Funny Notes People Found on Their Cars’ Windshields


Everyone has experienced this: a subpar parking job, a careless neighbor, or an enigmatic car obstructing your driveway. Some choose the delicate art of the passive-aggressive note over a direct confrontation. These scribbled gems transform everyday annoyances into moments of humorous gold, ranging from mildly angry to outright hilarious. These really clever passive-aggressive windshield notes, which perfectly encapsulate the spirit of road rage and driving disputes, will make you laugh and grimace. These messages will make you giggle, regardless of whether you’ve been the sender or the recipient!

A Drawing From “Office Space”

While there are a few other drawings on this list, we think this is our favorite. Someone created a scene from the film “Office Space,” and if you’ve seen it, you know that this meme is a wonderful representation of folks who park inconsiderately. All we want to know is if this happened in a parking lot belonging to an office building or if it was just a random spot somewhere.

Funny Notes

In any case, having to drive around for 30 minutes looking for a new location when someone else parked in your position can be really annoying.

Welcome To The League

This business card serves as an example of how parking may be a major problem in certain locations. These were constructed by someone, and they most likely don’t think twice about using them whenever they saw a car that isn’t parked properly. These are undoubtedly owned by a whole club of people, and who knows, maybe they even get together once a week or something to discuss parking jobs.

Funny Notes

To be honest, we would be a little let down if that didn’t work out. In any case, it’s very funny that someone would go to the trouble of bringing these with them everywhere they go.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Since the note’s author failed to mention their parking job, there’s no proof that the person who discovered it on their car was at fault. They did admit that the person whose car they hit appeared wealthy, most likely due to the kind of vehicle they were driving, which is why they were leaving a message without their phone number or other contact details. In any case, they assumed the individual could afford it.

That might or might not be the case, but in the event that the note’s recipient is caught on camera, they will be responsible for covering the cost of any damages.

A Meme For Bad Drivers

Some folks go above and above the typical furious letter left by most people when someone parks in an extremely inconvenient spot. This meme was created by someone, who then printed it out and left it for someone else to find when they returned. Not that it’s a very “angry” note—at least not in comparison to many other notes on this list.

It’s more of a lighthearted little note telling the motorist to reconsider their behavior and to consider other people when they park their vehicle.

A Heartfelt Plea To Whoever Is Writing Tickets

This is one of the few remarks that the car’s driver left on the list, and based on what’s visible, they’ve received a lot of tickets. They are essentially begging for forgiveness, and we completely understand that. They most likely couldn’t find another spot to park, or they might have if they’d been ready to go to the trouble of leaving a note in an attempt to avoid getting a ticket.

They’re presumably parking on campus somewhere to get to class, and since they didn’t realize their parking sticker had expired, they now have to wait for a new one to be issued.

Staying In The Lines Takes Practice

Among the best notes on this list is most likely this one. They did not arrange for the owner’s car to be towed, nor did the writer leave a vulgar remark. However, they did leave a letter recognizing the difficulty of staying in the lines, along with a small turtle for the driver to practice coloring in the lines. There’s no reason to believe that it wouldn’t work for adults as it does for youngsters.

Funny Notes

Joking aside, this is one of the most disgusting burns on the list, and we’re willing to wager that it functions far more effectively than leaving a profanity-filled note.

A Well-Deserved Angry Note

The letter that was put on this car is probably relatable to most individuals. One of the most annoying things about the first day of school is trying to find parking. On the first day, everyone drives, and there never seems to be enough parking spaces to accommodate everyone. Subsequently, there are those individuals who appear indifferent about occupying two spaces, thereby forcing others to navigate the parking lot in search of a spot.

After class, the motorist ought to have anticipated returning to their car to discover a message. They’re actually lucky that their automobile wasn’t keyed or pulled off the property.

Who Could Pass Up This Opportunity?

Everyone has imagined how awesome it would be to slide across an automobile’s hood. It’s analogous to slipping off a banister. Based on the note’s appearance, whomever left it was granted their request more than once. It appears that someone was parking directly in front of a driveway or walkway. The opportunity to slide across the hood of this car is about to pass to the person who left the note.

However, unless they happen to enjoy having fresh dents and scrapes all over the hood of their vehicle, we’re betting that this automobile won’t be parked so carelessly in the future.

