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Gender inequality abounds in the world in which we live. Though there is still a long way to go before women receive the respect and pay that men do, things are starting to improve. These posts, in our opinion, demonstrate that women are the future. Women already know that they are superheroes, even though men may still need some convincing. We think that all women will be able to connect to these touching and humorous posts from other women, and this sisterhood group has the power to alter the world.

A Military Operation

Let’s face it: The beauty industry represents one of the largest disparities in employment opportunities between men and women. When it comes to their criteria of beauty, men have it relatively easy, as anyone who has ever spent more than a few hours with them will attest to. They not only “age like a fine wine” as opposed to “look unrecognizable,” but they also dramatically reduce the cost of male grooming products. Typically, a single bottle can do roughly twenty functions!

Sadly, this is not often the case with women. Following the beauty norms of society is like participating in a military operation with endless amounts of creams and serums. And as a result, we’re not too wealthy.

We Appreciate You, Girl

Raise your hands if you’ve ever experienced discomfort while working out at the gym. Since gyms may be very daunting for women on their own, we’re going to presume that many of you have your hands up and are waving them around as though you truly do care. It’s possible for you to feel vulnerable, exposed, and self-conscious. And that’s precisely why women need other women to watch out for them, even though that shouldn’t be the case.

This girl does understand! This girl instantly snapped to attention to save Nicoletta as her boyfriend pretended to hit on her. We’re also entirely open to having a new best friend if she’s willing.

Bathroom Besties

Women are aware that men and women hit bars in various ways. The experience for women isn’t quite the same as that of men, who can enter their restroom and perform their business in a matter of seconds. While waiting in line, they strike up talks with strangers, form new friendships, and touch up their makeup while staring in the mirror. True story: even with slightly older companions, you may still form lifelong friendships in the restroom!

Our hearts are so full after reading this article, and we have no doubt that the elderly woman genuinely enjoyed rejoining her restroom bestie group. Hopefully, following this healthy exchange, these women exchanged phone numbers!

The Makeup Paradox

The bulk of males are completely ignorant of makeup, despite the fact that there are undoubtedly some amazing male makeup artists out there. Furthermore, despite their assertion that they adore a “natural” girl who doesn’t wear makeup, they have a false impression of what natural makeup looks like. Indeed, we suspect that the same women would be considered unattractive if they didn’t wear cosmetics around them.

Men are incredibly hard to win with, so why would you want to try? This woman is a cosmetics artist, and she looks gorgeous in each and every one of those pictures. It matters only if she is content.

“Women Aren’t Funny”

Men love to whine about how funny women are. They say it because they believe it makes them seem better, and women simply have to put up with this constant tear-down. But it’s obvious that those guys are the biggest hypocrites when you take a step back and look at them. Indeed, you can put your best money on the fact that they will laugh uncontrollably at comedies penned by women who “aren’t funny.”

Oh, so ladies aren’t humorous? Tell it to Mindy Kaling, who has won numerous SAG awards! Additionally, you might want to occasionally come up with an original tweet while you’re at it.

A Genuine Question

You have to respect men’s self-assurance. They have an extremely high opinion of themselves, and women should strive to have similar thoughts about themselves. However, occasionally arrogance can cross the line into rudeness, and we can’t help but believe that this guy was the one who was disrespectful in this instance. We don’t think we’ve ever been more shocked than when he dared to approach a woman and tell her that her rudeness wasn’t attractive.

However, we have to give this woman some credit because it appears that this guy picked the wrong girl to flirt with! She wasn’t angry. Since she would never in a million years desire to be appealing to him, she was truly curious! Yes, you are correct.

A Familiar Scene

Yes, this scene is quite familiar. Do you also recognize it? We’d like to submit exhibit A to those same guys, despite the fact that we’re told the majority of them are more visual animals who value the beauty of the feminine form. Is this the appearance you truly want for your bachelor pad? These folks eat cereal out of a pot, have very little furniture, and a refrigerator full of leftover Chinese takeout and energy drinks.

It goes without saying that when men find long-term relationships, this scene always changes. However, people still believe that men are more visually inclined than other animals.

Karma Will Get Ya

Although getting dumped is a common occurrence in life, nothing is more irritating than having your hair color lead you to be dumped, particularly if your ex-boyfriend’s mother made the decision. That alone would usually shatter a woman’s soul, but we suppose karma recognizes the imbalance between genders and wishes to bring about justice in the world. That’s what karma intended to give this man, in any case, red-haired grandchildren.

