21 Texts That Are So Funny I’d Happily Pay Overage Fees For Them


We recently published a piece about texts that nobody likes to receive, and this one is an example of one from a father to his son’s 19-year-old girlfriend:

Fortunately, though, not every text message gives me nightmares. In fact, a few are downright comical! So, to witness 21 instances where SMS messages were truly comedic masterpieces, scroll down:

  1. To start, here’s this wonderfully uncomfortable text message from a man who didn’t understand his cousin’s suggestion at all:
  1. This partner who took a beating and regretted it in the healthiest way imaginable:
  1. There’s also this guy who received a misdirected text and made the sender sincerely regret sending it:
  1. This woman discovered an old phone full of her junior high boyfriend’s texts, and they’re hilariously hilarious:

“They call me bad gurl “

“You’re my special princess…”

Ahh…junior high romance!

  1. This boyfriend who gave his girlfriend the following response (spoiler alert: she was hoping for a romantic response but didn’t get it):
  1. This boyfriend’s equally unromantic reaction to his gorgeous girlfriend was as follows:
  1. And this partner who utterly mocked her partner (as well as his hairline):

8. This kid who absolutely roasted his mother after receiving a little sex ed in school:

  1. This guy texted his ex while high and got, let’s say, VERBOSE replies:
  1. And this father who, after his daughter texted him to ask for a lift home from junior high, never let a day pass without making fun of her:

Not on Monday:

Not on Tuesday:

Not on Wednesday:

Not on Thursday:

And not even on Friday:

11. This dad who had a refreshingly low-key response to his daughter coming out:

12. This woman who loves to send texts bullying her pets:

I beg your pardon, ma’am!

Like, it’s just a bunny, ma’am!

13. This dude who — when his wife worried he doesn’t keep in touch with his brother — showed her these texts:

14. This guy who got stoned and responded to his own message:

15. This husband who had some fun texting his wife:

I’m pretty sure he sent these just for the halibut.

Or maybe this is his way of being roe-mantic!

16. This gal who texted her sister with the kind of love-hate energy you only see between siblings:

17. This woman who — when a plumber was working on one of their toilets — asked her boyfriend this:

18. And this dad who — while parenting solo — had his lunch handed to him by his toddler, and kept his wife informed every step of the way:

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Aria Skylark


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