Some People Just Aren’t Cut Out For Driving

It’s acceptable that not everyone is cut out to be a driver. Actually, fewer people driving means less traffic on the roads, which reduces pollution. Therefore, we think it’s a good idea to have cards like this one on hand in case you encounter someone who doesn’t seem fit to be a driver. Occasionally, it’s preferable to take the bus rather than parking in a way that leaves you with a card like this when you return.

Funny Notes

Taking the bus can also be far less expensive, particularly if parking in certain places occasionally results in your car being taken and you having to pay hefty fines.

Using Peanut Butter To Get The Point Across

Do you want to make a point, but you don’t want to tow someone’s vehicle? The next time someone parks in an inappropriate area, think about taking similar action. This car’s windshield was written with a message by someone using peanut butter. The driver will have a great time getting off, and it will be far less expensive than paying a tow firm to release your car.

Just be careful not to get caught doing it, as even though it is justified, this could be considered vandalism. It’s unlikely that a court would find it quite as humorous as we do.

There, Someone Fixed This Parking Job

When you return, you realize that you did a terrible job of parking because someone else drew parking spots just for your vehicle. Here’s what transpired. It appears that the person who parked here made no attempt to park in between the lines. They really occupied two spaces and parked directly on top of them. Fortunately, someone noticed and used what appears to be chalk to mark out a parking space specifically for them.

Funny Notes

Although they don’t appear to care, this probably won’t stop them from parking this way in the future, but it might make them think twice before doing so.

Never Park In Front Of Driveways

Finding someone parked because they had never seen a parking place before is not that unusual, but finding a car stopped in front of a driveway is somewhat unusual. That’s because you’ve essentially prevented someone from leaving or entering their house, and it’s the fastest way to get towed. This person returned to this letter after deciding that it would be a good idea to block someone’s driveway.

To be honest, the house owner should have gotten a tow truck for their automobile, but she was content with an irate message. For things like these, most people aren’t quite as patient.

A Not-So-Nice Drawing

This one is more of a graphic informing the driver of the driver’s thoughts on them than it is an angry message. They sketched a small illustration of a brainless skeleton and made a comparison between the driver and the image. It’s quite humorous, and the person who created the image clearly has some talent, given the entire thing probably just took them a few minutes to sketch.

Not only that, but it’s also a clever and effective approach to make your point. It’s unclear, though, if the message was actually received.

Why Bring Stevie Wonder Into It?

Although we can understand this person’s frustration, why bring up Stevie Wonder? This individual left a letter criticizing someone else’s parking on their vehicle. In essence, they’re implying that if this is how someone parks, they must be blind. Sadly, they omitted a picture of the vehicle and the parking spot, but the note essentially says it all. It had to have been an extremely poor parking job.

Though we’re sure the message made its point and that whoever discovered it found it amusing enough to share online, we can’t help but wonder if they took it seriously enough to watch where they park.

Grumpy Cat Has Spoken

Here’s another highly talented artist who is also quite angry. They not only left a bitter note, but they also drew a decent picture of a cat. Though every note on this list is valuable, the one with the best illustration of the cat may be worth framing. The note’s author also mentioned how fortunate they are that their automobile wasn’t towed.

However, we don’t think that grouchy cat will be as understanding later on, so it’s better if they stop parking here and try their luck.

A Clever Note To A Neighbor

Some of the folks who leave these notes are rather intelligent, it’s pretty astounding. This person must not be the finest driver when it comes to parking because they left their neighbor a nasty message. They’ve even included a few lines from “Call Me Maybe,” and it sounds decent. “Hey, I don’t know you,” the note says. And this is absurd. There are a million locations, though. so perhaps choose one?”

As we read it, the song is playing in our heads, and we may even find that we prefer this rendition to the original. The recipient of the note appears to find it endearing as well.

This Person Received A Special Gift For Their Parking

Even though the letter was a little harsh, this could be the only furious note on this list that actually included something helpful. It’s clear that someone was offended by this person’s poor parking because in addition to leaving a nasty note, they also left a condom with the request that the recipient use it to prevent procreation. The note is really irate, which begs the question of how poor the parking job was in the first place.

It had to be severely awful. In any case, the driver may have won this one since they managed to remove something out of their poorly parked car in addition to avoiding being towed.

