single one of them. And without a doubt at the top is Kate Canterbary.

I think this is the book that I have annotated and highlighted the most. Could you please view my copy? Beautifully colorful tabs adorn it. I was moved by every scene and was unable to stop myself. Read In if you’d want to read about a girl who discovers she has inherited a tulip farm but must be married before the end of the year to inherit it stuck.

32. Finding Gene Kelly by Torie Jean

I really enjoyed reading Finding Gene Kelly, and I read it nonstop. Evie O’Shea’s captivating charm and intriguing nature will captivate you. This book is the delectable indulgence you’ve been waiting for!

The narrative centers on an endometriosis-afflicted woman who fantasizes of becoming a baker and meeting her own Gene Kelly. She understands that she won’t be able to return home alone when it comes to her brother’s wedding. Presenting Liam Kelly, your boyhood idol and rival in high school. The man who will pretend to date her for the wedding is the misery of her existence.

33. Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

I’m not sure why there is such a passion for romances involving hockey players and figure skaters. A hockey player falling in love with a figure skater may seem like a cute combination. However, that’s how I envision everyone being drawn to works that use this trope. I could see why Icebreaker was so well-liked the moment I started reading it. And now I’m among those who wish to see this trope used in more works!

In my opinion, Icebreaker reads like a slice-of-life romantic college read. Throughout their entire school year, you get to read about Anastasia and Nate’s lives. You learn about their individual sports, their friendships and interactions with each other, their time as students, and a lot more. Of course, college plays a significant role in the narrative. It’s true that Nate plays hockey and Anastasia is a figure skater, but reading about all of these things along with Grace’s writing is just fantastic.

34. The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna

The last cozy fantasy novel on my list of favorites is this one. As it’s evident, I primarily enjoy reading contemporary romances. However, you can occasionally catch me curled up with a fantasy novel. And they sure do keep you entertained. In a book written by Sangu Mandanna, a lonely witch discovers a family in an unexpected place. Mika Moon has kept her power a secret for years out of concern for the attention she would receive should anybody discover it. She’s always been skilled at abiding by the rules, but one day she receives an enigmatic message requesting her to assist three young witches in mastering their power.

35. Bet on It by Jodie Slaughter

One novel by Jodie Slaughter has to make the list. I always have to say that I adore her books when they come out. Having read nearly all of her works, my admiration for her writing and storylines just becomes stronger every day. Place a wager In this sensual romantic comedy, two characters devise a sex agreement centered around bingo as a means of avoiding falling in love. Yes, you heard correctly. Walter won’t be staying in town, therefore Aja and Walter are aware that they can’t be together. He is leaving there as soon as his grandmother recovers. So, wanting to keep things easy and commitment-free, they decide to make this bingo-based sex agreement. Naturally, as you may expect, it doesn’t quite

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