Funny Cat Behaviors That Just Can’t Be Explained


Undoubtedly, cats are unique creatures. There are those who adore cats with all of their hearts. Some people, however, would rather have dogs or perhaps none at all. In the end, it doesn’t really matter which pet you choose because both dog and cat enthusiasts can agree that cats are pretty crazy creatures. They are naughty, humorous, stupid, and all around unexpected. Having a cat always makes life a little bit mysterious. Based on their hilarious antics, this collection of cats’ quirky habits will either persuade you to adopt a cat or to avoid them altogether. Which will it be?

Alerting the House of Guests

Who would have guessed that dogs would be the only ones who watch people go by from the window? It is not a closed club, even though it could be more dog than cat behavior. The cat of this person waits for people to pass by by sitting in the window. Instead of alerting their family by barking, if someone approaches the house, they make this face and open the curtain to let them know.

Though mainly silent, there is a slight hissing or similar sound as it comes on. Does that, however, improve or worsen this odd behavior?

The Way to Request More Love and Attention

Everybody has a different approach to trying to persuade others to give them a little extra love or attention. While dogs will typically jump all over you or make overt attempts to attract your attention, cats can be a little more crazy. Even if some cats don’t really want attention, the ones who do have amusing methods of expressing it. This cat nuzzles her head in her mother’s palm when she craves affection.

This person immediately recognized this habit after adopting a 12-year-old cat. They understood right away that it meant they were in need of some affection and care.

The Need for a Little Privacy

When you discover what is actually beneath these sheets, you may be taken aback because your initial impression of the image was probably not accurate. Even if it’s not what you were expecting to see, it’s still a strange sight. Still, this cat seemed a little taken aback that someone would bother him and wanted to spend some alone time beneath the covers.

For a small cat, that looks like a pretty heavy sheet to support. Does his leg not grow weary?

Listen When They Say No Vacuum Cleaners

Across the animal kingdom, there seems to be a general consensus that the vacuum cleaner poses the greatest threat, for whatever reason. It’s difficult to pinpoint just why all animals perceive it as such a threat, yet that is what they do. They’ll do almost anything to avoid coming into contact with that monster. This also applies to these cats. To avoid the vacuum cleaner, they climbed to the tallest point they could find.

Additionally, they are letting their owners know that they find the vacuum cleaner to be an annoyance. To ward it off, they are baring their most menacing fangs.

That Can’t Be Comfortable

Upon initial observation, one could assume that this cat is possibly missing many legs. But that is just untrue. The cat seems to be making a valiant effort but failing miserably at finding a comfy position. While some cats enjoy rolling into a loaf, this one is trying to do the same thing but is having trouble getting its rear legs tucked in.

The cat appears to be both astonished and afraid that his attempts at success have failed. I hope you have more success the next time, friend! You will finally become part of the loaf.

Just Enjoying a Little Bath in the Sink

When your cat senses that no one is home, what does he do? Most cats just sit there and unwind, content to spend a little time to themselves. It’s likely that other cats knock over objects for which their owners would chastise them. When this cat senses that his owners aren’t around, he has a ritual that involves taking a soothing “bath” in the bathroom sink.

The “bath” is obviously empty of water, yet the cat appears to be having fun as if it did. He just has to take a quick bubble bath to finish the appearance.

When the Purr Overrides the Heartbeat

Some cats are simply full of life. It seems that some cats prefer going on any kind of outing, even to the vet, despite the fact that you probably wouldn’t think that they would appreciate a vet visit. This small cat went to be examined by a veterinarian, who seemed to be having trouble hearing anything other than the cat purring while trying to check the animal’s heartbeat.

That cat is quite content, drowning out the sound of its heartbeat with its purring. In an effort to hear the cat’s heartbeat, the veterinarian had to cover its mouth.

When Your Rescue Cat Is a Unique One

Every single cat has a unique personality. While some people are calm and submissive, others are impulsive and full of energy. This cat is unquestionably in the second group. After being rescued, the person who took the cat into her house made an effort to describe the peculiar behavior of the animal to friends and relatives. They were unaware of this until they paid them a visit and the cat started acting in this way right away.

If the cat had just crawled up to the woman and sat behind her neck, it would have been hilarious enough, but the fact that it was upside down added to the humor.

Just Trying to Get Comfortable

Absent bias. Everybody finds comfort in a different way, and it appears that this cat has a particularly special method of doing so. Rather than curled up on the couch or perching on top of it like some cats do, the cat chose to nuzzle in between the sofa cushions. Not only did they snooze in, but they also snoozed inverted and lounged there.

Does the kitten experience some blood pressure spikes? It appears that they would eventually experience some vertigo when in that posture.