That the woman he dumped went on to have blonde kids is the icing on this extremely tasty cake. And we’re not sure what else to say to prove that women are superior and men are envious!

The Joy of Freedom

You should be happy if you have never seen these pictures before. It’s time to hang these pictures on your wall because you really do need to live every day like Nicole Kidman did in 2001 when she left her attorney’s office following the conclusion of her divorce! Just take a peek at her expression of liberation. That is the appearance of a lady who is independent of men. Particularly not one similar to Tom Cruise.

We’re delighted too since we don’t think we’ve ever seen Nicole Kidman looking so joyful! She probably has no idea how much of an inspiration she is.

The Fiercer, the Better

We believe it’s reasonable to claim that this grandmother has seen some things because beneath every charming woman’s exterior lies a person who has struggled with men. It also appears that she was unable to express her exact desires to her granddaughter while her husband was speaking with her, even though she was undoubtedly thrilled to hear that her granddaughter got a new job.

Yes, we wholeheartedly support your grandchild’s bold decision to hide her own finances from her husband by putting them in a safe place. Ladies, we all need financial independence.

Is This a Game?

Women always struggle with gender inequity, but what truly gets under our skin is how frequently we are labeled as weak. When women surpass males in the job and shatter the glass ceiling, does it mean we’re weak? When a literal human grows inside our body, are we weak? When we wax our ankles subtly during a phone interview without even flinching in our voices, does that mean we’re weak? Definitely not, folks.

Women are amazing multitaskers, sometimes even able to multitask up to four tasks at once, and this skill should be further investigated in a laboratory. We are not playing this game, it’s not a game.

Thank You, Next

Yes, that post-high school transformation. I mean, we all know the one. You may have been labeled a “late bloomer” in high school if you showed off your braces and had more pimples than you would have preferred on your face. It didn’t give the hot guys the right to bully you, but much worse is when you had your post-high school come-of-age moment and they perceive you as unworthy of their bullying. They’re even interested in dating you!

Women, however, never forget their tormentors. And although other females might have been tempted to give in to their infatuation on the jock in high school, this woman didn’t seem to be having any of it. You go, young lady.

Mansplaining Gone Wrong

We’re going to assume for the moment that the majority of you have experienced mansplaining. We women have been trained as a culture to just put up with the mansplaining and be grateful that these men are so eager to assist us. So do we really need their assistance? No, we don’t! Furthermore, it seems to us that this woman didn’t require her husband to mansplain the location of their home.

At least we can all agree that this is one of the most ridiculous things that has ever been explained by a guy. We women will prosper as long as we can all agree on it.

Rock On, Grandma

Ageing gracefully is something that society has taught us all to do. Women are encouraged to behave and appear their age, and this only becomes worse as you get older. Men, on the other hand, are celebrated for their midlife crises. However, our mission is to encourage you to emulate this grandmother! She felt as though she could never pull off a pink mohawk, even though it was her dream. Then she resolved that she would do it if she lived to be 90 years old!

She appears to be the hippest grandmother around, and we want to be the first to admit it. We adore the punk mohawk, of course. Above all, though, she simply exudes happiness.

A True Ally

It’s no secret that men need to learn more about supporting women, but if there was one thing we could make sure they learned, it would be this! Women frequently experience pressure to disclose their phone number to someone they don’t want to. They could also be sure that they wouldn’t be harassed or troubled by strangers with an ally like this by their side.

We sympathize a little with the guys who start to wonder if they were talking to a ghost, but not enough to stop it from happening. Come together, allies!

They Don’t Start Drama, Right?

Lies about men and women are a favorite pastime of society. Additionally, women are consistently stereotyped as being theatrical for unknown reasons. Sure, women may cry when their diamond earring falls into the water or have screaming battles with their closest friends when they are intoxicated, but we move past these things rather quickly. It also doesn’t usually escalate into something violent. However, this isn’t true for guys.

It stings how true this meme is. Men tend to be far more theatrical than women, and most of the time, this dramatic tendencies has devastating results, as evidenced by a quick look back at global history. I mean, it’s just too much.

Out the Way, Loser

Men enjoy expressing their opinions about women’s attire, and they appear to especially detest it when girls wear sweatpants. When this college girl showed up for class wearing sweatpants, she received the same criticism. But guess what? She was indifferent! The last thing she worried about was looking good for the other students, not when she was shelling out a small fortune for college tuition.