In Case Someone Needed Instructions On How To Park

When this individual thought of this note, it was a wise notion. Rather than writing a bitter letter to the driver, detailing their terrible parking habits, they made and printed this educational diagram, which demonstrates what happens when a car is parked correctly. The note’s very bottom includes the words, “I hope this helps you get oriented.”

Additionally, it appears that the preparation for this whole affair took a while, so we believe that there’s a stack of them somewhere, ready to be taped to windows.

An Angry Note Collage

This person opted to leave numerous furious messages because they believed that one angry note would not adequately express their frustration. These notes add up to some very strong language for whoever chose to park here. Though it’s difficult to gauge exactly how poor of a parking job this was, it had to be fairly bad because this individual had to go to the trouble of writing these notes.

They had to go outside and gather not just one, but several pieces of paper, write their message on each one, and then attach them all with adhesive to the windshield.

This Is What Happens When Mickey Mouse Enters Public Domain

Seeing Mickey Mouse blow someone off is a strange sight, as he is perhaps one of the most famous cartoon characters in the world. This card was made by hand and left on a driver’s windshield by someone who didn’t do a good job of parking. At the bottom of the card, it even recommends that the driver take a bus. It feels so wrong, even if it’s so amusing.

Mickey yelling at someone for parking poorly is a scary sight, especially when it happens since the person who received the card hopefully learnt their lesson.

Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

There are those who are genuinely concerned about receiving a ticket, and then there are those who are not. This driver put up a placard challenging the ticket officer to issue them another ticket because they knew he would receive more. Additionally, they made sure that their dashboard showed every ticket they currently had. It’s a major leap, to be honest, and we appreciate that.

It goes without saying that their driver’s license will be revoked, but based on this picture, we assume they don’t really care and will keep driving.

A Nice Instructional Note And Message

At the bottom of the note, the writer managed to express their frustration while still offering some valuable advice. It was kind of them to show the driver how to park, even though they aren’t the greatest writer or artist on this list. But, in contrast to other diagrams on this list, we must admit that the small one at the bottom isn’t the most comprehensible.

However, one can only hope that the motorist was able to identify their mistake and ensured that it wouldn’t happen again when they drove and parked.

The Nicest Mean Note On This List

Perhaps this is the sweetest mean note on our list because of the “hiya” at the beginning. It’s just so sweet and kind, even though whoever wrote it was clearly annoyed by this person’s bad parking. The card itself is also quite well-designed, and it appears that they may have a large quantity of these because they had to go get it printed at a store.

It is clear that the person who placed this card on the windshield took a great deal of effort to create it, which leads us to believe that despite the friendly “hiya,” many people in the area prefer to park poorly.

Manners Are Important, Especially When Parking

In life, manners matter no matter where you live, but when it comes to parking, they matter much more. Always remember to park with other people in mind, or you may return to see a note like this. Someone opted to park really near to this person’s car while they were away, so they clearly had to try to get their car out of a really tight location.

Since they mentioned in the note that they weren’t used to being crammed into a space like a sardine, it’s likely that they weren’t even able to open their door and get into their car.

Just Please Stop

Sometimes the most straightforward notes convey the message the best. This person might have written a long letter telling the driver to stop parking like a jerk, but instead they just left a note. Its simplicity certainly has a certain attractive quality. Hopefully, the message was received, and if the individual wants to stop being a jerk in the future, they will think twice before acting in such a way.

However, occasionally it’s useless, and some people merely take pleasure in acting rudely. Even still, it must have been quite difficult to overlook the note in this picture entirely. We certainly hope so.

Whoever Wrote This Is A Natural Poet

Even though the last half of the note isn’t the most graceful on this list, there’s something genuinely endearing about it. We completely understand it as well. We can infer from the note’s words that the resident was unable to leave their home because a neighbor was parking directly in front of their driveway. Not only is that poor parking, but it also demonstrates extreme inconsideration.

Hopefully, the individual parking in front of the driveway got the hint after receiving this extremely poetic remark and started parking elsewhere that didn’t block in their neighbor.

Catching A Lucky Break

This person truly got lucky because it’s not unusual for someone to have their car towed if they’re occupying someone else’s place. They were able to avoid going through all the hassle of looking for their automobile and paying a hefty charge to have it freed. The note’s author stated that although they were too exhausted to phone the tow truck, they should be careful the next time someone parks in their spot.