How to Get a Kitten to Stop Crying

Similar to how difficult it can be to stop a baby from crying, it can be challenging to get an animal to stop crying. Determining the nature of the issue and attempting to comprehend a solution are never simple tasks. When this kitten’s father could not persuade him to stop crying, he made the decision to practically take matters into his own hands. It worked, he just turned her upside down and began to pet her.

Please note that not every cat will benefit from this. Use cautious while attempting this anti-crying treatment as it may not be beneficial for all cats. And just for little intervals of time!

When You Find Out Your Cat Is a Hoarder

It’s unlikely that you ever imagined yourself to be in the position of a hoarder cat. This cat, though, shames some human hoarders. The cat, after all, doesn’t have many belongings, yet she makes sure to hold onto them all. The funniest part is that her owner would constantly buying new toys because she believed the toys were going missing, even though she kept them all hidden in the sofa. But they were not going away.

She was content to have all of her tiny squeaky mouse toys hidden away in one location and to constantly receive new ones to add to her collection because she knew exactly where they were all kept.

When Your Cat Is Spotted Doing Pull Ups

Everyone understands that being strong and healthy comes from exercising, which is one of life’s most vital things. But not everyone believes or expects cats to generally agree with humans on that point. This cat certainly does, though perhaps not all cats. While this family was searching for their cat, he was unexpectedly seen performing a really peculiar and humorous thing outside the window.

Did the feline engage in dead hangs? or abdominal pulls? There will never be an answer to this whole situation, but there will undoubtedly be a ton of questions.

A Stretch and a Sneeze at the Same Time

What occurs when a cat simultaneously sneezes and stretches? This picture is the punch line, and it sounds like the beginning of a great comedy. Nothing compares to the irony of this picture, and when you see what a cat who is simultaneously sneezing and stretching looks like, you won’t be able to help but giggle. It’s not something you see every day, after all.

This is the once-in-a-lifetime picture. This would have to be the profile picture on Facebook if this cat had one. It’s simply too amazing to keep to yourself.

Caught in Action… Upside Down on Top of the Dresser

Cats are strange animals. You can never be completely sure of what’s going through their minds or the motivations behind their actions. Ultimately, it defies logic for them to repeatedly knock items off the counter for amusement, yet they do it nevertheless. Furthermore, it defies logic for a cat to scale a closet and then sit there upside down with its legs raised.

It would be amusing to find out how long this cat sat in this position before his owner discovered him. Was he trying to do some yoga or was he just taking a nap up there?

Not the Best Cat Deterrent

One thing you have to give up the moment you have a cat: clean counters. You will never be able to get the cat off your counter tops, no matter how hard you try. This guy tried to purchase a small cactus. They assumed that after the cat touched it once, it would want to avoid the pricks. The cat made a new friend when the opposite happened.

Rather than discovering that the cat avoided the cactus on the table, they managed to become the best of friends, with the cat coming to the table even more to be close to the cactus.

Just Casually Taking a Nap

Perhaps cats simply enjoy frightening people. By acting in this way, they choose to make others happy rather of trying to be normal and just sit and relax like all other species. This person’s cat adores taking naps at the little market near their home. They prefer to take their naps while sitting in an odd posture on the chair, so it’s not just any old snooze.

It’s difficult to tell if the cat is alive or dead from a distance. It’s likely that a good number of worried consumers visited their business to inquire about the cat’s well-being.

The Tent and the Cat Became One

When you get a gift for someone and they adore it, that’s always pleasant. For a pet, the same holds true. Spending money on a gift for your pet and watching them fall head over heels in love with it is the best feeling ever. Good use of the funds. The cat owned by this guy became fixated by the tent they had purchased. The cat would stay in the tent for a very long time.

The cat almost seems to have known exactly where to bite to make the silliest face possible with the tent and make it seem like she and the tent were one.

Being Stupid Smartly

This is possibly the best illustration of “being stupid smartly” that has ever been given. As water flows out of the faucet, this cat is obviously attempting to obtain some of it. But when it comes to actually getting the water, there seems to be a gap. He is not even close to receiving a drop of water because his tongue and head are pointed in the entirely incorrect way.

The cat is at least making an effort. He is also really fortunate to have owners who give him water and look after him. If not, nobody is sure if he would make it out alive.

Eyes Full of Excitement

There are cats that live outside and cats that live inside. For a cat parent, the best and funniest moments often occur when those two moments coincide. This individual was fortunate enough to have those events captured on tape, but not everyone is. As this cat is brought on her first excursion into the outer world, you can just feel the excitement, terror, and wonder in her eyes.

Aside from the enthusiasm, this cat has quite striking eye color. It creates a striking photo and blends in perfectly with the surrounding flora.

When Your Cat Is a Thief

Not every cat on earth is an angel. This cat clearly enjoys living on the edge because of the expression on his face. He’s a bit of a scallywag who loves to ruin innocent people’s lives. What’s an instance of that? What’s in the cat’s mouth, do you see? It’s a pair of keys. Furthermore, nobody in his family is the owner of these keys.