She didn’t want anyone else to come in the way of her goal of collecting her degree, which was why she was there. Particularly when the most important thing to them was a small piece of cloth.

That Rational Masculine Logic

People like to claim that one of the biggest differences between men and women is how they feel. It seems that men lack emotional intelligence while women have excessive emotionality. However, it appears that this mother of all sons would like to challenge that reasoning. She has, after all, watched her teenage son go through a 45-minute emotional breakdown over placing his plate in the dishwasher. If that’s not dramatic, we don’t know what is.

Society says that’s logical, manly reasoning. However, we don’t believe that many sensible people would refuse to carry out such a simple work. That seems like an emotional overload instead!

Turning the Tables

It’s no secret that men and women receive different treatment, and this typically begins at birth. Young girls are typically instructed to alter their behavior, appearance, or speech because they must make accommodations for boys. Both boys and girls are brainwashed with ideas that support inequality. And all of that is what this woman wants to alter.

Why should ladies have to accommodate boys, after all? Boys should look to girls, why can’t they? It’s time to take the other tack and present a fresh viewpoint. Would you like to participate?

Lost the Dead Weight

You are the only one who truly has the ability to judge your weight. Even in romantic relationships, men continue to make constant remarks about women’s weight despite this fact! She would merely accept the woman’s boyfriend’s repeated requests to reduce weight for a while. She eventually shed roughly 140 pounds after realizing, thankfully, that she didn’t need a man like that.

Naturally, that 140 pounds turned out to be a guy, and we are overjoyed for her! She seemed to be pleased with her weight loss as well, based on the smile on her face.

Erm, Not Quite

Have you ever seen a headline that features women but is so incorrect that it nearly makes you laugh? Here’s one that was made before, in case you haven’t! This news source reports that millennial women are “worried” about making more money than their male counterparts. This sounds like something a man would say, albeit we’re not sure where they received this information. It appears that Arianna concurs that there aren’t many women who would be concerned about anything like this.

With all due respect to profanity, Arianna’s tweet essentially captures the essence of the female gender. Please accept all of the additional funds; we appreciate it! That will compensate for the prolonged underpayment.

That’s Spot On, Actually

It’s likely that if you’re a straight woman, you’ve been approached by straight guys on more than one occasion. Furthermore, these encounters may stick in your memory, although not necessarily for the best. When they flirt online or try to gain your number, straight men’s approaches to flirting tend to have the opposite impact. Their ability to form coherent sentences disappears for no apparent reason!

We must admit that this example of a straight man flirting is dead on. They continue to ask why we don’t interest them, nevertheless. It’s confusing to be a man in general.

A New Generation

We adore the fact that the younger generation is becoming more and more aware of gender inequity. They are demonstrating a greater awareness of global events and initiating the process of change. See this amusing exchange between this aunt and her niece if you need any more evidence of that! This aunt was merely being really intelligent, even if she believed her niece was endorsing gender stereotypes.

We have a good feeling that things will change because there are kids like this 5-year-old in the world. We’d be happy to cast this little girl as president, we don’t know about you!

The Ultimate Gift

In this world, women have to put up with a lot. In addition women having to deal with unattainable beauty standards and, well, guys, we also have to cope with being paid less than men for performing the same job! And most women will concur that we all need a dress with pockets, even though we don’t frequently ask for things when we’re not comfortable doing so. We actually require everything that has pockets.

We’re tired of always needing to carry a purse around. And why is it appropriate that men have pockets in every article of clothing when they simply bring their phone and wallet with them?

Close, but Not Close Enough

Women forget their ex-partners with ease. They just continue on with their lives, accomplish more, and meet worthwhile new acquaintances and partners. However, it appears that some guys find it more difficult to move on from their past relationships, and when they don’t feel like they are receiving the attention they feel like they deserve, they tend to love trying to rekindle old passions. And this person did precisely that.

The doctor cut him and his annoying inquiries off before the conversation could get very further, so we presume this guy didn’t conduct any homework on his ex before hitting her up. Take that, former!

No Sleepovers Allowed

Men, take note: ladies do not wake up with flawlessly styled hair and heavily makeup on their faces! But it appears like they just don’t want to listen, no matter how many times we tell them this. Rather, they would rather claim that we’re all “catfishing” them since we don’t always look like their ideal of perfection. While it is undoubtedly stressful, conversations such as this help to lessen the intensity of the experience.

With this response, this woman truly deserves an award. It is a strange manner for that guy to publicly declare that he has never had a girl sleep over, after all.

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