We cannot emphasize enough how fortunate we were, and if you have ever had your car towed, you are aware of the high cost and inconvenience involved.

Don’t Even Bother Breaking Into This Car

Coming back to discover your window damaged is the only thing worse than having your car towed or receiving a ticket for parking infractions. That’s what occurred in this case, but it’s clear the driver had nothing valuable in the vehicle. In case any burglars noticed the smashed glass and believed the car was an easy target, they even took care to tape the window up and leave a note stating as much.

Although the circumstances are terrible, the car’s owner approached the matter correctly. Sometimes you have to write a hilarious note and look the situation in the eye in order to deal with it.

Autobots Rollout

Here’s another note that’s full of fun and even a tiny amount of artistic expression. This letter was written by someone who didn’t like the way this individual parked and implied that Optimus Prime wouldn’t either. It actually works, given that most transformers resemble cars and can probably park rather well. It’s also just incredibly funny. Given that they posted it online, the person who discovered the note must have also found it humorous.

The note’s writer even included a small drawing of Optimus Prime’s visage in the lower right corner. Managing individuals who park however they choose is undoubtedly done better this way.

A Polite Note To The Owner Of The Creepy Van

Nevertheless, the note is quite charming, and the owner of the van is undoubtedly aware of its unsettling nature—else, they wouldn’t have posted it online and laughed about it.

Going The Extra Mile

When someone parks in a way that bothers them, most people are very happy to leave a note, but this person is not one of those people. We believe there is a lot going on here and would appreciate knowing the context. For someone to go to such efforts in order to spread their message, there has to be. They even filled the car with extra party balloons after tying balloons to the driver’s wipers.

But the note is the icing on the cake. However, this raises the question of how the perpetrator was able to enter the driver’s car and pack everything inside.

How Not To Be Robbed

There’s probably not much chance for you if you’re breaking into automobiles to steal valuables and you find this message, but you still decide to break into this car. Because the owner’s window would not roll up, they took the opportunity to write a note informing anyone who might be tempted that the car is worthless, unless you consider the baby wipes kept in the trunk.

Even yet, they requested that anyone breaking in to steal baby wipes only take one, as there may be other miscreants who require them for other reasons.

Better To Find Another Place To Park

If you reside in an area where snowfall is common, you may be familiar with the experience of shovelling snow for hours on end, only to have someone park in the area you just cleared. This person let the owner of the car know that they didn’t think it was a fantastic feeling, which is not kind. In order for their family members to park there, they had to spend a lot of time clearing the area.

They’re absolutely correct when they leave this person with a letter telling them not to park here any more. It would be best if this driver found a different place to park in the future.

This Note Got A Little Personal

There are notes that are cruel, and then this. It’s annoying that this person’s car alarm kept going off all day, but someone was so irritated that they left this funny, yet angry, letter. They referred to this person’s automobile alarm as a “hair trigger” and advised them to disable it, stating that no one would take the effort to steal a vehicle of this caliber.

They may be correct, but we’re speculating that the last section most likely dealt a serious blow to the car’s owner. Even if they are a little…undesirable, some people genuinely adore their automobiles.

This Person’s Entire Day Was Ruined

This is an additional irate letter written by someone who wished to inform a driver that they had destroyed their whole day. The letter claims that the automobile this was installed on was really great. This person’s ice cream ended up getting ruined because they had to walk a few blocks in the sweltering sun because the car was parked here, which was presumably quite frustrating.

Nothing is worse than purchasing ice cream, only to destroy it before you can take it home and store it in the freezer because you know that the recipient was anticipating some when they returned home.

Whoever Wrote This Was Obviously Frustrated

Writing a note that is angry isn’t always about the recipient; sometimes, it’s more about you. One of those notes appears to be this one. It appears as though the writer was merely attempting to convey their annoyance, and that they succeeded in doing so with this note. There’s no holding back in this situation, and the individual who left the note on the window did it because they wanted the driver to know precisely how they felt.

In any case, we’re sure that after penning their note and letting out a little steam, they felt much better. Not so much for the car’s driver, though, when they returned and discovered the letter.

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