You can only imagine that after this cat got involved, someone’s entire day was wrecked. Just when they were living it up, the keys vanished out of sight.

A Cute Cat in a Cowboy Boot

A Siberian kitten is the cutest thing ever. Nestled within a cowboy boot is a Siberian kitty. There is an image that ought to be on a calendar. It might appear simultaneously on a calendar that features both a beautiful kitten year and a year full of scary cats. But how can you be unhappy when you have this cat and get the best of both worlds? Simultaneously adorable and ridiculous.

When you have a small invader like this one to distract you every time you try to walk anyplace, it must be difficult to complete any work at all.

The Cats Are Always Watching

Though they are gorgeous, cats’ eyes may often be frightening. It all depends on how the cats are feeling at the time. It’s cute if they’re content. It’s scary, though, if they’re upset. Because she loves her cats, her owner has allowed them to roam free in the attic. However, she was also eager to observe their exploration process. That was the final outcome. cats that are perpetual observers from above.

Positively, you could consider this as evidence that the cats are constantly keeping an eye on you. Alternatively, you can feel uneasy and assume that the cats are merely observing all the time.

The Silliest Cat of All

You can tell certain cats are foolish by the way they act. They can decide to take naps or sleep in odd locations, or they can decide to hang from a tree like a man at the gym. However, some cats are more basic animals. Just the fact that they randomly make hilarious expressions at their owners makes them unusual and special. The second group includes this cat. Just take a look at this tongue-out face.

There’s really no way to top this expression on the face. It appears like he ought to make it into a meme. Do you have an amusing caption in mind?

The Cat With the Chicken Leg

You’ve seen your fair share of cats on this list sitting in odd poses, but have you seen the one that resembles a chicken yet? Given that he is arguably the first on the list, he deserves recognition for his originality. How many cats can actually sit in that odd posture for that extended of time without getting up? At the end of the day, they’re not chickens.

The funniest part about this cat’s behavior is that, despite how it might appear to other onlookers, the cat actually seems to be very at ease in this posture.

The Most Determined Cat in the World

Clingy is taken to a whole new level by this cat. Despite her intense love for her, her owner found it difficult to complete her tasks while the cat sat on her lap. The cat took matters into her own hands by being inventive because she did not enjoy the idea of not being able to sit on her owner’s lap. That being said, she made no mention of lying on her back. That’s just the location the cat chose to go.

The cat can’t be comfy in that, but she appears content nonetheless. Despite the rule prohibiting her from sitting on her owner’s lap, she is still permitted to be with her.

When the Cat Hangs Out Like a Bat

Among the funniest cat behaviors on this list may be this one. Ultimately, how did the cat ever end up in this posture? The cat appears to be really at ease in that posture even though there doesn’t seem to be anything nearby to help her get there. The cat appears to be more of a bat than a cat in this picture, which is possibly the oddest aspect. She frequently causes confusion for her owners.

The day’s riddle is this: do you acknowledge that your cat is a cat or do you concede that she appears more like a bat when you’re not sure where you are?

When You Have a Cat in Your Ceiling

Cats will definitely take advantage of every opportunity they can to position themselves awkwardly. This cat had every chance in the world to just kick back and enjoy the day while sitting in his owner’s home. Nevertheless, the cat decided on aggression and entered the basement where the ceiling was being replaced. He insisted on fitting himself into a few of the gaps.

He simply held that posture for an indefinite period of time after assuming it. He was taking belly massages from anybody passing underneath, and he looked pretty happy.

Who Is This Foreign Invader?

Some cats are fascinated by novel objects in their homes and spaces, whereas other cats find them confusing. The owner of this cat seemed to have been accustomed to living alone since she was unmarried for an extended period of time. But when he found a girlfriend, she left a bobby pin behind in the home. The cat, to put it mildly, was not impressed.

For what duration did the cat of the man gaze at the bobby pin? According to legend, she is still gazing at it, ready for an attack.

Is It Really a Cat if It Doesn’t Fit Inside a Box?

Cats are obsessed with sitting inside boxes, for whatever reason. It’s likely that you’ve seen countless tales of pet owners purchasing lovely gifts for their felines, only to discover that their pets are far more intrigued by the box the gift arrived in. It’s difficult to describe, but that’s the nature of things. Cats adore boxes, and they’ll spend the entire day trying to squeeze themselves into the smallest ones.

The fact that this gorgeous cat, who was saved from a construction site, like see-through boxes adds to the irony and cuteness of her box infatuation.

Watching the Cat Drama From the Window

You might be fortunate enough to have cats in your life even if you don’t own any. When this couple awoke one morning, they discovered two cats outside their house and window. They went to take a photo and managed to catch this incredible event. See, you don’t need a cat to enjoy the drama that these creatures provide to people’s lives.

