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Captain fall; Drop? More akin to a failure.

Captain fall: No, Jonathan Fall is not unique. Even if his last name is linked to some of the greatest captains the ocean has ever produced, last names only go so far, particularly when you’re the 268th student in your class at the Naval Academy out of 268.

Jonathan has the lowest exam scores of any student in the Naval Academy’s history, and that’s being generous. In addition, a personality test revealed that he had low levels of “natural authority, alphaness, and suspiciousness” and is incredibly credulous and unaware.

For all these reasons, he is an ideal choice to serve as the unintentional scapegoat for a large-scale criminal enterprise.

You see, they require a captain for their cruise line, which engages in covert activities such as drug and weapon smuggling and people trafficking. And nobody is more suitable than a man like Jonathan, who is gullible and prone to manipulation.

Could a fall guy possibly be any better than a fall guy, after all?


Because Captain Fall is so credulous and trusting, it’s possible that he has no idea what kind of comedy to expect from an animated series aimed for adults. However, I knew what was going to happen before I even saw a minute of the show—I’m sure you could have guessed as well. Yes, that is accurate. Violence and sex.

These days, pornographic animations are really just a dime a dozen, rinse and repeat productions. Furthermore, even if Captain Fall‘s overall plot may move a little more quickly than that of the typical adult animated series, its core remains the same. You might still obtain a fairly accurate description of the material by heavily paraphrasing our assessments of other books in this copy-and-paste category.

I’ll spare you a click, though. Characters that frequently allude to sex, even when they are around young children? Verify. Characters engaging in regular sex on screen? Verify. Extremely graphic violence that takes pleasure in slicing off limbs and pouring guts? Verify. scenes with ongoing human trafficking, including the forced sale of a lady into a man’s harem? To be honest, I had never heard of that before, but I will add it to the list. You would also be correct if you assumed that there would be a lot of drinking and profanity.

In one episode, the main focus is on a husband and wife who go to a swingers event. There is a lot of sexual content and a subplot involving Viagra pills. Another one is about a zoo where our cruise line has sold human captives into slavery. And one father brings in physicians to give his 16-year-old daughter a breast augmentation as a way to commemorate her birthday.

Maybe that’s why I sound a little jaded throughout this assessment. I honestly wonder whether any adult cartoon writer knows how to be hilarious other than rehashing sex jokes, since the shock value content model has been used so much. I’m not sure when adult animation stopped being just animation for adults and started to be a byword for “extreme sex and violence.” Unbelievably, the two aren’t interchangeable.

Unfortunately, Captain Fall isn’t even the worst adult animated film, so some people might feel that my criticism of it is unfair. However, just as Jonathan Fall serves as a fall man to symbolize the seedy underbelly of the cruise line’s criminal underworld, I am using Captain Fall to stand in for all that is wrong with adult animation.

However, are you aware of the distinction between Captain Fall and Jonathan Fall?

Jonathan is not guilty. Captain Fall is a willing participant.


July 28, 2023 – “An Unconventional Cruise Line” (S1, Ep. 1)
Jonathan has little chance of ever commanding a ship on the wide sea because of his dismal exam results. However, a criminal organization’s cunning plans will allow him to have the opportunity.

When Jonathan inadvertently interrupts his parents mid-conversation, we see and hear movements as well as the majority of his mother’s breasts. (The scene includes talks and lotions connected to sex.) Tanner, Jonathan’s brother, grabs the behind of a woman. Later, we witness the two unconscious in the bushes, with only the narrowest of margins concealing their vital organs. A woman jokes that Jonathan will turn into a vagrant. Tanner acknowledges that he is keeping an eye on another woman’s kids in order to eventually have sex with her. Tanner informs Jonathan that the youngster is “slow” after one of the children becomes agitated over this. Tanner boasts about how much sex he had the night before.

Blood dribbles from the wounds of seven persons who are shot and killed. Later, the building is completely destroyed by fire. Jonathan’s father jokes that Jonathan was molested by his brother. Kids get tased. A man strikes a pair with his vehicle. After a guy is killed, it is arranged to appear as though he hanged himself. Fanta is thrown on Jonathan’s pants by bullies to make it appear as though he peed himself. Jonathan has been puked on. Tanner collides with a rock with a boat.

Tanner is drunk, and others are consuming alcohol. Later on, he whines about being hungover.

There are two instances of the s-word and four instances of the f-word. Other terms like “a-,” “b-ch,” “c-ck,” “d-n,” and “h—” are also used. There are four instances of the name of God being used in vain, one of which is “g-dd-n.” Once, Jesus’ name is spoken in vain. Someone gives the finger.

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