28 Swimsuits Reviewers Said *Actually* Cover Their Butts


1. A backless retro-inspired one-piece swimsuit that’ll make you feel like you fell out of a very chic time machine.

Positive review: “Excellent swimsuit! I loved it and received lots of compliments.” You should be able to tie it after you get the hang of it. This is more suitable for relaxing than for engaging in aquatic sports. — Client

Purchase it on Amazon for $28.99 or more; it comes in 22 different flavors and sizes S–3XL.

2. A compressive colorblock one-shoulder swimsuit so beloved it has *thousands* of fans in its reviews praising it for its cuteness and support. Bonus: it comes in so many colors you could basically outfit the whole squad in them 👯‍♀️.  

Positive review: “I love how pleasant the sidestroke is! I’m able to be quite involved and sure that it will remain in place. I constantly receive praises just strolling around the shore.” —Friederick R.

Purchase it for $95 from Summersalt; it comes in 14 styles and sizes 0–24.

3. A tasseled bikini so you can shake and shimmy all up and down the beach whenever someone inevitably demands you reenact any of the songs from a Mamma Mia movie. 

Positive review: “What sort of magic is contained in this? Never in my life have I felt better in a swimsuit! not to mention a two piece!? I’m not a little girl, either. How did they accomplish this? Ladies, get it and show off your fierce personality! Now is our chance. 🤩” —Amazing Client

It is available in three colors and sizes 6–12 on Amazon for $19.99 or more.

4. A customizable one-piece swimsuit you can get in three different styles — cheeky, medium, or full-coverage — so your butt can be like Goldilocks and get the fit that feels juuuuust right. 

Positive review: “I adore this swimsuit! Looks to be very high quality. eager for the summer to arrive.” —Lauren

It costs $112 from Andie Swim and comes in two lengths, three bottom fit options, ten colors/materials, and sizes XS–XXXL.

5. A delightfully mismatched floral bikini for anyone whose beach style is firmly in that sunshine-y zone between cute and quirky. 

Positive review: “I adore this swimsuit! True to size and fits me perfectly! The bottoms have excellent coverage!” — Jessica McGuffee

Purchase it for $29.99+ on Amazon (sizes M–XL).

6. A lattice-ruched black one-piece with adjustable multiway straps that *hundreds* of reviewers swear by for managing the feat of being comfortable, stylish, and supportive all at the same damn time. 

Positive review: “I love the fit of this outfit. It’s not too revealing, however it still has some cleavage and covers my bottom. I look great and feel really at ease in this suit.” —Unidentified

Purchase it for $64.93+ (originally $89.95) at Torrid; it comes in three colors.

7. A colorblock one-piece swimsuit with the potential to match so many ridiculously cute accessories that your closet will be *delighted* to see it. 

Positive review: “I adore this bikini! Since I have a small chest, I was concerned that it might gape at the V neck, but this suit allowed me to feel secure and yet perform a cartwheel. It is well-made and has excellent fabric, like an expensive suit. My butt is perfectly covered, which is another thing I desired. Excellent coverage without being dowdy. Strongly advised!” —Ala

Purchase it for $31.49+ on Amazon (eight styles, sizes XXS–2XL).

8. A pair of ribbed high-waisted bikini bottoms you can mix and match with all sorts of bikini top styles to fit your *precise* swimwear aesthetic, whether it’s “romping in the waves” or “leave my cute self and my beach reads alone.” 

Positive review: “I love the pair; I ordered these and the matching yellow shirt. I’m happy I went down in size from my typical size in Old Navy bottoms based on a prior review. Thank goodness, these offer some respectable coverage in the front and rear, as other brands seem to be thinking too little about their crotches. Although my body type plays a big part in it, I do wish the rise was a little bit higher. I recommend giving these a try because the color is stunning and the craftsmanship is excellent for the price.” —Sophie B.

9. A plunging one-piece bathing suit with a convertible strap that lets you wear them crossed in the front for a keyhole look *or* as a halter top in the back, so you basically scored two suits for one. 

Positive evaluation: “Excellent suit! I adore the leaf pattern for our beach getaway. There is no see-through material on the suit; the bottom is fully covered. I simply removed the detachable cups because I thought they were kind of strange—you wouldn’t even know!” —Zuniga, Mary

Purchase it on Amazon for $32.99 or more; it comes in 36 colors and sizes XS–22 Plus.

10. A criss-crossing bikini so effortlessly cool that your friends will nearly break their own thumbs tapping the “like” button on your beach Instagrams.


Positive evaluation: “Excellent value for the money. I adore the suit; it fits perfectly and includes roomy, fully covered panties. If you don’t pull the threads tightly, they will move.” —Cardriche Shanicka

Purchase it for $27.99+ on Amazon (available in 10 styles and sizes XL–4XL; note that not all colors are available in all sizes).

11. A high-waisted ruffled bikini with a nautical vibe that will have you yelling “ahoy, matey!!” every time you need a friend to grab you a seltzer poolside. 

Positive evaluation: “I purchased three outfits to try on. The winner was this one. My spouse and three friends were surveyed. True high waisted trousers are featured. My favorite color is blue. There are no ties or buckles on top. Thus, you let it slide on. Nothing that will unravel or leave strange tanning lines. Butt is completely covered.” —Amazing Client

12. A plunging mesh one-piece bathing suit with cutouts on the hips and the neckline for a modern twist on a classic fit. 

Positive review: “It looks really cute on you. Fits perfectly. The bottom is fully covered, and the neck is not too tight.” —Mara Wagner

13. A floral retro-inspired bikini with such a nostalgic vibe you might find yourself adding a waterproof red lipstick or cat-eye sunglasses to your cart to complete the ~look~. 