Sometimes all it takes to find a full-blown Romeo and Juliet-style dispute is to open your window and glance outside.

Holding on for Dear Life

“Yup, that’s me,” is the ideal TikTok trending audio for a picture like this one. Perhaps you’re curious about how I got here. And the response would be, “Yes, it’s true that everyone is curious about how you got there.” It appears like this cat was trying to save the world until things went awry. And right now, all they can do is hang on for dear life while they wait for help to arrive.

What is the true history of this picture? Really, nobody knows. The cat’s behavior remained a mystery, but their legacy will live on.

When Your Shrimp Obsession Goes Too Far

Alright, this one is quite realistic. Considering how this cat looks at the meal, there are a lot of people in the world that are also obsessed with shrimp. That is particularly humorous, though, coming from a cat like this. It wouldn’t be surprising if the cat leaped onto the table and consumed every shrimp in sight in one reckless moment.

The cat is so filled with want that you can see the lunacy in his eyes. Those shrimp are a must-have for him. Nothing can prevent him from obtaining them.

Heaven for a Cat Is Spilled Catnip

Now you know the answer to the question of what a cat’s version of heaven on earth would include. Catnip was inadvertently spilled, scattering the herb throughout the cat and the floor. When the cat realizes what has happened, you can see the joy and ecstasy in his eyes. He is undoubtedly living the dream he always wanted to have, even though he never imagined it would.

After ingesting so much catnip all at once, all you can hope is that the cat was okay. He most likely hit a peak and immediately dozed off.

Is It a Cat or a Meerkat?

After ingesting so much catnip all at once, all you can hope is that the cat was okay. He most likely hit a peak, and perhaps there’s a reason why the name Meerkat sounds similar to the word cat. It’s possible that they had a relative or something like in the distant past, which would have surprised you to learn how similar the two species were. This picture of a cat taken moments after hearing a bird chirping outside the window should serve as further evidence for that claim.

The cat stood up and looked out the window for the cat, staring for a long while and standing like a meerkat as they waited for the bird to reappear. 

When You Leave Your Cat Unattended for Five Minutes

Having a cat can be similar to having a baby at times. Sometimes, though, owning a cat is harder than having a child. This person turned around to find their cat looking like this after a startling five minutes of not looking at it. No one will ever truly know how the cat got into that posture. Nobody even knows for sure. All you can do is chuckle and hope the cat is okay.

This cat appears to be getting ready for an interstellar voyage in some way. He is prepared to be launched toward the moon because he has put on his astronaut helmet.

This Is Why Some Cats Can’t Have Nice Things

Continuing on the theme of people who try to buy nice things for their cats, only for them to be misunderstood and never used, here you are presented with yet another example. This cat owner bought a nice ledge for their cat so they could sit on it and look out the window (which was one of their favorite activities). They set it up and waited for the cat to try it out. They would be waiting forever. 

The cat chose to sit beneath the ledge and ignore the new addition to the family, even though it had a sophisticated and lovely ledge to look out to the outside world.

It’s Impressive That the Cat Fell Asleep Like That

Dogs are known to sleep in almost any position, which is a common joke. That is much more accurate for cats, though. Cats have the most bizarre sleeping positions—there is just no comparison. It is difficult to believe that any living thing could feel at ease dozing off in the empty area between a side table and an armchair, yet that is just what this cat did, and they slept soundly.

The cat was dozing off so soundly that they were unaware of its owner’s arrival to snap a photo of them. That was how at ease they felt in this situation.

Maybe the Cat Is Just Thirsty

Whether this cat is simple-minded or perhaps very intelligent is hard to determine. This is a really decent method of providing the cat with some water, assuming it is thirsty. That being said, if you turn on the tap, they will most likely nearly drown in water. That suggests that the cat may be intelligent; they simply require some direction.

It’s possible that the cat was just interested in biting into the large, shiny metal object in front of them and had no intention of drinking at all.

When Your Cat Is Confused by Onions

There are certain things in life that baffle everyone. Onions, however, are rarely included in lists of things that are puzzling. For the majority of people, they are really simple—they are just food that may be used for cooking. But every time her owner begins chopping onions, this cat just doesn’t get it, and she gives her a look of total bewilderment. Her bewildered expression is, at least, really endearing. Who wouldn’t want to try to explain after witnessing that, after all?

The way that animals bend their heads to communicate confusion is just too adorable.

Walking With a Headstand

The majority of individuals can’t even maintain a handstand for a few seconds, much less take a few steps while standing with their legs up and supported by their hands. Cats are often smaller than dogs, and they walk on all fours rather than just two, but it’s still rather amazing to witness one that walks this way on purpose. Was it the cat’s decision to walk on his hands when he woke up one morning?

Among the funniest cat behaviors on this list is definitely this one. The cat is, after all, walking here like no other animal on the planet.

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