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As everyone knows, the ability to leave comments on different kinds of content may make it even better. It is a significant addition to internet videos, social media posts, and publications. Though comments can serve as a platform for courteous exchanges between persons with similar interests, they can also become confrontational forums where people fight their positions. This usually happens with contentious issues, but it also occasionally happens with issues where there are just divergent viewpoints.

The main goal of comments, aside from viewer interactions, is to interact with the content creator. This is particularly prevalent on YouTube, where content producers invite their viewers to remark in order to create a community around a certain subject. Sometimes, among these comments, we come across gems—funny remarks that enhance a video’s enjoyment. It’s sometimes a humorous observation the audience member made while watching, and other times it’s a comment made at random that adds humor to the material. The “Funny YouTube Comments” Instagram page is devoted to selecting the greatest comments that can be discovered beneath different videos.

To view a collection of that profile’s funniest posts, scroll down.


Hilarious YouTube Comments



To find out more, Bored Panda got in touch with the person who created the “Funny YouTube Comments” account. What makes some YouTube comments stand out as very humorous or worth sharing was our first query. This is what we discovered: “Comments on YouTube can come from anyone and can be made at any time, even five years ago.”


Hilarious YouTube Comments




We were also given an explanation by the Instagram profile editor on how new posts are chosen for publication: “It depends on the kind of content I post. If it’s a video, I look for them on YouTube by browsing different playlists. If it’s just a remark (like a typical photo post), I can locate those on Google Images or Reddit.

We also couldn’t wait to find out which of the posts on “Funny YouTube Comments” is the author’s personal favorite. This is what we discovered: “The Joe Biden post, where he stammers and mumbles his words, is my all-time favorite.”





Hilarious YouTube Comments

We also got in touch with award-winning comic Sally-Anne Hayward, who co-hosts the UK podcast Spit or Swallow. We wanted to talk about a few subjects pertaining to comedy and comedians’ careers.

Initially, we discovered what initially drew Hayward to comedy and how she entered this industry: “I was pretty mischievous in school and realized I got attention by making people laugh.” I subsequently completed a stand-up comedy module as part of my drama degree. I adored this. Right after that, I began working my way up from the open mic circuit to the point where I could do it for a living. What an adventure!



Hilarious YouTube Comments


We were also curious to find out where the comedian gets the ideas for the gags she tells in person. Sally-Anne gave us an insight into her creative process, saying, “Most of the time, something funny happens to me in life, and I work it up from there.” I usually test things out at new material gigs, or if I’m really confident in it, I’ll smugly include it in a professional show’s set and take it from there. If it fails, a joke will soon be released to help everyone forget what transpired.


Hilarious YouTube Comments



In a quick response, Hayward said, “Yes! Absolutely!” when asked if she ever got ideas for her comedic routines from remarks or conversations made on the internet. Sincerity is viewed as an eye roll by some.

Finally, we asked the comic to discuss why she believes that succinct, sharp remarks frequently elicit the biggest laughs. If there was a humorous concept at work, we were interested to know. With a playful response, Hayward said, “Because people no longer have an attention span.” Everybody is scrolling on to the next item. I’m keeping these responses short because of this.

Visit Sally-Anne’s website and follow her on Facebook, TikTok, X, and YouTube to find out more about her and to see her upcoming live performances.




Hilarious YouTube Comments























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