Positive review: “I got a 4XL (US 16) and typically wear a 16. I’ve been looking for REAL high-waisted swimwear for a long time, but all I can find reaches my belly button. (I take that to be mid-waist.) In any case, this is AMAZING and extends way beyond my belly button! Although it’s not as supportive as I would like, the top is still comfortable and won’t break the bank. The material is pleasant and covers my rear nicely. I’m confident I’ll purchase another one.” —Amazing Client

14. A bright lightly-shirred one piece swimsuit so classic and well-made that everyone will be thrilled to see your Iconic Swimsuit make its reemergence to mark the start of summer. 

Positive review: “This outfit is amazing. My hips are bigger than my breast, so I never wear one piece. The well-fitting suit never rides up, and the bottom is nicely protected. It’s an excellent value basic suit. The delicate straps are also really cute. —LCRM

15. A front crossover one-piece swimsuit for an unexpected ~twist~ that will make all the back crossover suits at the beach do a jealous double-take. 

Positive evaluation: “The suit fits perfectly! Neither too tight nor too baggy does it fit. The straps are loose, cross at the chest, and offer very little support. Having said that, it is both cozy and useful. The entire butt is covered. Not at all very visible. It’s ideal for me to chase after my children without fearing that I’ll overindulge.” —Kirsten Miles

16. A sweet scalloped one-piece swimsuit with a little tie at the bust *plus* fully adjustable straps so you’ll be fully supported if you take a break from Being Cute In A Swimsuit to Crush Everyone At Frisbee In A Swimsuit. 

Positive assessment: “Lovely scalloped details. It fits with ease. Excellent coverage of the booty. —Smac

17. An underwire high-waisted bikini so tropical and fun you’ll look at your hand and expect a pineapple mojito to spontaneously appear. 

Positive evaluation: “Very adorable. This looks amazing, and I bought it last month. It does run small, so I had to send it back and size up on top. The bottoms are quite well covered. Will will certainly keep coming back to buy swimwear.” —Jill C.

18. A strappy high-waist tankini to make mastering the mixed prints trend as easy as a summer breeze.

Positive review: “I adore this suit’s tie embellishments. Being a bustier person, I frequently discover that swimsuit companies simply enlarge the bands rather than enhancing the cups’ material. I purchased this suit since I frequently can’t tighten or modify the band. I desired the ability to adjust the top’s tightness. It feels good to be able to swim in this suit instead of the typical DDD+ swimtops, which typically just resemble a garish bra. I can’t wait to use this this week on my honeymoon!” —knp13

19. A playful ruffled two piece with a stretchy ruched top and high-waisted bottoms so you can be happy as a clam (and comfy, too!).

Positive review: “What a fantastic bathing suit. It looks like a two-piece but covers all the appropriate areas, and the comfort level is unmatched. I wear a 12/14 bottom and a 40D cup, so the XL fits me well. I’ll be placing a lot more orders, for sure! I adore it. –Daniella M. Biondo

20. A beautifully printed rash guard that proves (sun) safety is sexy.

Positive review: “This bikini is amazing. Great cloth that dries quickly and doesn’t get too hot. I adore the Caribbean and spend a lot of time fishing and going to the beach. Although it fits a little snugly, I don’t mind at all. The chest pads were a huge bonus for me. Normally, I have to wear a different bikini top over another rash guard, but this one is really well-made and secures my girls without “mashing” them. I suggest it. —Lupita

21. A pretty set with a flouncy, adjustable top and high-waisted bottoms for a look that’s almost too cool for the pool.

Positive review: “OMG everyone! I’m getting more of this outfit since I’m so in love! I got a XXL just to be safe because I adore my curves. It was a fantastic fit everywhere! The bottoms fit perfectly—not too tight, not too loose. My favorite piece is the top, and I love that the straps can be taken off because I hate tan lines! One of the very few two-pieces I own, and let me tell you, I get so many praises on it and it’s beyond wonderful! Do it—it’s a wonderful purchase!” — Nina

22. A crochet-trimmed confection for anyone ready to take the plunge.

Positive review: “It would be an understatement to say that I adore this outfit! It’s incredible! I weigh roughly 145 pounds and am 5’6″. Despite my preference for coverage—I have two children—I still want to have fun. This was far less expensive than an Anthropologie knockoff and really worked!” — Gina Masucci

23. A vintagey underwire bikini that’s giving me a bit of an old-school Wonder Woman vibe.

Positive review: “My bust measures 36DD, and I wear a size 10.” Normally, wearing a two-piece makes me feel really self-conscious, but I wanted something that would stand out from the standard mom suit while still making me feel fantastic. I wanted it for my husband and I to travel to the Dominican Republic. After reading so many reviews, I decided to bite the bullet and buy this. Just to say, I’m very happy I did. I will be ordering a second suit in a different color because I adore this one so much. In it, I exuded confidence, cuteness, and sex. I typically wear a size big, occasionally a medium, so I got a 2XL based on other reviews’ sizing recommendations. It fits just right.

24. A funky layered tankini ideal for anyone who’s more into being active at the beach than just lounging around. The top features a sturdy elastic band at the bottom that’s got you totally covered, literally.

Depending on the level of coverage you need, it comes in styles with either boyshorts or traditional bikini bottoms and has received over 2,000 favorable ratings!

Positive evaluation: “This outfit is fantastic! The colors are stunning and the craftsmanship is good. The bottoms are a perfect fit—not too baggy nor too conservative for a family outing to the beach. Although it looks fantastic, the top is a teeny bit smaller than I’d prefer. I’m fully covered, and the girls have complete support because the straps are fully adjustable and crisscross in the back! I could use this to play volleyball! No matter how much you move, it merely displays a glimpse of your upper rib cage and not your belly.” — Sarah

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